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Cagliari FC
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Football Club
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Location Italy

2010 07 13 Retrieve

[Bologna Sign Former Roma Goalkeeper Cristiano Lupatelli From Cagliari] Bologna FC 1909 communicates to have signed Cristiano Lupatelli. The goalkeeper played for Cagliari for the past two years and he also served time at Roma, Chievo, Fiorentina, Parma and Palermo

2010 11 16 Retrieve

[Roberto Donadoni Takes Cagliari Reigns] Cagliari Calcio announces the presentation of new coach Roberto Donadoni. The former Italia coach will be in Cagliari on Tuesday afternoon to meet the president Massimo Cellino and sign a contract

: 2019 06 05 Cagliari midfielder Nicolo Barella has opened the door to a summer move to Inter Milan.

2019 07 12 Retrieve

[Intermilan have announced the signing of Nicolo Barella from Cagliari on an initial one-year loan] In the life of every boy, sooner or later the time comes to leave home to continue on his own journey. It is with a touch of emotion that the club sees Nicolo leaving today. Born in Cagliari, a supporter of his city team, he grew up carrying more and more responsibility on his shoulders: with Sardinian pride he developed the temper of the leader, without trembling in front of the most difficult challenges and even wearing the captain’s armband. This Rossoblu home will always be yours too. Goodbye, Nicolo

2019 09 02 Retrieve

[The Rossoblu were at it again on Monday, when they released a statement addressing the abuse aimed at Romeru Lukaku] Cagliari does not want to underplay what occurred last night, it endorses the respectable moral values of its people from all the stadium sections. But firmly rejects the outrageous charge and silly stereotypes addressed to Cagliari supporters and the Sardinian people, which are absolutely unacceptable

[The club expressed its intent to] to identify, isolate and ban those ignorant individuals whose shameful actions and behaviours are completely against those values that Cagliari strongly promotes in all their initiatives

[The one thing that Cagliari did get right on Monday was claim that everyone has a responsibility to partake in the fight against racism] We believe our commitment needs a real support by the rest of the football stakeholders starting from all the true supporters, to all the stewards in the stands, from police and security agents, passing to media and as well through Lega Serie A and FIGC.

2019 09 17 Retrieve

[Cagliari to face no punishment for racist Romelu Lukaku chants] The Cagliari Police have indicated that in the phase before the penalty kick, and only on that occasion, from the Curva Nord section, usually occupied by the home supporters, there have been chants, shouts and whistles towards Lukaku, who was preparing to take the penalty kick.

From the area on the left looking towards the goal some chants were perceived by individual spectators but they were not noted by the service staff, nor from the collaborators of the federal prosecutor, as discriminatory, because of the whistles and screams mentioned above. The assumptions cannot be proved, in terms of size and real perception

2020 02 14 Retrieve

[Cagliari issue life bans to three supporters for racial and offensive language] Cagliari Calcio announces that it has issued three disqualification measures aimed at as many people recognized and reported for having addressed racist discriminatory and offensive words to opposing players during the matches played at the Sardegna Arena over the past few months.

The identification of the parties involved, holders of occasional tickets in the Distinti and Tribuna sectors, was possible thanks to the coordinated action of the steward and the staff responsible for the internal security of the club

In compliance with the regulatory code in force, but above all to protect the supporters of Cagliari, the city of Cagliari and all of Sardinia, who in terms of hospitality and respect certainly do not need to take lessons, suspensions of perpetual approval have been imposed, that will prevent those who have stained themselves with these deplorable actions from entering the Sardinia Arena, for any event, forever

The level of attention and sensitivity to prevent anyone from compromising the values ​​in which the club and its fans believe is and will always be Cagliari’s priority