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Name Carlo Cudicini
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Chelsea FC


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2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Carlo Cudicini on Thierry Henry] There is only one word to describe Thierry Henry – a nightmare. He is one of the best strikers in the world and a kind of player a goalkeeper doesn’t want to face

2016 04 18 Retrieve

[Cudicini backs Courtois to overcome poor Chelsea form] I think he is a very talented goalkeeper despite being very young. He has already won La Liga with Atletico and the Premier League and has been to a Champions League final. He might not have had the best season but that is part of the process. When the entire team struggles then it is easy to be involved with

[Courtois recently revealed he preferred Belgium’s defence to Chelsea’s back four] I don’t think it is the right idea to point out the defenders and I think people point fingers at goalies even more so that might be why he said those things. Courtois was out for a while at the start of the season and has done OK, but in a team that overall struggled. I guess every goalkeeper isn’t happy when the team concede goals but it is a team effort from the whole team when you defend

Begovic played very well when Courtois was injured. I was really impressed with Asmir when Courtois was out. He had to show everyone he deserved the step up after moving from a smaller club and without a pre-season

2019 01 05 Retrieve

[Morata billed as 20-goal striker after ending barren Chelsea run against Nottingham Forest] It was very important for him to score two goals. We were pleased with his performance, but even when he didn’t score. Hopefully he will be more free in his mind. I think Gianfranco [Zola] mentioned before the match that it is difficult when you don’t score goals. He is working hard in training and we knew that he could turn a corner and score goals. He has the possibility to score 20 goals, he is a great striker and I am sure he can do that. Sometimes everyone is different. Players can be more affected by the critics they can have. It is important he is training hard, the performance on top of the goals was important.

[The Italian said of Hudson-Odoi] He did very well, a 360 performance. He worked very hard, he was running for two, his commitment was great. You want him to have performances like that to put doubts in Maurizio’s mind

2019 01 06 Retrieve

[Carlo Cudicini insists Kepa and Maurizio Sarri have adapted to the Premier League] It is especially [difficult] for a goalkeeper, the Premier League is a different way. I do remember when I first joined here and obviously it was a big difference with the physicality and the speed of the game. It’s a completely different way of playing the game. I think he’s adapted really well. He was straight in, he didn’t have a lot of time to get used to this football but he’s coping very well. We are all very happy about his performance

[Cudicini explained his role in helping both Conte and now Maurizio Sarri] It’s always difficult for foreign managers to come and change and be part of the Premier League. The Premier League is a different league. It’s one of a kind, with so many games. And so, the challenge and the competition is so high. I had the luck to work with Antonio Conte before and now with Maurizio and it’s a big difference from any other country. So it takes a bit of time to understand how it works and what’s going on. Obviously Gianfranco next to him is a big help. He is one on the staff that’s had a chance to have some experience in this league and he’s doing his best to make his life a bit easier. But, you know, the team is doing well and can only improve. We are on the right way. The games are coming in thick and fast and that’s good because it means we’re in all the competitions. We have a very important game [against Spurs in the Carabao Cup]. We need a bit of rest. We need to get a bit of energy back. Then we go again. It’s a competition that when you reach the semi-finals you want to go all the way. Obviously we know the level of the opponent. I don’t know if we’re talking about pressure but it’s always important to win the first trophy of the season. You have the chance to win it in February and it can help to then have an even better end of the season. A trophy’s a trophy. We all, as a club, consider all the trophies to be important and we have the chance to reach the final and go all the way, so we want to do well.

[Cudicini admits that it isn’t easy to keep the players fit in January and explained the absence from the last two games of Mateo Kovacic from midfield] It’s difficult to say because we have a few players recovering from injuries. A few today were struggling. We will assess the situation and then have an idea on who will play. We need to have in mind the few problems we have. Mateo is sick, not injured. So hopefully he is one who will be back. We will assess the others

2019 01 07 Retrieve

[Chelsea want Carabao Cup to be springboard to more glory] It’s always important to win the first trophy of the season. You have the chance to win it in February and it can help to then have an even better end of the season. As a club, we consider all the trophies to be important and we have the chance to reach the final and we obviously want to do well

[Regarding how Sarri has settled into life in London following his move from his homeland, the 45-year-old added] It’s always difficult for managers to come and change and be part of the Premier League. This division is one of a kind with so many games and the challenge of the competition is so high. I had the luck to work with Antonio Conte before and now with Maurizio. It’s a big difference from any other country, so it takes a bit of time to understand how it works and Maurizio is doing that. Obviously, with Gianfranco [Zola] next to him it’s a big help – everyone in the staff that has had a chance to have a bit of experience in this league is trying to do his best to make his life a bit easier if we can. I think the team is doing well and it can only improve. We are on the right path

[Chelsea lost their first-choice goalkeeper in the shape of Thibaut Courtois ahead of the season to Real Madrid but replaced him with Athletic Club shot-stopper Kepa Arrizabalaga] It’s kind of the same thing that I just said for Maurizio. Especially for a goalkeeper, the Premier League is a different way. I remember when I first joined here and it was a big difference. The physicality, the speed of the game – it’s a totally different way of playing your game – and I think he has adapted very well

2019 06 24 Retrieve

[Carlo Cudicini feels Frank Lampard with obvious connections to Chelsea could prove to be the perfect choice] It’s hard to give an opinion until the club have announced a new manager. But I know Frank, I played with Frank. I think that, for the club, it would be fantastic. He has just started his career, but in football you can’t really plan much. Sometimes, a chance comes along and if you have the chance, you have to take it.

Obviously, for the club, he was such an important player and potentially as a coach he can be too. I think he has all the ability to become a great coach, but he has just started. He had an important season at Derby, so we’ll see what happens.

Given the club’s current situation, any new manager will want to be given time, a precious commodity for coaches – especially in recent years at Stamford Bridge.

Everyone needs time, not just him. Everyone needs time to put his philosophy in the team. In football, time is a crucial thing.

2020 04 06 Retrieve

[Chelsea were already great but Mourinho brought us the ‘arrogance’ needed to win] We already had a good team, so I guess what Jose brought to the club was the mentality to be champions. That arrogance, knowing the strength of that team, and being very good at pushing that team in the right direction were his biggest qualities when he first came to English football and to Chelsea. Playing or not playing, happy or not happy at being in the team or not being in the team he got everyone on the same side, especially in that first season, to all push in the same direction, and that is the reason why Chelsea won the title for the first time in 50 years. They might have already been important players but he managed to change their mentality in a way to take the entire team forward together. I know his methods worked because I was one of those players in the side, or not in the side, happy or not happy about that position

From a personal point of view it was something I had to deal with and the manager had to deal with because the manager picked Petr Cech in front of me. So I saw how he managed to bring his managerial abilities in convincing everyone happy or not happy about being in the team or not being in the team because he convinced us all that we were all in it together pushing for the same target, and everyone, including myself, bought into that, and that was the only way he made us champions and the reason we were champions two seasons in a row.

He had a very strong personality to achieve that, and he brought a different way of training, totally different to Ranieri, he was definitely a breath of fresh air with his attitude that brought a new mentality to the team. I have to say that his relationship with his players was built on trust, and I trusted him, because even though he didn’t start me as first choice goalkeeper, in the first couple of years I still played 13 or 14 games, which was most unusual for a reserve goalkeeper, if the first choice keeper wasn’t injured.

He allocated me certain games. It was normal to have a first choice keeper and the reserve would sit on the bench, but here, even though Petr Cech started, I had a lot of opportunities to play and to support and help the team to gain so much success over the years.

The fact that I felt as if I had an important part to play in the team, that kept me happy, even though I wasn’t starting all of the games, I was still much involved in a great team at a great club, and I did my best to win my place back, which kept everyone motivated.

[Like Mourinho, Cudicini ultimately moved onto play for rivals Spurs and he doesn’t regret making that choice despite his close connection with the west Londoners] I had enjoyed 10 years at Chelsea, but it all came to an end when Big Phil Scolari became manager. My relationship with the Brazilian manager was clearly not the best and was one of the reasons I left. It all started in pre-season when we had a few arguments over certain decisions and clearly those arguments didn’t go down well with the new manager.

They were technical decisions that occurred in the friendly matches, we simply disagreed on things, and I don’t know the reason why the relationship was as it was, but that was the situation. After those disagreements in pre-season we didn’t see eye to eye on certain things when he took decisions I didn’t agree with, and he sent me to play a few games in the reserves.

His decision to play me in the reserves wasn’t the usual sporting decision, to keep me fit, but it was used as a punishment. I was not the only player in the squad who had their difference with the manager! Not the only one unhappy with the situation.

After six months I had the opportunity to move - and a few weeks later Scolari got the sack! Do I regret my move from Chelsea to Spurs. No, I don’t, there are no regrets. The manager was not the only reason I left Chelsea. My move to Spurs was a great experience - where I met some very nice people!