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Name Carlos Alberto Parreira
Spelling Carlos Alberto
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
  Head of TSG
Desc The captain of the famous 1970 World Cup side and the scorer of one of the greatest goals of all time, Carlos Alberto goes down in history as a giant of Brazilian football. He was never able to hit the same heights of 1970 again, as injuries curtailed the rest of his career, but the legacy he left behind on Mexico ensured that he will forever be remembered as Brazil’s most accomplished right-back


Org Brazil National Team
  FIFA’s Technical Study Group [TSG]
Club as Player Santos FC
  New York Cosmos

2013 08 31 Retrieve

[Carlos Alberto Parreira on Neymar] Neymar is a cyclone. Nobody can stop a force of nature. He’s going to explode at Barcelona and it won’t take long for it to happen

2014 07 12 Retrieve

[Carlos Alberto on Philipp Lahm] Sometimes Lahm is just breathtaking. He doesn’t make any mistakes. Is he a machine? No, Weber, Schulz, Höttges, in my day, they were machines. Philipp Lahm is an artist

2016 10 25 Retrieve

[Great Goals Retold: Carlos Alberto vs Italy, 1970] I noticed there could be a chance seconds after we stopped Italy and started that counter; Zagallo had told us that Italy would leave their left flank open if Jairzinho, Tostao and Pele moved to our left all at once. When Clodoaldo dribbled through four Italians I started moving slowly forward. When Rivelino passed to Jairzinho it was very clear that the three brought their markers to the left. It was the only time [it happened] in the whole 90 minutes

When Jairzinho had the ball on the left edge of the box, I ran as far as I could. I knew Pele would come into action. In a different moment he could have used Tostao, just next to him, but he also knew the right flank would be free. It was only that good because the ball bounced on the pitch before I hit it and the stride was perfect. I think of that moment every day

2016 12 17 Retrieve

[Former FIFA World Cup -winning Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira on current coach Tite] Tite has completely changed the atmosphere, he is a great manager of people, of human beings. He’s a guy who transmits a certain sympathy to the players, and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the game, about football. His greatest achievement so far is returning the joy and confidence of Brazilian football as a whole. I am so happy to see that his players are interested in improving their knowledge, improving themselves as players, desperate every day to add something to their game

2018 09 08 Retrieve

[Carlos Alberto Parreira gave his observations of the competition] You can’t compare different eras of the game and say, ‘it was a more beautiful game before’ or ‘it was more tactical before’. There’s no such thing as more beautiful football or uglier football. Football changes. Possession of the ball is no longer a must. The teams were more concerned with playing in smaller spaces, in staying compact and getting into the opposition half as quickly as possible, and they won as teams, with individual talents playing for their teams

2018 10 18 Retrieve

[Brazil’s 1994 World Cup-winning manager Carlos Alberto Parreira on winning team] The successful teams had a distinct way of playing based on their players and coaching philosophy. They had a game plan and believed in it