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Name Chael Sonnen
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2019 12 03 Retrieve

[Chael Sonnen says Conor McGregor’s coming after Jorge Masvidal] (Dana White) quickly said ‘no Masvidal is too big for him’. I told you guys 20 mins after that statement was made that was not going to sit well with Conor. (White) told you three days after that he’d already been getting calls from Conor because that statement did not sit well with Conor. Now you’ve got the return of Conor at 170 lbs. Mark my words, he’s coming after Jorge Masvidal

[Chael Sonnen explains the implication of McGregor going down at 170] We learned something [from the Diaz fight] that Conor, from his own admittance - some of his shots and some of that power and effectiveness - isn’t the same at 170 lbs. This fight got a lot more interesting with those 15 lbs. The likelyhood of Cowboy Cerrone getting knocked out at 170 drops tremendously. Now, if you’re a Conor supporter, I have to ask, if Conor can’t knock him out, how does Conor beat him? You’re not left with a lot of options

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Chael Sonnen believes Israel Adesanya would beat Jon Jones rather easily if they were to fight] Oh, forget it, Adesanya will whip his ass. Do you think Thiago Santos beats Adesanya? Or do you think Dominick Reyes beats Adesanya? These are really close matchups for Jon Jones and I thought he lost both of them

On the 10-9 must system, I thought he lost to Santos too. I’m not bullish on that. I’m not even bullish on the Reyes one. Those were just my opinions.

I think that ship has sailed. I think Jon’s tough, I don’t think he’s the greatest of all-time, I think that’s Georges St-Pierre. But, I do think that Jon Jones would have an argument to the toughest of all-time. To watch his grit, to watch Jon Jones seeing everything slip away and he finds a way to get victory anyway, he finds a way to push through, Jon gets a lot of credit with me. I just think when you’re comparing him to Adesanya, Adesanya’s one. Jones is in a good spot, but he’s still number two

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[Chael Sonnen Feels Tony Ferguson Could Be Victim Of Another ‘Screw Job’] I think now is the perfect time for that [Nate Diaz Trilogy fight]. And look, I know everything that’s been said is we’re going to keep Conor on ice and we’re gonna put him against Khabib, the winner of Khabib-Tony in September. But of course, that was believing that Khabib was going to win.

You have to understand, if that is still the plan, then that means we’re getting ready to pull the screw job on Tony a second time. They have promised Tony an interim title fight for the second time. The first time he did it. He never lost it. And all of a sudden that belt is gone. We as fans cannot allow that to happen. If Tony comes out of this thing, Tony needs to be fighting Khabib. And if at some point they try to slide in Conor, which is likely, maybe not likely, but possible, that means we screwed Tony a second time. We can’t let that happen