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Name Chris Waddle
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspurs

2007 03 09 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle commentating on Bolton v Arsenal in the FA Cup on Five Live] Arsenal’s first touch and movement is amazing. I hope the people listening are watching this

2008 01 Retrieve

[Unfit and unready, Waddle found himself under pressure during those early stages. After one or two modest performances there were already murmurs from the fans] all changed when I scored a goal against Paris Saint-Germain where I lifted it over the ‘keeper’s head and back-heeled it into the net

In Europe they buy players to do certain jobs – so I was bought to create goals for Papin, and it’s worked out. Now there’s certain games where I’ve had to run up and down, and I’ve spoke to the coach and said, when I get the ball at the other end I can’t create, ‘cos I’m going to have to run seventy yards. And he says, OK, we’ll change it round … they’re more flexible on the Continent. They’ll change the system from game to game – but England, club sides as well, they’ll play 4-4-2 from first game to last …

It’s the English system, and you’ve got to take your part in it. It’s just unfortunate that you have players like Glenn Hoddle, Stan Bowles, Frank Worthington, great technical players, the players people love to watch – and they can’t hold a place in the England team …

[European Footballer of the Year] Before the European Cup final I got told by a lot of French journalists that if we won the game, I’d win the European Footballer of the Year. But we lost and it went to Jean-Pierre. I was glad for him though; he was a great goalscorer and helped me a lot when I first joined the club.

2012 01 Retrieve

[Come the end of that debut year, Waddle had settled, but at first it had been hard going] I’d got there and I was in a hotel. I hadn’t done any pre-season and within days I was playing at Lyon. I’d barely done any training and I wasn’t fit. They were trying to train me during the day fitness-wise and it was like 90 degrees. I nearly fainted on a couple of occasions.

They were trying to train me during the day fitness-wise and it was like 90 degrees. I nearly fainted on a couple of occasions. They were trying to put a pre-season in me in the space of five days. I was waiting for a house to be built that was months behind schedule.

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[Quotes on Paul Gascoigne] I first saw Gazza when he was 14. He was talented, but so slow we wondered if he could get round the pitch. But he grew, lost the puppy fat and became quicker. Very strong, with the vision, flair and character to go with it. The ideal footballer, technically and socially. Great value; never a dull moment

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] He is almost the perfect centre-forward for the English game. he closes people down, he can hold the ball up, run with it, he’s good in the air and he’s dangerous inside and outside of the box

2018 11 21 Retrieve

[The team’s supporters rushed to deny the allegations, feeling that such a scandal would cheapen their club’s achievements] With unemployment at 18 percent and the municipal finances in anaemic shape, Marseille’s footballing hegemony represents one of the few sources of civic pride for a population long frustrated by the Paris-dominated centralism of the French state. To defend their football dream many have adopted a siege mentality, refusing to give credence to tales of wrongdoing and ever willing to explain the scandal as a Parisian plot to destroy Tapie and his club

[What remains untainted, however, was the beauty of his team’s play and the style with which they attacked] The way that they played, the role that I was given, the team structure, the players that they had – we just had an unbelievable team. The fans were second to none, fanatical. It’s one team, one town. Within a couple of hours everybody is Marseille fans […] We had fans all over the country because they loved the way that we played.

2018 12 17 Tweet

[Brexit’s coming home] Well done Theresa May, now let’s leave Brexit with no deal we will be fine

2018 11 21 Retrieve

[Waddle later said to Pete Davies in All Played Out] Marseille happened so quick. We [Waddle and his partner] were in Cyprus, and I was talking about next season, playing with Gazza, and Gary Lineker coming – I was looking forward to it, I thought, this is what we need, a world class goalscorer. Then we get back – and two weeks later we’re in Marseille. It happened so quick, it was just so quick – bang bang crash bang wallop, I was there.

2019 05 11 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle admitts he doesn’t think Gazza move to Old Trafford would have worked] He would have drove Sir Alex Ferguson up the wall! I’m going no.

I think Paul was very much an individual. He liked Terry Venables, I think they had a great relationship. Terry knew what buttons to press with Gazza. He knew he was a loose cannon. If you just got him on the park that was the safest place to put him because we didn’t know what else he’d be doing if he wasn’t on the park. You just look back and think Terry handled him very well.

I think maybe Sir Alex with his Iron Fist, I don’t think Gazza would have enjoyed that. Gazza wouldn’t have enjoyed being bullied and intimidated at times.

There was a lot of players coming towards the end of their time. I remember Viv Anderson was there, Bryan Robson, Norman Whiteside, and Paul McGrath and I think at United they were sort of known as liking a drink. Would that have helped Gazza? He would have been tagged on to it because that’s how he was.

Nobody knows, I’m saying no, even though Man United were brilliant, and yes I could be wrong. Alex Ferguson could have been the manager that Gazza needed. But with Gazza, he got on better with managers who were a little bit more laid back.

Bobby Robson talked to him, he called him daft as a brush and said things to him don’t get me wrong. But he could talk to him, communicate with him and Terry Venables they were sort of pally with him and I think he liked that because it relaxed him.

I just wonder if your getting beat a couple of times and Alex Ferguson is an inch away from his face calling him all the names under the sun, would Gazza have reacted to that? It would have been interesting, I’m going to say no it wouldn’t have made a difference

2019 07 15 Retrieve

[Steve Bruce has been warned that he faces a ‘massive challenge’ if he does become the man to succeed Rafa Benitez at Newcastle] The Newcastle job is a massive ­challenge for Steve Bruce. Don’t get me wrong, Newcastle are a huge club, but he’s having to follow ­Benitez, who has been one of the most popular ­managers they’ve ever had. So he’s got his work cut out – it’s the biggest job he’s taken on

I would have thought that Old Trafford would have been the job he has always wanted. He’s managed Sunderland too, of course, which the Newcastle fans will pick up on very quickly. I don’t think he’s scared of a c­hallenge, and he’s had some success at a few clubs, and not much success at others. I like the bloke. He talks a lot of sense and wants his players to work hard. He knows the Geordie public, which will stand him in good stead. If he keeps Newcastle up, he will have done well. But he’s not daft – if it isn’t working out, he’ll ­expect a lot of pressure from the fans and the owner

2019 09 24 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Phil Foden has the potential to help England to Euro 2020 glory] Where is Phil Foden? It is a mystery to me. England can win Euro 2020 next summer and Manchester City’s teenage midfielder should be in Gareth Southgate’s side to help them try. If he was playing regularly for City in the Premier League, then he would be doing the same for England. I have no doubt about that. At 19, he is good enough to do both - he is that special. As well as his ability on the ball, what I really like about Foden is that he gets in the box. But he appears to be stuck on the fringes of City’s first team and we are left to wonder why he is not getting any game time this season while his manager Pep Guardiola tells everyone he is the most talented player he has ever seen.

It does not add up. I am not saying that Foden must leave City, far from it. But I am thinking of his development, and something needs to change. He needs to be playing top-level football now, and he should be asking Guardiola why he isn’t giving him any if he rates him so highly. If I were him, I would be kicking Guardiola’s door down, saying: ‘Look, I need to play because I am missing out on so many opportunities here

[Waddle added on the challenges facing Foden in a squad which swept to an unprecedented domestic treble last season] Of course, I can understand why Foden is not playing much. City have got so many star names and big hitters who are playing well, so Foden faces a battle just to get on the pitch ahead of Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva or Bernardo Silva. Chelsea’s emerging players are in a different situation because of their club’s transfer embargo, but Foden must have seen Blues forward Mason Mount come on in England’s past two Euro 2020 qualifiers and thought: ‘That should have been me’. Foden has still shown us his talent when he has played for the England Under-21 team - look at the goals he scored this month - but that is the only platform he has had. It has meant he has fallen behind Mount in the pecking order, and there are probably four or five players ahead of him for a place in the senior squad right now. That is not going to change while he is a bit-part player at Man City

Foden is seen by many as being the natural successor to David Silva, who is leaving City at the end of the season, and it could be that Guardiola has told him that he will eventually get his place. But that does not help him now, and it is not enough to just say he is one for the future any more. Football does not work like that and if Foden does not do something about his situation, the season will go very quickly. He could end up wasting it

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Carlo Ancelotti would have been a better fit for Tottenham than Jose Mourinho] Is [Mourinho] a Tottenham type? Will he sort it out? He likes to spend money. Will he be a favourite with the fans with the style of play? I would say not, Tottenham have always wanted to play entertaining football, unless he changes his philosophy, which we can’t see. So is that a good fit? Ancelotti’s probably a better fit, plays better football for Tottenham’s style. He’s won as a player and as a manager

People said they wouldn’t get rid of [Pochettino] - I said football moves very quickly. Who would have said a few years ago Arsene Wenger would have lost his job at Arsenal? Even when they were just hanging outside the top four. He was trying to rebuild, he realised the stadium cost a fortune and he had his hands tied for a while. Eventually it happens and this is how football goes. Yes, I can see people coming in and saying he’s been brilliant, and he has been brilliant for the club. But a club like Tottenham Hotspur, the way they’ve developed and the way they’re going and trying to get, they can’t stand still

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Tottenham have been a shambles after their genuinely shocking 7-2 capitulation to Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Tuesday] I do not get the tactics. It’s not playing to their strengths. I don’t think Serge Aurier wants to be there, Christian Eriksen hasn’t signed a new contract. There is so much going on off the pitch. It should have been dealt with over the summer instead all the contract questions are still going on. It’s a shambles. You have no idea where you stand. A club of this stature should not be like this. They have to sort it out quickly

[Former Arsenal player Gnabry scored twice either side of another for Lewandowski, in a result that left Waddle stunned by Spurs’s capitulation] It’s a genuinely shocking scoreline. Tottenham going forward are quite good - you have so many players there who can score goals but the forwards cannot win the games on their own. [They] played so well for the first 20 minutes but then they got tired and Bayern Munich attacked. They completely took them apart

2019 10 03 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Tottenham’s humbling 7-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League highlights what a shambles they have become] Clean them out, if they don’t want to play for Tottenham get them out and get some people in who want to wear that white shirt. I don’t think [Serge] Aurier wants to be here. He tried to get away in the summer, they wouldn’t sell him, got rid of Kieran Trippier instead. They should’ve bought a right back and said ‘yeah, you want to leave, then you want to leave’.

At Spurs at the minute there’s too much going on, whether it’s Eriksen or Alderweireld out of contract. So and so wants a new deal, Vertonghen wants a new deal – is he signing? Is he not? It’s just been a shambles, let’s be honest. I was there for four years, I loved it, it was brilliant. But you’ve got to say that it’s a shambles at the minute and they’ve got to sort it out quickly because that squad, even though I’m saying the defence is not good enough, it’s still good enough for the Premier League to finish in the top four.

So they’ve still got a lot to play for, it’s early doors. But they’ve got to do it now. If they wait and say in January ‘this is going to happen and he’s going to leave and he might not leave’, the changing room becomes unsettled

2019 10 22 Retrieve

[Until Phil Foden starts getting actual game time, there will be those that insist he should look elsewhere for first-team football] If he has the chance to leave City on loan in January, why wait any longer? If he hasn’t broken into the team by then, six months out on loan would do him the world of good

2019 11 22b Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Jose Mourinho and Christian Eriksen might end up clashing at Tottenham] I’m not sure Mourinho and Eriksen is a great fit. Eriksen has made it pretty clear he wants a move away from Tottenham and I can see Mourinho not picking him regularly. Mourinho demands total respect in the dressing room and will install a bit of fear in his players. He doesn’t suffer fools and he knows what he wants. And if players aren’t prepared to buy into that, he’ll leave them out. Don’t get me wrong, Mourinho isn’t afraid of flair players, but an Eriksen would never be the cornerstone of his team

Tottenham have won 24 trophies in their entire history - Mourinho has won 25 in his career. Tottenham have won one pot this century - Mourinho was regularly winning two per year. That’s what Spurs have got and no, he won’t win over everybody, and yes, there will be times when his side might be difficult to watch. But the fact is that they are investing in someone who is about to transform a nearly club into a winning club and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he hits the ground running. I have no doubt that Mourinho will be targeting the FA Cup this season, which is probably more winnable for them with Manchester City and Liverpool fighting it out for the Premier League

For Tottenham Hotspur to get a manager of the calibre of Jose Mourinho is an incredible achievement and while the ride under him might be a bumpy one, it will also be successful. There will be a few players out of the door sooner rather than later and he isn’t there to make friends. Supporters might remain uneasy because the style of football is going to change. But the bottom line is that Mourinho is a winner and Spurs can only benefit from that

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Spurs have Mourinho’s smile back after Man Utd irritation] It’s nice to see the old Jose Mourinho back. He looked down at Manchester United, had been living in a hotel, and has obviously been searching for a job in London. For a few years he became anti-social and got irritated easily by questions but Tottenham seem to have put a smile back on his face. He is in for a lot of stick against Chelsea on Saturday as a lot of their fans probably didn’t expect him to go to Spurs. I think he was quoted as saying he never would. But football is a fickle business. The sun normally shines on Mourinho and I think he can get one over his former player Frank Lampard this weekend

Tottenham look too vulnerable at the back to go the distance to the Champions League final again. They are regularly conceding goals from set-pieces, counter-attacks – everywhere really. That is the area of the team they need to invest in. Davison Sanchez is hit and miss, Juan Foyth is still learning, and Serge Aurier is a defensive liability. They are fine going forwards and Troy Parrott can support Harry Kane and play in the FA Cup, which is a competition Mourinho will be looking at closely this term. Spurs have been linked with Boubakary Soumare, who is a talented midfielder at Lille. They spent heavily on Tanguy Ndombele, who has probably turned out to be a more creative player than they would have wanted. Maybe they need a more out-and-out defensive midfielder, and Soumare could be just that

2020 01 11 Retrieve

[Waddle believes Jose Mourinho should be looking to cash in during what could be a quiet window all round, with the opportunity there to rid himself of an unwelcome distraction] I don’t see an awful lot of transfers happening in January at all. Of all the top teams, Chelsea should certainly think about getting another striker in and Leipzig’s Timo Werner looks a good fit. Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham have been revelations this season but this is their first full season of Premier League football and they are going to come off the pace eventually. Tottenham should also be trying to engineer Christian Eriksen’s exit because if they don’t he will almost certainly be off in the summer on a free. It’s clear that Jose Mourinho isn’t overly bothered about the Dane, who could set Serie A or La Liga alight. If Inter Milan offered £15m or so, Spurs should bite their hands off.

Jose Mourinho has a big decision to make with Harry Kane set to be ruled out for a while and any number of names are being thrown about as a possible short-term replacement for the England captain. However, I reckon the solution might be closer to home for the Spurs boss. It seems that big clubs need to be linked with big names but if I was Mourinho I’d have a look first at Troy Parrott before charging into the transfer market. He’s only 17 and has just a handful of first-team appearances under his belt but I’ve seen him play and I like what I see. In fact, the first thing you notice about Parrott is how similar to Kane he is. He’s not blessed with an unbelievable turn of pace but he definitely knows where the goal is.

If I was Mourinho I’d give him a go. The young lad will have the crowd on his side and if he gets a goal or two his confidence could go through the roof. That’s how it all started for Kane. And if it has not worked out in a couple of weeks, and Kane looks like he might be out for a while, then maybe sign someone until the end of the season. That, of course, is presuming Daniel Levy is prepared to finance such a move. He might well have decided that Mourinho will get money to spend in the summer and that he’s not going to do any panic business now

2020 01 24 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Gareth Bale would be a welcome addition back at Tottenham] Gareth Bale might be a short-term solution to Mourinho’s goalscoring woes but I wouldn’t be breaking the bank to bring him back. I’m a big fan of Bale, I think he’s a wonderful player and Spurs fans would welcome him with open arms. But you’ve got to ask yourself what would you be getting for a vast sum of money. Is he on the pitch enough to make the investment worthwhile?

You look at Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and they are on the pitch for 90 per cent or more of the season. Bale? Probably nearer 50 and he’s not getting any younger. If it was the right deal at the right price then without a shadow of a doubt you’d snap him up. But if you were expecting to have to fork out £300k a week or more then I’d be looking elsewhere

Jose Mourinho knows he needs a new frontman with Harry Kane out for a while but they aren’t easy to come by in the transfer window. Heung-Min Son and Lucas Moura can do a job up top on their own but for all the threat they offer, they haven’t got the same presence as Kane in the box which teammates are looking for. They need someone getting on the end of chances and maybe someone like Luka Jovic is the answer. I know there has been an interest.

Real Madrid seem to be saying that they want him to bed in there rather than go anywhere, yet he’s obviously struggling in Spain. There were big expectations when he came from Germany, where he was prolific in a really good Frankfurt frontline in a league where there are lots of goals scored, but La Liga is tougher. It might be a good bit of business for Madrid to say to Spurs: ‘You can have him until the summer, see if you can get him up and firing and then we’ll have him back

2020 02 07 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Giovani Lo Celso could prove to be a £30 million ($39m) steal for Tottenham] Steven Bergwijn couldn’t have enjoyed a more sparkling debut for Tottenham though the player I think who could make even more difference on the run-in is Giovani Lo Celso.

The Argentinian star is only 23 and struggled to make much of an impact when he first arrived at Spurs. But it seems to me that as soon as he knew Christian Eriksen was on his way he thought this is my chance and he’s blossomed. He’s hungry, he’s confident, he looks a real player and 18 months from now Tottenham may well be thinking he was an absolute steal at £30m.

Bergwijn needs to add consistency to his game. You look at him and you see a player who’s good on the ball, can spot a pass, can go past players and can score goals. So you’re immediately wondering why he’s not been snapped up by a bigger club before. My sense is that he’ll drift out of games and that might frustrate fans. But if he can sustain his appetite – and with a place in the Holland squad to nail down before the Euros he will certainly be trying – then he’ll be a hit

I think Harry Kane’s injury is a blessing in disguise for England – and I don’t think it’s proving such a hindrance for Jose Mourinho either. Kane last played a game on New Year’s Day and if you believe Mourinho it’s quite possible he won’t appear again until May. From a Tottenham perspective that might sound like a nightmare scenario – although it’s interesting that even without him they are up to fifth in the Premier League and still in the FA Cup.

From an England perspective going into Euro 2020 we may well be getting a fully fit, fully refreshed Harry Kane leading our line and that would be fantastic news. Obviously Gareth Southgate will be having a fairly constant dialogue with Tottenham and Kane and he would obviously like his captain to play a game or two before the season is over. But even if Kane is only 80 or 90 per cent fit going into June, Southgate will take him to the Euros because even off the bench he is a match-winner

2020 02 21 Retrieve

[Spurs legend Waddle believes Spurs have to consider dropping Republic of Ireland international Parrott into their starting XI, with the exciting academy graduate really to follow in the footsteps of illustrious teenage stars before him] You only need to look at the likes of Wayne Rooney and Marcus Rashford to see what can happen if you take an early punt on a young striker. Rooney was just 16 when he scored for Everton in the Premier League against Arsenal with Arsene Wenger hailing him the brightest talent this country had. Injuries offered Rashford a chance when he was a teenager and he scored two goals in a European game for Manchester United, kept his place and scored two more against Arsenal three days later. Sometimes you have to give a young striker a go – and now’s the time for Jose Mourinho to give Troy Parrott a shot

Let’s not forget that he’s a full international – he played for Ireland against New Zealand in November – so he’s not a stranger to playing at a high level surrounded by top players. I don’t think Mourinho has much choice or Tottenham’s top-four prospects could be in real trouble. He complained on Wednesday that several of his players are jaded and fading. Well, Parrott isn’t. He could be the answer and Spurs fans would give him a chance. They’ll be right behind him because he’s one of their own having come through the academy.

Now he might crash and burn – but he also might be a natural and take to Premier League football like a duck to water, like Rashford or Rooney did. It’s hard to question Mourinho because of everything he has achieved down the years but I’ve never quite got his reluctance to take chances on kids. If Mourinho thinks Parrott is going to be so good in three years that he deserves a new contract, then he should have faith in him being good enough now

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Phil Foden’s better than Jack Grealish & James Maddison & ready for England] I’d put Phil Foden in the England squad now and I don’t understand people saying he’s not ready. I also don’t understand why he didn’t play at Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup just a few days after his man-of-the-match display against Aston Villa at Wembley. I’d like to think that perhaps Pep Guardiola is actually paying him a compliment by keeping him back for the Manchester derby because Kevin De Bruyne is injured. But I’d be playing him all the time because he’s full of energy, young, confident and it isn’t as though he needs a rest.

There’s a lot of talk of Jack Grealish and James Maddison, but this kid’s as good as them if not better. If he was playing week in, week out, he’d be in the England team, never mind the squad. But it’s easy for Gareth Southgate not to pick him because he could argue that he’s not playing enough first-team football. There is no doubt that if he was playing more at City he’d be ahead of Grealish and Maddison but he’s suffering by being at a club full of superstars.

He must have the patience of a saint. If I was him I’d be knocking Guardiola’s door off its hinges demanding to play because it’s quite possible that this lack of playing time will cost him a place at Euro 2020 and that would be a real shame

2020 03 06b Retrieve

[Chris Waddle says Spurs are biggest challenge Mourinho has ever faced] Managing Tottenham is the biggest challenge Jose Mourinho has ever faced – but I still think it’s too early to judge him. He inherited from Mauricio Pochettino a squad who were struggling in the Premier League and clearly in need of a revamp. His first job was to instil some belief and get them climbing the table again and he’s done that to the point that they are right in the hunt for a Champions League spot. And they need to be in the top four. They’ve got bills to pay – the new stadium wasn’t cheap – and they need to attract the best players, so they have to be in the top competition

Suddenly they have lost two goalscorers and results have started to go against them, they are out of the FA Cup and probably heading out of Europe, and people are questioning Mourinho. But I don’t think this is his side yet and you can tell that by the number of goals they are scoring and conceding.

Everybody thought life would be boring under Mourinho with a lot of 1-0 wins and the bus being parked, yet we’ve hardly seen that. Goals have been flying in at both ends of the pitch which isn’t what we associate with a Mourinho team.

It’s quite possible he has just looked at the squad and thought I haven’t got what I need to play the way I would like so I’m going to have to go a different way – almost the old Tottenham way – and now let’s just see if we can score more than the opposition.

He has to get through this season and rebuild in the summer, and I reckon you’ll see a proper Mourinho side turning out in August. Mourinho hasn’t won two Champions Leagues and countless trophies throughout Europe’s big leagues without knowing what makes a good team and he will know exactly what is required to transform Tottenham

He says he’s not looking to change too much, which is out of character for him, and I’m not sure I believe in him. He needs a right-back, he needs a centre-back and he needs at least one holding midfielder to add some protection. He also needs another central striker to back up Harry Kane – although if you believe what you read Kane might not be at the club next season. I don’t know whether that is true or not but it’s another potential headache for Mourinho to have to deal with

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[Chris Waddle reveals why Peter Beardsley was left disappointed at Kevin Keegan’s testimonial] We were all standing pitchside and it was bloody freezing as it is up there, and we had to wait for Kevin Keegan to get in the helicopter. He was only going up the road to Gosforth Park Hotel, but we had to stand and wait.

I always remember the story Peter Beardsley wanted Kevin’s shirt for his last game, and as Kevin got in the helicopter he took it off and gave it to the security guard and said ‘give it to Peter Beardsley’. Peter Beardsley never got it