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Name Chris Wilder
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
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Club as Coach Sheffield United [Head Coach]

2019 07 26 Retrieve

[Dean Henderson has signed a new three-year contract at Manchester United and returned to Sheffield United on loan for the 2019-20 campaign] Dean was always our number one target. We’ve had to fight to get a good deal and that’s part and parcel of our approach in the transfer market. All of us, from myself, to the coaching staff, to the player and the supporters want him playing for us in the Premier League and with a lot of hard work we’ve made that happen.

2019 08 08 Retrieve

[Muhamed Besic has left Everton and signed for Premier League newcomers Sheffield United on a loan deal for the 2019-20 season. Manager Chris Wilder said he welcomed the capture of a proper player with great pedigree] I am delighted to get a midfielder through the door. Mo is a proper player. He has great pedigree which includes playing internationally and playing in the Premier League. He is an excellent all-around central midfielder. He is someone who can do everything we want a midfielder to do. Mo has played as a defensive midfielder but he can also play further forward. Overall, we feel this window has been a great success

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Sheffield United vs Liverpool. Blades boss Chris Wilder joked in his pre-match press conference about how he planned to combat the sheer muscle and threat of the Reds’ visiting attack, but admitted that he was hoping their strikers had an off-day to help his side] It might not turn into a back three, it might turn into a back 10 or a back 11. They’ve caused better sides than us untold problems in terms of where they move the ball around the pitch and where they attack with pace and with quality. Hopefully they don’t show as much quality [as] over the last two or three years that has got them the results and got them success. You hope they have an off day and we get amongst them, make it uncomfortable and we try and drive the game forward when we have the opportunity to

2019 11 09 Retrieve

[The officials took almost four minutes to adjudge that Lundstram, who had earlier hit the post with the sides level, was marginally offside in the build-up to McGoldrick’s finish. Visiting boss Chris Wilder accepted the decision but has questioned why it took so long for play to resume] I think in certain things you have to go to the process and have a big look at it in the summer. It’s here to stay and there’s no doubt about it. I went to Everton to watch them play Spurs and the amount of time it took was too much. It’s changed the game and obviously it’s going to create debate. The length of the stoppage doesn’t do anyone any good. If it’s offside then we have to deal with it

2019 11 23 Retrieve

[Wilder said in the aftermath of September’s game following goalkeeper Dean Henderson’s mistake that cost United a potential point against Liverpool] If he wants to play for the top teams, he wants to play for England, then he needs to do better. He needs to concentrate more. It’s a disappointing day for him. I am not going to put my arms around him. Simply he needs to do better

2019 12 19 Retrieve

[Man City flop Jack Rodwell thrown Premier League lifeline by Sheffield United after Roma snub] Jack is in for a few days, but it’s not a trial. We know about Jack. He’s without a club at the moment after a couple of experiences in Italy. As you’ve seen in the past, David McGoldrick came in for a few days as well. Jack is looking at us, and we’re looking at Jack. He’s a very, very talented player who should be playing in the Premier League regularly but, for one reason or another, he isn’t. He’s got a really good attitude and it’s basically him looking at us, and us looking at him to see how he is in terms of how healthy he is. But he’s obviously a talent because of the teams he’s played for. He’s looking for a home, and it’s something that might develop along the way

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Former Everton and Manchester City midfielder Jack Rodwell is training with Sheffield United and Blades manager Chris Wilder is exploring the possibility of recruiting him in the January transfer window] It’s not a trial. Jack is in for a few days. As you’ve seen in the past, David McGoldrick came in for a few days and Jack is looking at us and we are looking at Jack. He is obviously a very, very talented player who obviously should be playing in the Premier League regularly…he’s looking for a home and it’s something that might develop along the way

People will try and put two and two together. Defence and midfield are the main areas, just to strengthen and boost the squad for the second half of the season

2019 12 29 Retrieve

[Sheffield were themselves denied the opening goal on Sunday after VAR adjudged Lys Mousset to be offside, with Blades coach Chris Wilder feeling his side have been regularly hard done by this season] Yet again we had another goal disallowed by VAR, that’s about eight or nine over the weekend, this is not a situation helping the game and the small margins. But I will leave that for everyone else to talk about because I have said too much about it

[Wilder added that he’s adamant a mistake was made and that the referee should have made the sensible decision to disallow the goal] I’ve been to see the referee and he has been honest about it. We make mistakes and I believe he made one too. It happened that quick and I thought he could have been helped by his colleagues a little bit. We talk about the new rule where if the referee touches ball then he has to blow up, so surely if he is in the way and hinders us then he makes a sensible decision. If he made the sensible decision then I don’t think no-one in the ground would have said anything about it

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Sheffield ended the night with just 25 per cent possession and manager Chris Wilder conceded his side struggled to make life difficult for Liverpool - a side he clearly admires] I thought we didn’t a lay glove on them. They were outstanding. They won every first ball, every second ball […] They played in second or third gear but still had the desire and humility to do that as world champions, as European champions, it shows why they’re well on their way to being champions. Thankfully we’ve now played Liverpool twice. I wish Liverpool and Jurgen all the best. I love everything about them, how they go about things tactically, with their players, the physical and mental aspects of their game is amazing

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Sheffield United have completed the signing of free agent Jack Rodwell on a deal until the end of the season] I think there might be a club in the north-east whose supporters will chuck a load of stuff at Jack Rodwell. There’s two parts to that story, by the way. I’m not a lover of fly-on-the wall documentaries - they’re always looking for a villain. But from my point of view, that’s history. All the boxes that I needed to tick and Jack needed to tick, he has done

Ravel has been good for us, really, really good, I see him as a successful signing, people don’t see what he does in training and trust me he’s done well! He’s just been unlucky that John Lundstram and the other central midfielders have been in great form

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[Manager Chris Wilder lands new contract with Sheffield United] Naturally, I’m delighted to sign a new deal until 2024 and commit to the club that is close to my heart. I am grateful to [the owner] Prince Abdullah for taking the initiative and offering this contract, we’ve had a great few years and hopefully we can continue the upward curve - let’s see how far we can go on this journey

2020 01 21 Retrieve

[Manchester City beat Sheffield United 1-0 at Bramall Lane] Kevin De Bruyne has found an amazing pass and the movement of Sergio Aguero, he’s done that to everyone in Europe and the world, it’s a great finish. I’ve got nothing but an enormous amount of pride for my team, we went toe-to-toe with them. When opportunities arise you have to show a little bit of quality and we didn’t do that sadly. Games like this are what we’re here for, we’ve worked really hard to get here, we want no regrets and I don’t think there were any tonight. When teams come here, we want to make sure they go through the mixer to get a result and I do believe Pep, his staff, the players and the fans will believe it’s been a difficult night for them

2020 01 21b Retrieve

[Kyle Walker has been offered a return to Sheffield United when he eventually leaves Manchester City] Kyle’s a Sheffield boy. I tried to tap him up when we played City [before] but he said he’s got a another couple of years playing there. He’s one I would take and I think the world of him. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a role for him when he decides to leave Manchester. He’s a top player and he’s already said he wants to finish what has been a brilliant career back at Sheffield United. Don’t count against it. He’s got my number and he knows he can phone me any time

2020 01 21c Retrieve

[Wilder has the Blades back in the Premier League at present and admits he would love to have Kyle Walker at his disposal] He’s one I would take and I think the world of him. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a role for him when he decides to leave Manchester. I tried to tap him up when we played City but he said he’s got another couple of years playing there.

He’s a top player and he’s already said he wants to finish what has been a brilliant career back at Sheffield United. Don’t count against it. He’s got my number and he knows he can phone me anytime. He’s still a top performer in the best league in the world. He’s welcome back here anytime.

A number of ex-players come back to watch us when they have the opportunity, like Kyle and Harry Maguire. With some clubs’ ex-players, I get the feeling they don’t want the current crop to do well because they want to be remembered in a really good light as possibly the best players and the best teams. But I never hear that here. The former players are real supporters of the football club. I believe they’re enjoying watching us play and seeing our progression over the last three years to the Premier League

2020 01 30 Retrieve

[Sheffield United have completed the signing of highly rated midfielder Sander Berge from Belgian side Genk] The board have really backed us in this window to bring in players of the quality of Sander. He fits the bill in so many ways. He’s a Norwegian international who has played 20 times for his country. He’s also played Champions League football and we’re delighted he has decided to come to Bramall Lane.

Sander is someone we have known about for quite a while now. We have tracked him over a sustained period of time, he was a player we highlighted as someone who could come in and really improve us and we are thrilled he’s agreed to come here.

When we sat down with Sander it was clear that he was really excited about coming here and that was great to see. I think this signing just shows how far we have come in a short space of time, that we are now attracting the likes of Sander to the football club. It’s a brilliant signing for us

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[It is now two and a half years since the Norwich coach was delayed by traffic on its way to Bramall Lane, the Canaries won 1-0 and Chris Wilder raged in impotent fury] There might be a bit of traffic at a football stadium when about 28,000 are turning up. Do a little bit of homework and possibly set off 10 minutes earlier

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Dean Henderson will be a United player next season] He’s a confident boy and he’s not shy, but he backs it up. He has a huge desire to take his game to the very top. He is doing the absolute maximum to be the best he possibly can

2020 03 22 Retrieve

[Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder says the Premier League must complete the 2019-20 campaign] The players have a responsibility to be ready if and when the season restarts. I have 100 per cent faith that they will look after themselves. They’ve worked unbelievably hard to get into this situation this season, they have worked unbelievably hard to get into the Premier League and they are a really tight group as well. At first, I didn’t want to play the remaining games behind closed doors but my point of view now is that, if that is what it has to be in order to finish the season, then that is what it has to be. There’s no compromise in this. We have to finish the season, however long it takes. The idea of freezing positions as they are now is not for me, even though you look at the table and think it wouldn’t be a bad result for this club from a selfish point of view. Everyone will look at it from a selfish point of view and they have to come out of that. The Premier League season is a race. It is 38 games. No matter how many points somebody is ahead or how many points somebody is behind, it’s sport and anything can happen. If it means not going to Newcastle in front of 50,000 people, not playing Arsenal in the FA Cup quarter-final in front of 30,000, not going to Manchester United in front of 75,000, it will be a disappointment. But there is a bigger picture here in terms of public health. We put that in perspective and so it won’t wreck our season. When football resumes, I’m positive we will be able to finish the season on a high

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder has revealed that Dean Henderson still harbours ambitions to become the first-choice goalkeeper for both Manchester United and England] He wants to be an international goalkeeper, he wants to win 50-odd caps and play for Manchester United, a huge, huge football club in the world. He’s going to have to overcome disappointments. His reaction speaks volumes about what he’s like and what our changing room is like

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder and staff agree to pay deferral] It is a difficult time for everyone and that includes Football Clubs and this particular measure is all about our Football Club.

I’ve had similar experiences of cash flow problems at other Clubs and I’m delighted that my staff have supported me in assisting our Club in a small way.

2020 05 07 Retrieve

[Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder says he will respect the wishes of any player who doesn’t feel comfortable returning to football amid the coronavirus pandemic] If any individual players, took that decision and come to me saying it’s not for me I would respect that. Speaking to the players, speaking to the captain of the football club, not because of the position that we are in, [they want to continue the season]. One of the slightly disappointing things is that people have taken a line based on their position in the division, which I think is a little disappointing.

We’ve got to look at the bigger picture. I have had an experience of working in all levels of football, and I do understand the implications of the Premier League restarting, and the effect that would have down the pyramid as well

2020 05 08 Retrieve

[Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder is confident that Dean Henderson will see out the 2019-20 campaign at Bramall Lane, with it considered to be ‘morally correct’ for Manchester United to honour a season-long loan] I personally think it will be morally correct to leave [Henderson] playing with Sheffield United for the last 10 games of the season. Because of the legalities and the situation regarding the expiry of the loan, they might take that decision [to recall him], but we are not a threat to Man Utd. They will be quite happy with the players that they have got that will see them through the season. Have you just said something there about a Champions League place? We’ve only just got enough points to stay in the Premier League. Sheffield United competing with Man Utd for a Champions League place, are you sure? We’re not a threat to them. A Ford Fiesta isn’t going to get past a Ferrari

2020 06 15 Retrieve

[Asked whether he had been in touch with Manchester United over keeping Henderson until the end of the current campaign] There has been, there always is. Not every conversation is put out to the media. I spoke to Ole yesterday [Sunday] morning and I thanked him for his cooperation with Dean. We’re in the process, in the next couple of days, of finalising Dean staying with us until the end of the season. I’ve got to say, the manager [Solskjaer] was brilliant and has been always with me and our football club. He was very pro Dean staying and delighted in terms of what Dean has produced for us and what we’ve done for Dean

[On Henderson’s future beyond this season] We’ve had initial conversations. We would be open to Dean coming back but I’ve got huge respect for Manchester United and he’s their player and they’ll make that decision, in conjunction with Dean. From our point of view, obviously if there is an opportunity, we’d love to take that up

[Wilder hopeful of rebuilding momentum] We’ve done as much as we possibly could have done to give us the best opportunity of producing a decent performance, but I’ll only know at 6pm when that ball gets rolling at Villa Park. All the players have come back in brilliant condition but you never know where the levels are between all the clubs. Tactically, we won’t lose too much in terms of how we play. The majority of teams will be the same. From the physical aspect, where you are going to be is going to be the key element. We did have momentum and we were on a great run. Everybody has their own situations, with injuries and form, and sometimes the break comes at the right time. That will be a question for Dean [Smith] as well as me. I’m sure Dean would say it was a great time because he gets players back fit, regroup and kick-start their season. It’s a brilliant club, I have an awful amount of time for Dean and what he’s done. It would always have been a really difficult game and it still is, so nothing really changes

2020 06 15b Retrieve

[Manchester United and Sheffield United hold talks over deal for Dean Henderson to stay at Bramall Lane next season] There has been, there always is. Not every conversation is put out to the media. I spoke to Ole yesterday [Sunday] morning and I thanked him for his cooperation with Dean. We’re in the process, in the next couple of days, of finalising Dean staying with us until the end of the season. I’ve got to say, the manager [Solskjaer] was brilliant and always has been with me and our football club. He was very pro Dean staying and delighted in terms of what Dean has produced for us and what we’ve done for Dean. It can’t be understated the opportunity we’ve given him to play Premier League football and we’ve been delighted with him

We’ve had initial conversations. We would be open to Dean coming back but I’ve got huge respect for Manchester United and he’s their player and they’ll make that decision, in conjunction with Dean. From our point of view, obviously if there is an opportunity, we’d love to take that up

2020 06 17 Retrieve

[The apology did little to appease Blades boss Wilder, however, as he could not understand how all of the cameras could miss the incident and that video technology was not used to rectify the mistake] I think the goalkeeper was in the Holte End when he caught it - or dragged it back. My issue is obviously one of frustration. Seven cameras haven’t picked it up - the most technical league in the world - everything we see at every angle and it hasn’t seen a goal. That is disappointing from our point of view. We went to Tottenham last year, John Lundstram’s big toe was offside and I was hanging around at White Hart Lane in the pouring rain for 10 minutes waiting for a decision. I don’t understand why I can’t wait 10 minutes in Birmingham. The statement has come out and it is unprecedented, unbelievable. I did have a laugh and joke beforehand that we have had some poor decisions go against us and I said I wouldn’t bet against one going against us this evening. We were waiting for somebody at Stockley Park to show a bit of courage and say they will make that decision but if they’ve not seen it and seven cameras haven’t seen it I suppose he will say that it was not their decision to make. It was a really strange afternoon and evening. Quite difficult as well. We should never underestimate the effect of playing in front of supporters. That was quite difficult for both sets of players. Most times we would be talking about a pretty average game but we are not, we are talking about a decision that has affected the result. We were all going into the unknown today. I thought the tempo would have been a bit quicker. I love coming to this place. We’ve had some great battles. It is a club I have a huge amount of respect for but it is double difficult - you can’t replicate it when there is no-one in the ground

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder says Arsenal are still a powerhouse club] I’d quite like to have his problems, we all have our own issues, especially when things aren’t going great and they are not going great for us. You can never not say Arsenal are not a powerful football club in the Premier League. They have been in the division all the way through, won things. They are going through a stage like everybody does. The great Manchester United team went through that stage and came through the other end so teams do. The likes of Arsenal and Spurs are huge powerful football clubs in this division

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Dani Ceballos’ injury-time strike saw Arsenal squeeze past Sheffield United 2-1 in their FA Cup quarter-final clash at Bramall Lane on Sunday] I had complete belief we would get back into the game. I thought we dominated the game in the second half and missed the best chances, and I thought we would have another chance to win it. A couple of boys are just a bit short of belief but there are certainly encouraging signs from our point of view

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Dean Henderson: Sheffield United extend goalkeeper’s loan until the end of the season] Chris Wilder has finalised his squad for the remainder of the current extended Premier League campaign. Goalkeeper Dean Henderson will remain at Bramall Lane until the end of the season, after a deal was struck with Manchester United following prolonged discussions between the respective parties in recent weeks

2020 06 30b Retrieve

[Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder insists Jose Mourinho remains one of the greatest managers of the modern era as his side prepare to host Tottenham on Thursday] Without a shadow of a doubt he is one of the greatest of the modern era of football. He has won trophies everywhere he has been. You’re always judged aren’t you? You’re judged as a manager, you’re judged as a player and you’re always judged as a team in the short term. For me, the only time to reflect on it is when he finishes and that’s the only time to make a judgement on it in my opinion. I’m a big fan of him

People have their opinions on who it has affected and who it hasn’t, but from Spurs’ point of view it has helped them and they will be raring to go on Thursday night. They’ve got two top strikers back. They’ve got one of the top strikers in Europe back playing for them so they are stronger. Spurs are a huge football club with a stellar squad and an incredible manager and they will see this game as one they should be winning, that’s for sure - and rightly so from their point of view

2020 07 01 Retrieve

[Chris Wilder: Individual errors hurting Sheffield United] If you look at the goals we have been conceding they are really poor individual mistakes. Up until now we’ve had the platform to produce very good performances because we have been disciplined defensively and not given away soft goal. From our point of view it’s not an issue of the overall structure or amount of effort but games are decided in both boxes

We’ve not been clinical enough and certainly, I think seven out of the eight goals we have conceded have been individual errors and in some cases a series of errors. It’s something we have to cut out, the basic errors are really hurting us and it comes down to concentration, discipline and awareness. There’s a couple of boys whose form has dipped from the standards they have set all season and we have to help them through. Cut out the individual errors and I am sure it will be a close game and I am sure we will because we are determined that this season doesn’t just fade away

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Wilder celebrated the three points against Jose Mourinho’s men by staying up until 4.30am, so he was in a fragile state at his pre-match press conference] I am just looking for a bit of consistency, we have had two decent performances and we are looking to make it three. If you look at the fixture list, the Premier League - it is where we all wanted to be - Burnley, top 10, Wolves, Chelsea Everton, Leicester, Southampton. I am just after performances even though the W bit at the end is important. If our team plays like it does, then we will give ourselves an opportunity of competing in this division.

2020 07 03b Retrieve

[Chris Wilder: Sheffield United boss says speculation over Sean Dyche’s Burnley future is ‘nonsense’] I have said all along I think Burnley are the most talked-about football club in our football club, £120m, £120m, £120m, another one and another one, that is what they have done, the consistency. Brilliant manager, gets the best out of his team, they are a great example for my football club and my players on how to do it. If I am sat here in four or five years time a Premier League manager like Sean is, I would be absolutely delighted

Absolute nonsense, complete nonsense in terms of anyone questioning what that man does for that football club. That is an ignorant, ridiculous opinion. Complete nonsense. I don’t get it. Have Burnley gone as far as they can with Sean Dyche or is it the other way around? I think it’s the other way around and if I was him, I would be looking at it like that. If anyone asked the question after what Sean’s done for Burnley, I would be saying has that football club done enough for the manager after what he has done for them?

2020 07 03c Retrieve

[Sander Berge, Lys Mousset and Oli McBurnie fired Sheffield United to a 3-1 win over Tottenham, as Spurs were left fuming after a VAR call denied Harry Kane an equaliser] I’ll sleep tonight. I sensed after a decent performance against Arsenal on Sunday that we were showing signs of recapturing the form that got us into the position pre-lockdown. But there’s no getting away from it, it was a really good performance and a big three points for us. The shape of the side was good. We limited an excellent side at the top of the pitch to not a huge amount of opportunities and when we broke it up we played, created some decent chances and were clinical

2020 07 05 Retrieve

[John Egan’s fine late equaliser saved Sheffield United a point as they drew 1-1 at Burnley in the Premier League] We were brave, we kept going. I believed there was something in the game for us, and I’m delighted there was. We were down on the quality we showed in midweek. But I can’t be too disappointed or down on the players. There were a lot of boys who looked quite tired in the second half, but I thought we were brave in our approach. The boys showed mentality to get something out of the game

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Conor Coady: Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder tried to sign Wolves captain] They are well led by their skipper, someone who I really admire and tried to bring to Bramall Lane. We tried to get him at the time Nuno landed and we were hoping he would try to sign a Portuguese centre-half, as they are the players who he knows well. But the boy from Liverpool, he carries himself so well and is a great captain

It’s been difficult for Jack because of the performances of the team. Jack has been pushing, he plays as a sitting midfield player, he can also play on the right of a three, and his performances around the place have been good. There is an opportunity for him to play and he is in the thought process as well, which they all have to be to play and Jack has been good

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Premier League drinks break - is it fair?]]</b> I certainly didn’t need a drinks break on Sunday afternoon at Burnley apart from having another Bovril. That would have been my second Bovril that I have had in July on record in the history of having Bovrils. If you look, there’s not many people having a drink or there having a little slip. But there’s quite a lot of huddling going on, togetherness going on and managers, coaches getting into the players. It’s not two halves, it’s four quarters and there’s a time out inbetween. So, that’s another change that we have to get used to.

2020 07 09 Retrieve

[Chris Wilder’s post-match assessment after Sheffield United’s last-gasp victory over Wolves painted a familiar picture] The players dug really deep and found something from within […] We’ve never felt anything is in our grasp, or in our reach, we shouldn’t be anywhere near the position we are in. People should be focusing about us not being in the bottom three.

2020 07 09b Retrieve

[John Egan’s 93rd-minute winner earned Sheffield United a crucial 1-0 victory that kept their European dream alive and dented Wolves’ in the process] I pulled my calf [sprinting down the touchline!]. We were excellent, I really enjoyed watching my team play. I wouldn’t have been disappointed with a draw against Wolves and the players and manager they have. We’ve been stretched by a few things, but everyone stood up to a man, took on the challenge and we played well and were brave in possession and in defence. Both aspects of the game had to be right and they were.

2020 07 09c Retrieve

[Chris Wilder: Sheffield United European push inspired by Championship ‘steamroll’] It was disaster time, the second half performance at Newcastle and getting beat at Old Trafford. It’s one or the other, either you’re the best thing since sliced bread or you’re going down by 15 points if you produce a poor performance and a couple of bad results. Anyone can lose at Manchester United with the players they’ve got. We didn’t turn up. The reaction has been good but it was expected to be honest because of my experience of the players and what they have produced for me both this season and historically last year [in the Championship]. When the pressure was on, I didn’t think anyone else crumbled or fell away, we just put our foot down and steamrolled to the finish line

[Wilder, in a typically light-hearted mood, poked fun at the media when asked if his team were still in the race for European football] I thought you didn’t talk about us! Are we in or out? Is it the Hokey Cokey? We’ll just carry on, get our heads down, try and add to our 51 points. That will be hard on Saturday against a hugely talented side, with a hugely talented manager. I’m not surprised by the success Frank [Lampard] has had. We came up against him in the Championship against Derby and both games were tight. Frank going to Chelsea wasn’t easy - he could have gone for an easier route - but I think that it shows the type of character he is. He wants to be a successful manager as much as he wanted to be a successful player

2020 07 11 Retrieve

[For Sheffield United and Chris Wilder, a fourth consecutive home victory saw them leapfrog Wolves into sixth place] We were excellent, full value. We had to defend properly, the structure of the team was good, and we needed something going the other way, and we did. It’s been a tough schedule, and the quality of the teams we had at Bramall Lane needed turning over. I’m delighted we’ve turned Chelsea over. We’re into a rhythm, I’ve really enjoyed watching my team play because they always give me the maximum they’ve got. As a manager, that is all you can ask for

My mantra is roll on to the next three points, and if you don’t get them roll on to the next game. We really do keep things that short term. As soon as you get ahead of yourself in this game you get burned. We’ve never had that attitude. We’ve had to do well to get into this position and we are certainly going to have to do a lot of things well in the next games because they come thick and fast. My players love playing in the Premier League and the attitude part is key, but we have got some good players as well. We have players that want to defend properly, put their bodies on the line, defend with structure and identity, and the other way we’ve had something going forward

Strikers need to score goals and we need to be more clinical. David understands that, but there are other aspects he brings to the team - work-ethic, talent and he links the attack. He’s a round peg in a round hole. It’s great that he’s got off the mark, I just wish there were 30,000 in this stadium because they would have taken the roof off tonight because they know what he brings to the football club and I certainly know what he brings to the team

2020 07 11b Retrieve

[David McGoldrick broke his Premier League duck with two goals as Sheffield United dented Champions League-chasing Chelsea with a 3-0 victory at Bramall Lane] We were excellent, full value. We had to defend properly, the structure of the team was good, and we needed something going the other way, and we did. It’s been a tough schedule, and the quality of the teams we had at Bramall Lane needed turning over. I’m delighted we’ve turned Chelsea over. We’re into a rhythm, I’ve really enjoyed watching my team play because they always give me the maximum they’ve got. As a manager, that is all you can ask for

2020 07 13 Retrieve

[United boss Chris Wilder said of McGoldrick after the match] It’s great that he’s got off the mark. I just wish there were 30,000 in this stadium, because they would have taken the roof off tonight. They know what he brings to the football club and I certainly know what he brings to the team

2020 07 14 Retrieve

[Chris Wilder wants ‘severest punishment’ for those who racially abused David McGoldrick] It is concerning. It’s incredible that these things are still happening. We’ve all had abuse to some degree in the business we work in but it doesn’t make it right, it’s ridiculous. Nobody has the right to abuse anybody in any way, shape or form and it needs to be dealt with properly and the severest of punishment needs to be handed out so we can try to eradicate all this. I’m a believer in education but there has to be a price to pay for the people who think they can do this. Maybe it’s a bit extreme what I’d like to happen, and I’ll leave those opinions to myself but hopefully the authorities can take it forward and deal with it

[Wilder insists that social media platforms should be more accountable for the content that is posted on their sites] I’ve always said regarding social media that I’m not the biggest fan of it but I understand the importance of it. But more has to be done by the people who power these media outlets to work in conjunction with the police and authorities to do something about these people who feel they have the power to go online and abuse people. People can’t stay silent and I’m not surprised David and Wilf have flagged it up and they have been very brave in what they are doing and they should have every bit of support. Knowing what David is like as a player and person I know he’ll be deeply disappointed and he has mine and the players’ and the football club’s full support. He is a great guy and a fabulous footballer and most importantly a great human being to work with.

2020 07 16 Retrieve

[Leicester reignited their hopes for a Champions League place with a 2-0 win against Sheffield United, who themselves missed the chance to go into sixth] We’ve taken some enormous steps forward this season, especially recently, but we’ve taken a massive step backwards. We never deserved anything from the game, the goalkeeper has kept us in it and I think we’re delighted it took them until the 79th minute to really clinch the game. But we were off of it from the first moment to the 90th and there’s no excuse from our point of view. Technically, we were very poor and we were physically out-fought. We’ve done a job on a couple of teams recently but their fight was bigger than ours, they wanted the result more than us and they deservedly got it. There’s no blame on anything. Everybody has to go again. From the first minute, we gave the ball away and made some really poor decisions. They were sharper, quicker in thought and in action. We’ve helped them get themselves going again and we needed to be a lot better today to give them any problems. I thought it was quite comfortable for Brendan and his team, they’ve got a few injuries but I thought the spirit of their group was better than bigger than ours. When you’ve got that quality in the game tonight, there’s only going to be one winner

2020 07 18 Retrieve

[Dean Henderson: Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder keen to keep goalkeeper] Dean Henderson and Manchester United know our views on that, we already have started talking to the player and Manchester United. It is their decision and the boy’s decision, we would love to extend that for another season and when we get the news on that decision we will let you know. Wes Foderingham was available, we needed to strengthen that department, there will be a couple of changes going forward in that department. He became available, a free transfer and a three-year deal

[Wilder has warned against anything similar with £22m on record signing Sander Berge] It will have to be [free transfers]. The club will be talking about that and budgets and where we are going forward. As always, I’ll try to get the maximum out of what’s available, I don’t think there will be any head-turning transfers from us this summer, so we will have to work hard to improve the group

[Chris Wilder says the club will not make any ‘head-turning transfers’ this summer] This is a bugbear for me, my mum who works in a local garden centre, if she doesn’t make the coffee that is expected to be made she might get told. Players are no different from my point of view. I am not making a big thing about it, other people are making a big thing of it. Nothing will change, regardless of if I am managing in the Premier League or anywhere else