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Ciro Ferrara
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc Ciro Ferrara will always be remembered as one of the most underrated defenders in the history of the Italian game. For a man who made 272 appearances for Napoli from 1985-1994, and then 307 for Juventus from 1994-2005, Ferrara never had the opportunity to fully prove himself on the international stage.


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Italy U21 National Team
Club as Player Juventus
  Napoli FC
1985 05
As a native of Naples, he made his debut for the Partenopei at the tender age of just 18, in a match against Juve that ended 0-0
1987 06
He earned his first international cap for the Azzurri
2009 05 18
Ferrara was appointed as the interim coach of the Bianconeri, following the sacking of Claudio Ranieri. With just two rounds remaining, he made no mistake by leading his side to convincing victories over both Siena (3-0) and Lazio (2-0) respectively

2010 01 27 Retrieve

[Juventus coach Ciro Ferrara is clinging onto his job at the club as he tries to salvage their season against Inter in the Coppa Italia] I don’t feel sacked. Please don’t make me say something against Juventus, I wouldn’t even do so even if they sacked me. It’s not a problem for me and I don’t care about this at all. I have always been considered well. In 20 years of Juve this is my first bad moment and I accept it. But, I will not take it out on the club. I don’t think the club has disowned me in front of the team. I have professional people here and they know we cannot say it’s finished until it is finished

[Ferrara insists he will not leave his post and he is ready to fight on despite what seems to be a losing battle] I just have to switch on the tv to understand what is going on. I have not received any communication from the club, therefore I will go to the San Siro with the professionalism. When I am told something then I will react differently. I have respect for this club and I will continue to work until someone tells me otherwise. I am not thinking about resigning from here. I am tranquil. Everyone here is on my side. I need to work harder and improve the situation. This has not happened yet, but I am not ashamed

2010 10 22 Retrieve

[Former Juventus Boss Ciro Ferrara Appointed As Italy Under-21 Coach] Ciro Ferrara is the new coach of the national Under-21 side. It was announced today by the president of the FIGC Giancarlo Abete after meeting with Demetrio Albertini, and technical coordinator of the youth sector Arrigo Sacchi. He will be assisted by Angelo Peruzzi. They FIGC will be perfecting his contract which will expire in 2013

2010 11 16 Retrieve

[Italy Under-21 Boss Ciro Ferrara Happy To Be Coaching Again] I wanted to return to coaching, at whatever level Serie A or Serie B. I continue my career with enthusiasm. I feel positive. It is a new adventure for myself and the young lads, many of whom were already a part of the Under-21 team. We have the desire and the right atmosphere to make this journey together. Until June, the friendly matches will represent important opportunities to gain knowledge and construct a good team. I have studied the team and the players have studied me. I am proud and happy with this job

2011 03 25 Retrieve

[Ciro Ferrara Pleased With Italy Under-21 Win Over Sweden] The boys gave a great performance. It was not easy but we won deservedly. We controlled the ball well and could have even scored more. I have to congratulate my players. Now we must rest and then think about the game against Germany on Tuesday

2016 01 06 Retrieve

[When asked if Zidane may feel apprehensive in working with Ronaldo] Well, actually I think it should be Cristiano Ronaldo who feels intimidated by Zidane, rather than it being the other way around.

Obviously this is a new role for Zidane so he has to, slowly, match after match, through the words he says to his squad, gain their trust. Even though at the moment he probably already has their complete and undivided trust, something you automatically have after having been a true legend like Zizou

After that he is going to have to find the right way to transfer his philosophies, maybe not many at the start. Especially because it isn’t like in Italy, where managers tend to focus a lot on tactics, in Spain they tend to do it much less. But I’m sure that Zidane will have a few tactical ideas that he picked up during his years in Juventus which he will want to tell his side.

I don’t think that Zizou will ever go to Cristiano Ronaldo and tell him: ‘Look, you need to kick the ball in this way’ or go to Sergio Ramos and tell him how to defend. The players already know what to do and it is then up to the former greats to show intelligence, in order to simply help them get better

[Ferrara does not agree that Zidane, along with other former great players, was destined to become a successful coach] Well, I think that this is actually a myth, that great champions all want to become managers. I have played alongside great champions and I felt like this was actually the case. They are obviously players that like to have responsibilities on the pitch, even sometimes tweaking a certain aspect of their game that maybe eluded their managers.

After that it is up to the players to be able to make these calls, and Zizou has incredible players at his disposal and this is going to be a great advantage obviously for him

[Ferrara himself took charge of Juventus for an ill-fated spell in the 2009-10 campaign] Honestly I don’t know why, but I noticed this statistic a few days ago. Some have had more luck than others, say, like me, for instance!

It might be because in those years we had a manager to whom we were very attached and who managed to impart some of his knowledge. But it might also just be coincidence, too.

Obviously the image and the role of the manager is completely different. You can’t think about your own individual performance any more, but instead have to think about all 25 players on your team. And it doesn’t stop there as you need to deal with the fan base, the club and even with the media.

That of the manager is a completely different world from that of the player. When you shift from the pitch to the dugout, with all of the pressure that goes with it, you can’t for example take for granted that your players are capable of doing certain things, even if they are top players. Having said this I feel like Zidane is going to be able to get through to his players - as I said before, having such a strong team already he would just need to teach the group a few important, yet very clear, concepts

2017 03 30 Retrieve

[Ciro Ferrara says Juventus star Higuain will be fired up by Napoli anger] The first time I went back, I was welcomed in a nice way, but then something changed. Maybe because, for personal reasons, younger fans only remember me as a Bianconeri player and not as the defender who won the Scudetto with [Diego] Maradona. I expect a varied welcome [for Higuain], somewhere between indifference and whistles. I really hope that, beyond the predictable whistling, there’s some space for some witty, subtle teasing. I hope that education and respect prevail.

I don’t know Higuain personally but I know for a fact that a champion of his calibre will not be scared or intimidated by a hostile atmosphere. After all, he’s already scored against Napoli in a Juve shirt, though it’s true that that was at the [Juventus] Stadium and not the San Paolo

Experience tells me that games like these two upcoming ones give a real lift to champions, and Higuain is one of those. The jeers could be a huge motivation