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Name Claudio Gentile
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc Claudio Gentile man-marked Diego Maradona completely out of a game at the 1982 World Cup. So yes, he was quite good


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2015 07 19 Retrieve

[After Italy’s 2-1 victory over Argentina, Gentile responded to claims about his hard-nosed tactics on Maradona famously stating] Football is not for ballerinas

2017 01 06 Retrieve

[Claudio Gentile on Silvio Gazzaniga’s FIFA World Cup trophy] It was very exciting to touch the cup. I remember it being a very tough tournament. At the beginning, few people believed in our abilities and there were many controversies. We managed to find the right confidence game after game. Bearzot did a great job showing himself to be a great man and a great coach. Maradona? It was a tough duel

2017 08 11 Retrieve

[The Hardest Man in Soccer] My character was not to intimidate, it was to show I was the boss on the field. You have to be gritty and determined. At certain times you have to know ‘how’ to foul

[Claudio Gentile recalls how Bearzot spoke to him about the task of marking the Argentine number 10] Bearzot was in a bit of a quandary, he wasn’t sure whom he should pick to mark Maradona. I was supposed to mark a striker not a midfielder. I was watching TV one night when Bearzot came and asked me ‘what would you say about marking Maradona?’ That wouldn’t be a problem I replied, being a bit boastful. As soon as he heard that he turned around and walked out the room without giving me the chance to say ‘no coach I was only kidding’. There was no going back at that point, so I grabbed some video tapes and watched them for two days. I wanted to study Maradona and his potential, and how I could limit it. I couldn’t stop him, but I could ‘limit’ him.

[Italy versus Brazil in 1982 is regarded by many as the greatest World Cup match of all time] Bearzot didn’t tell me I was going to mark Zico in the two days between the match with Argentina and the game with Brazil. So I was a bit surprised because I had been studying Éder. Fortunately I had remembered Zico’s style of play, and I did what I had to do. Luckily things went my way.

2019 10 26 Retrieve

[Juventus Legend Claudio Gentile says Inter Can Compete For The Title] The anti-Juve? Inter more than Napoli. Inter play good football, have good players, and are showing that they can compete for the title. They are having good results also in the Champions League, you have to see what will happen when the direct clashes come