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Name Clayton Blackmore
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Manchester United

2019 09 24 Retrieve

[Clayton Blackmore claims Manchester United need to be looking at bringing Zlatan Ibrahimovic back to the club] I definitely think we should ask Zlatan to come back, we need a target man - he’s the best target in the world. 6ft 5in black belt, he’s proved in the MLS he can still do it. I thought we let him go because his knee was dodgy - we’ve now given Zlatan and Rooney [away] for nothing. We won [the] Europa League, League Cup and Community Shield when he played for us. Thirteen years ago, the Barcelona goalie out-run Zlatan - he doesn’t run much yet he scores goals [at] every club he plays for. We need a target man so all our kids with pace can play off him [in a] 4-4-2 [system], and close [them] down quicker. Here ends the lesson, it’s a no-brainer

2019 10 14 Retrieve

[Clayton Blackmore says Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the only man capable of saving Manchester United’s season] We’re lacking a target man and the only thing that is going to save us this season is Ibrahimovic. He has thrown his name in the hat and he’s probably the best target man you can have. He’s 6ft 5in, he’s a black belt and he fancies his chances against ­anybody. He’s still scoring goals, too. We have got rid of so many good ­strikers – Wayne Rooney went, Robin van Persie went, loads of them.

These players have gone but they haven’t been replaced. Bringing Ibrahimovic in is a no-brainer. He doesn’t run, but he doesn’t need to because he is that good. There are not many players who can jog around the pitch and ­control the game, but, when he was here before, we won trophies with him, when he was fit.

We should try and get him in January or whenever we can ­because he can lead the line. Getting Robert Lewandowski would be perfect, too. That’s ­obviously a big ask, but he’s also the kind of player the club needs. Yes, he’s a bit older, but he’s the kind of player that can help the kids. If we played someone up front alongside him, then the goals will come, I’ve no doubt about that

Playing on a Thursday and then on a Sunday is difficult, we’ve seen that before. Next up is Liverpool at home, then ­Norwich away after a European game in Belgrade. Norwich have already shown what they’re ­capable of this season. That’s why the Premier League is so hard. There are no easy games and, once you get on a bad run, it can be incredibly hard to stop it

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Clayton Blackmore says Marcus Rashford is still learning the game and is not ready to lead the line for Manchester United] Rashford is not enough alone. He’s still learning the game - he grew up a winger and he’s learning to be a striker. He’s done fantastically and he’s a massive threat, but we need something else - United need a target man. A target man allows you to get the ball up to him and then use pace to feed off those knockdowns. If you try to play through teams, again and again, they will work you out. That extra power gives you an added dimension

We really need to buy a top striker. I don’t think you can get rid of a top striker like Lukaku, who’s scored over 100 Premier League goals, and not replace him. Apart from anything else, it puts too much pressure on the young lads. Ole knows better than anybody [about forwards]. He was a striker himself, he played in the Treble-winning season, and they had four top strikers. These weren’t young lads, they were experienced professionals

2019 12 01 Retrieve

[Clayton Blackmore says Man Utd should sign Robert Lewandowski for young players to learn from] They need to get a top striker who the players can learn from. I’d like to see Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski come in. He’s 31 although still scores goals for fun. I’d also be happy if Zlatan Ibrahimovic came back. We got rid of Romelu Lukaku to Inter and that was a big decision. For me, Solskjaer now has to replace him. He should have replaced him in the summer and Lukaku probably shouldn’t have been sold if we didn’t have someone lined up. We need a top striker who’s going to help out the kids

The young lads have shown what they can do when they’re on form, but I think if they had a bit of experience up there they’d be a lot better

If you’d given me a choice between Jones and Chris Smalling, I’d always take Smalling. Jones has got to up his game if he wants to stay at United. He’s got to start making the correct decisions, at the right time. To be fair to Jones he gives you 100 per cent - although it’s probably too much. He needs to learn to read the game and get in the right positions. There’s still too many last ditch challenges. I’d also put Smalling ahead of Marcos Rojo and Eric Bailly. I’d have definitely kept him at the club. He’s tall, he’s quick and when he’s confident he’s as good as anyone. I don’t think it’s the end of the road for him. They still haven’t got the right combination at the moment. Victor Lindelof is okay, but he’s not dominant enough in the air which is such a key thing. I thought Smalling would have been one of the main centre-backs this year along with Harry Maguire and Lindelof

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Clayton Blackmore says Paul Pogba will definitely be a Manchester United player at the end of the season] With the injury and having an operation, I don’t think anybody is going to sign him right away, so I can’t see him moving anywhere. He is still a top player. A lot of people have a go at him but he is one of those players who strolls around the pitch and can affect the game; we probably needed him yesterday [in a 2-0 defeat to Arsenal]. For me, he will definitely be a United player at the end of the season. If he is still there after that I don’t know, but it would surprise me if he does leave. I think he is going to be there for a few years yet