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Name Clement Lenglet
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Barcelona FC

2018 11 17 Retrieve

[Clement Lenglet talks about Barcelona team-mate Leo Messi] As a rival you can try and stop [Messi] but we always knew that it was very difficult. As a team-mate it is different because he can change the face of the game and he is still a very humble person, he has a lot of respect for everybody and that makes him even more legendary

2019 09 04 Retrieve

[Barcelona defender Clement Lenglet has admitted that he is happy to no longer be hearing constant rumours about Neymar joining the club] Neymar? There were many rumours. It was a very hectic period for the club. Finally it’s over. This way we can work a little easier

2019 09 15 Retrieve

[Clement Lenglet has called for patience around Ansu Fati after the teenager’s excellent display in Barcelona’s 5-2 win over Valencia] He is 16 years old and we have to be calm with him. It’s true that he has taken advantage of his minutes and is a good boy who deserves it. I am very happy for him, but we have to give him time because he is 16 years old and things can change quickly. I hope they don’t but we have to take care of him. [I would advise him to] listen to people and work hard because playing for Barca is very difficult

[Though once again failing to claim a clean sheet, Lenglet believes his side largely performed well] It was a good victory against a difficult opponent who plays good football. They play different football to us but we did things very well. We prefer not to concede goals, but we did things well until the end. On the whole we played a good game and although we conceded the response was important

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Clement Lenglet has defended Antoine Griezmann’s start to his Barcelona career] Yes, Griezmann will adapt to Barca, because of his talent and his personal quality. It’s a totally different game to Atletico. There are fewer spaces to run into when attacking, and you have to adapt to a new life, a new home, many things which you are not accustomed to, because he has not been at many clubs. The league started a month and a half ago and he has scored three goals. He can do things better because he has incredible talent, but he has given a good level

[Ernesto Valverde’s men will be feeling better about their form following the victory over Villarreal and 2-0 weekend win at Getafe] The Champions League is always a good test. And especially with Inter, who are having a very good season so far. It’s interesting to see where we are. Inter is the first Champions League match at Camp Nou and our second after the draw with Dortmund. That was a bittersweet feeling. We took a point and I think we can do more

2019 10 09 Retrieve

[Clement Lenglet says Antoine Griezmann is having to adapt to a different style of play at Barcelona but is certainly not unhappy at the club] No. I am with him every day and I can tell you that he is very happy in Barcelona. He’s a positive person who always has a smile on his face. When he arrives in the French team that fact doesn’t change. He loves to make jokes, you know him. He hasn’t changed, whether it’s in Barcelona or in the France squad.

He’s someone who has just arrived and Barcelona is a different club from the other clubs, which plays a different game - a different game from Atletico. He has scored three goals, I think he’s the club’s second-best scorer, even though it’s only the beginning of the season. It’s still something quite positive. He works a lot for the team. He used to play as second striker at Atletico and now he plays on one side. He helps us a lot with his talent and his defensive efforts in every game. He’s sacrificing himself for the team. I don’t think there is an ‘Antoine Griezmann case’ as you can try to make me say

[Lenglet says Messi has still been teaching him a few lessons in training] He is an extraordinary player. We are very happy to have him in Barcelona. He makes a lot of difference. When we are in training, we set the pace. Leo often plays as a joker. He is very clever in his placement, in his way of protecting the ball. It’s hard to steal it. You have to anticipate well in advance. We suffer daily but we are happy to have him with us every weekend. That’s the main thing

[One of the big positives of Barca’s season has been the breakthrough of Ansu Fati] Ansu Fati is very talented. He’s in a dressing room with a lot of international players and very good players in his position. He took advantage of some absences to have playing time. He was very good when he played. He has some minor problems given his age to follow the rhythm of matches and training, but he is very well cared for. He is very professional. It’s a very pleasant surprise. I think he’s a good player for the future but also for the present because he has many qualities

2019 11 12 Retrieve

[Clement Lenglet says Antoine Griezmann is happy at Barcelona] It’s not simple to fit in at a club like Barcelona. Some players are already there and have a history together. Like in the French national team, there is a very specific way of playing - how we’re positioned is different than what Antoine knew at Atletico, where he was starting from far back. You need time to adapt to feel better on the pitch and play as well as possible.

At Barcelona, we’re trying to recover the ball as high as possible on the pitch with a lot of efforts on 20 to 30 metre runs. With Atletico, it was a bit different, they were falling back, and it was 50 to 60 metre runs. So you have to learn that, you need time. Physically it’s different, and mentally as well, you need to prepare. Antoine is working on that every day during training, and it’s going to be better and better during games, I’m sure of it.

[Asked if Griezmann performs differently for his country] Different is a big word, but when he’s with the national team, he’s having a lot of fun. He’s been there for a long time, he played a few big tournaments with the team, and he won a really beautiful one. Of course, he knows this place very well, he’s very happy to be here, he has a strong history with the team. But he’s also very happy to be at Barcelona, even if you’re saying otherwise. He’s smiling every day and likes to be happy on and off the pitch

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Clement Lenglet says Antoine Griezmann needs more time to build up a strong relationship with Lionel Messi at Barcelona] The same thing that happened to me is happening to Antoine. Dialogue comes little by little. Messi has a strong nucleus around him, he gets on very well with Luis Suarez, but he is very open and contact will come with time. You can talk about a lot of things with Messi, not just football, he helps us every day. When we arrive at Barcelona, he notices the things that you do but he is not the type of guy to give us orders or reprimand us

[Lenglet went on to stress that supporters must exercise patience with Griezmann] It is not easy to earn your place in a club like Barca because there are a lot of players that have as much experience as you. Barca has a very particular style of play which Antoine is not accustomed to. He needs time to adapt to feel his best on the pitch

2019 12 19 Retrieve

[When asked about his challenge on fellow France defender Varane] For me, it’s not a penalty. I wanted to get the ball out with my head and give strength to my movement. I used my body and legs for that and unfortunately I touched Raphael’s leg. I’m the protagonist and I know I’m going to clear the ball. I’m not a player who likes to kick people. But if some believe it’s a penalty, it’s up to the VAR. The VAR made a decision and must be respected

[Jordi Alba squandered a good chance for Barca before Lionel Messi, who had one attempt cleared off the line, made a mess of a late opportunity to snatch all three points] We had clear scoring chances. Two for Messi, Luis Suarez. We’re left with a bittersweet feeling. Madrid are a team with quality and when they come here, they come more to defend

2020 05 21 Retrieve

[Barcelona centre-back Clement Lenglet says he wants to stay and fight for his place in the starting XI next season] You never really know what the future will be like when you are a football player, but I hope to be at Barcelona next season, yes. It will obviously depend on the transfer window, this is a special period for the clubs and we’re safe, but I hope to stay.

There are several reasons for [being dropped]. The arrival of the new coach, Samuel [Umtiti] who was good when he played. I played a lot, too, [Umtiti and I] are pretty much the same. But I didn’t play in the Clasico. It was a little disappointing for me, but it is part of the life of a footballer. I prepare myself well and hope to play regularly. I have been fortunate to experience some pretty crazy things for a very short time, I hope it will last. There were bound to be special moments in the season but it remains a good season, I discovered the French team, I played games one after the other, it was a great year for me

2020 06 10 Retrieve

[Clement Lenglet says Lionel Messi is ready to help Barcelona win La Liga and the Champions League after a well-earned rest] He is ready for what is to come. For players like Messi, Antoine [Griezmann], Busi [Sergio Busquets] […] who play all the time - as well as with their national teams - and travel a lot, the lockdown was a good thing. They’ve been able to rest.

Luis has had time to recover without rushing. He’s looking good in training and seems very comfortable on the ball. He is going to help us a lot. We will have to work as best we can to compete for both trophies to the best of our ability. We want to continue working to win the Champions League. I think that we are in good shape; it’s a peculiar season, but we are going to be working to the maximum to win both trophies

We don’t know if he’ll be ready for the end of the season, but he’s working to come back as soon as possible. We want him to return quickly, because he has a style that helps us a lot when he plays and that is very different to what we have right now.

[Lenglet added on trying to earn a regular place in Setien’s starting XI] I continue to work to play every game. I think that in the games that I have played, I’ve done a pretty good job. My job is to make things difficult for the coach; to make it so that when he thinks about the team at night, he has to make difficult decisions. I’m comfortable here and delighted to be here. I want to continue playing and winning trophies. I’ve had two very good years here, and I want to continue in the same way.

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[Clement Lenglet on Messi’s condition] He is ready for what is to come. For players like Messi, Antoine [Griezmann], Busi [Sergio Busquets] […] who play all the time - as well as with their national teams - and travel a lot, the lockdown was a good thing. They’ve been able to rest

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Griezmann knows he can do better] Antoine is well integrated in the dressing room, there really is no problem. On the pitch, he himself knows he can do better. But we must not forget his statistics. He has still scored 14 goals and created several assists. For a first season, it’s not bad. But, for Antoine, he is playing in a different style to what he was better used to at Atletico, and he is a player with whom we are very demanding. But I see him working hard in training, it can only get better. It’s always the same when a Barca striker doesn’t score for two games, that’s he’s in trouble. When he scores two goals, it looks like Super-Antoine is back.