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Name David Gold
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Co-owner of West Ham United
Desc xxxx


Org West Ham United

2011 05 16 Retrieve

[Hammers co-owner David Gold say he wished he had done things differently] This is undoubtedly the worst moment in all the years I’ve been supporting West Ham. I honestly believed with the players we brought in in January and the imminent return of [Thomas] Hitzlsperger, we had done enough to pull clear of danger. I know that Scotty Parker shared that belief with me and we both had confidence that we would retain our Premiership status

2015 02 03 Tweet

[Gold apologises to West Ham fans after transfer anti-climax] Sorry for keeping you up late but at the last moment the main deal collapsed and the rest folded like a pack of cards. Stay strong. I’d like to thank [co-chairman] David Sullivan and Sam for their efforts to secure new players during this window. However, no matter how hard you tried, there are people out their that you just can’t do business with

2017 05 20 tweet

[West Ham chairman Gold slammed by fans for youth academy tweet] I think we all have to except that it is extremely unlikely that a teenager will break into a PL team full of seasoned international

2017 06 29 Retrieve

[West Ham chairman rules out Wilshere move] We are interested in all good players but we have to face the facts here – we have got good midfielders. We have got a good defence, we have got good midfielders, we have got good wingers. We need strikers and that is the key to everything for this season so we are focused first and foremost on bringing in two strikers

It’s clear to most fans that we are desperate for centre-forwards. Andy Carroll is injury-prone as we know, we have had an injury problem with [Diafra] Sakho and we have just got to bring in centre-forwards. We have got to find the money. Without strikers, you struggle in the Premier League. You struggle in any division because strikers are your key players. You have to spend your money wisely but it must be on strikers, particularly strikers that have had experience with Premier League football - the very best we can afford.

We have tried the route of going overseas to bring in players - that hasn’t worked. We had a very difficult season because players we brought in from Europe didn’t make the grade and we paid the price. We struggled.

We were actually flirting for some time with relegation because we couldn’t score goals. That is why we have got to bring in players with Premier League experience and that is what we are working on now. [Co-chairman] David Sullivan is working day and night in an effort to solve this problem

2019 09 02 Tweet

[Hammers chairman David Gold also confirmed the news via his Twitter account, thanking Hernandez for his service before wishing him well in Spain] Good morning. I can confirm that Javier Hernandez’s transfer to Spanish La Liga club Sevilla has been completed for an undisclosed fee. Good luck Javier

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Man Utd legend Keane branded ‘arrogant’ & ‘shameful’ for ‘shocking’ criticism of Declan Rice. David Gold considers the Irishman to be bitter and has questioned why the Premier League icon felt the need to hit out at a young player still learning his trade] Keane needs to get over it [leaving Ireland]. Declan made his choice and I think that is what’s behind it as far as Keane is concerned. It’s pretty shameful when a former professional talks the way he did about a young man. It was low, outrageous, unfair and arrogant to pick him out of all the England players. It wasn’t even an analysis of the boy who is 20 years old who has barely started his career in the international team for God’s sake

This isn’t the first time he’s done it. In a previous game he said he should be sitting in the studio with the pundits rather than being on the pitch. Shocking! Declan has chosen to play for England and Roy Keane needs to get over that.

2020 04 24 Retrieve

[Angry West Ham co-owner David Gold hits back over new Red Bull takeover claim] I have absolutely no knowledge of anything like that at all. I have not heard of any interest from Red Bull. As far as my involvement is concerned this is not true. It is made up – a complete fabrication. There is no such interest