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Name David Seaman
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc A cult hero with Arsenal Seaman set the standard for English goalkeeping for over a decade. Twice a Premier League champion and a four-time FA Cup winner even his late-career ponytail can be forgiven. He had everything you’d want in a No. 1: athleticism, positional intelligence and an unerring calmness. Along with Steve Bould, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Lee Dixon and Nigel Winterburn, Seaman formed part of the most parsimonious defence in Europe. The affable Yorkshireman even ended his time with Arsenal by captaining them to victory in the 2003 FA Cup Final


Org England National Team
Club as Player Manchester City
  Arsenal FC

2009 12 04 Retrieve

[Seaman said the USA game was a good start to England’s World Cup campaign to win the tournament] I think that could possibly be the hardest game but you’ve got to be very happy with that draw. That is a big pressure game but with two evening kick-offs to start you can get the points and then you’re coasting. I’m very happy with that group

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[David Seaman on Thierry Henry] What do you say about a guy like Thierry Henry ? He was phenomenal, just phenomenal. In training, he was brilliant. He was proper. I’ve seen Martin (Keown), Tony (Adams), Sol (Campbell), and Steve Bould kicking lumps out him, but he just got up and gave them some back. He was a proper athlete. He could change the game in a flash, from defense straight up to attack. [. . .] When he came in, he was a young man, but he changed really quickly, and you could see the power and pace that he had, but he had a focus on finishing that was really special… He was like a Rolls-Royce, he could turn that accelerator pedal on anytime he wanted

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[on Patrick Vieira] He was like our anchorman. We would say to him ‘Patrick, just sit in front of the back four for two or three minutes, while the opponents add pressure’, and he’d do it and get on with it. [. . .] Then all of a sudden he’d have this burst of energy, and could score great goals, and became a great Arsenal captain. [. . .] He did it over a long time, became captain, took over from Tony [Adams], and took it onto another level

2016 02 04 Retrieve

[On Dennis Bergkamp] You just didn’t know what he was going to do next. I still don’t know whether he meant that goal against Newcastle or not. [. . .] When Arsenal signed him, it gave us a great lift

2016 02 17 Retrieve

[on Tony Adams] He was just brilliant. He was a great man-motivator, knew when to get on your back, but knew when to do it, when you needed a little shove. Just a great captain [. . .] and it was great having him in front of me [in that famous Arsenal back-five]

2018 08 16 Retrieve

[Club legend David Seaman admitted he felt sorry for the young Ainsley Maitland-Niles last Sunday, indicating he felt he had been left too exposed] We saw them a little bit disorganised at the back, I felt sorry for Maitland-Niles, he got isolated too much. You’ve got Riyad Mahrez and Kyle Walker attacking him for fun and he didn’t really get backed up by any other defenders

2019 08 10 Retrieve

[Laurent Koscielny has been branded a disgrace by Arsenal legend David Seaman. The 33-year-old refused to travel with the Gunners to a pre-season tour in America, forcing the club to open disciplinary proceedings] It left a really bad taste in the mouth. He should have more respect for the club. When I first heard about him not going on tour I was really disappointed. As club captain he should know better. If he wanted to get a move he should have done it behind closed doors, spoken to the manager and told him his situation – there must have been something going on. And then the video, even if it was done by the club he went to, he should have more class than that. He should have said: ‘No I’m not doing that, I respect Arsenal a lot more than that, let’s just do the normal photograph’. So to do that, I thought it was a disgrace

2019 11 30 Retrieve

[Seaman wants Patrick Vieira to get Arsenal job but tells Ljungberg to sort out the defence first] I am sure Arsenal fans would love Patrick to come back to the club. Knowing Patrick, I think he would be the right man. I knew what he was like as a player. I knew what he was like as a captain. He was a born leader and everybody knows that. Maybe go down that route instead of a tried and tested route

[Seaman is not convinced that the Swede is ready for such a prominent role just yet] This job is much bigger than what Freddie is used to at the moment. He has only just got into the coaching side of the game and he will be really avant-garde as a manager. But while he is taking charge now, please try and get some sort of defensive formation sorted out

2019 12 02 Retrieve

[David Seaman admits there is a lot of stuff that needs sorting out at Arsenal] It does hurt. When we were there we were expected to win trophies, not just go for the top four. The fans were told [Arsenal were] moving to the Emirates to be a bigger and better club and things haven’t worked out. There’s a lot of stuff that needs sorting out, obviously the manager but the team needs sorting as well. We just look so bad at the back and it’s frustrating that nothing has been done. And we’re not just leaking goals, we’re giving so many chances away as well. It’s embarrassing

2019 12 03 Retrieve

[One man still backing Vieira for Arsenal job is former Arsenal goalkeeper and teammate David Seaman] I am sure Arsenal fans would love Patrick to come back to the club. Knowing Patrick, I think he would be the right man. I knew what he was like as a player. I knew what he was like as a captain. He was a born leader and everybody knows that. Maybe go down that route instead of a tried and tested route

2020 03 05 Retrieve

[David Seaman says Bernd Leno is a Player of the Year contender at Arsenal] He’s been criticised, but you do. Being a goalkeeper, you make mistakes and you do get criticised. I saw a stat saying he’d made the most mistakes or whatever, but he made a lot of saves in those games as well. A lot of people have been talking about him as Player of the Season at Arsenal because he’s had a lot to do, which is surprising for an Arsenal team because we’re normally really good at defending. But that just shows where we are at the moment

[Arteta] can’t get players in now. He will try to revitalise them, but he’s coaching them now. It’s not like you can go in and change it overnight. He needs a lot of time to coach and he will do that. I like him as a manager, I like what he says and, from what I’ve heard on the training ground, it’s really good as well. I think it’s going to be a bit of a longer process than what a lot of people thought. In the summer, or at the end of the season when the transfer window opens, it’s going to be a big test for Arsenal as to who comes in and who goes out

Even getting top five is going to be a big ask this season because confidence now is really low. We need to start giving the fans something to cheer about because, at the moment, it’s hard to watch Arsenal