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Name Dean Hoyle
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Former Huddersfield Town FC chairman
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2012 05 28 Retrieve

[Huddersfield confident of keeping hotshot Rhodes as Fulham hover] I am sure that the rumour-mongers will be getting to work as we speak but Jordan is under contract with us until 2015. We have the upper hand and that is final. That is all I am prepared to say on the matter

There was a lot of pressure on Jordan before the game at Wembley and everyone was talking about him but he stepped up to the plate when it mattered most for us in that penalty shootout

Jordan is a cracking guy and it did not quite come off for him – but it was scorching on the pitch at Wembley - but, let’s be fair, anyone that has watched him week in, week out knows what a sensational talent we have got on our hands

[Hoyle is now due to discuss the club’s plans for the 2012-13 campaign with manager Simon Grayson, who took over at the Terriers’ reins when Lee Clark was sacked in February] I brought Simon in to do a job and get us promoted and that is what he has done but credit has to go to Lee Clark as well

I know I got berated for letting him go, probably berated more outside Huddersfield than within the area where people count most because they are the ones who know best and support the club

Lee brought the players to the club and we had three great years with Lee and Simon has come in and finished the job off

2017 05 29 Retrieve

[Huddersfield chairman Dean Hoyle insisted his club had earned promotion ‘the right way’ after overcoming Reading in a game reported to be worth as much as £290million if Town survive in the Premier League next season] I’m so emotional. To say I’ve been supporting this club since 1969, to be a Premier League team now - dreams come true. It’s huge what it means for Huddersfield, we’re on the big stage. It proves you don’t have to blow your brains to get promoted. We’ve done it the right way

It’s a crazy world. Reading have lost on penalties and that’s really cruel. The prize is so big and I feel for them. It’s our turn. We deserve it because of the way we’ve done it

We can give lots of people hope, smaller clubs that keep believing - you can achieve the impossible

2018 12 30 Retrieve

[Who is new Huddersfield Town manager Jan Siewert? The ‘total unknown’ Borussia Dortmund No.2 replacing Wagner] Let me start by addressing the obvious. We enjoyed tremendous success under our previous head coach, Wagner, and we’ve subsequently appointed a new head coach that bears many similarities to him; a young, aspirational German from Borussia Dortmund 2. However, that does a disservice to Jan, who is his own man. There is much more to this appointment than that.

Jan’s name came to our attention in his previous role as assistant manager and U19 coach at VfL Bochum. We first spoke with him over two years ago and we’ve kept in communication since, watching his progress with interest

His reputation in the game is very good; he’s known as a coach who is ambitious, has many qualities and who has strong philosophies. As such, it came as no surprise to us when he moved to one of the world’s biggest clubs; Borussia Dortmund

2018 12 31 Retrieve

[Huddersfield owner promises ‘active’ January to avoid ‘sleepwalk into relegation’] For my part, I can only say this; I will NOT allow us to sleepwalk into relegation. I can promise you that we will fight with everything we have; that is my minimum expectation. Behind the scenes, we are constantly challenging everything that we do in a quest to improve. In all departments, people are under pressure to deliver. That’s how you get better.

The January transfer window opens tomorrow and that’s a big talking point in the media and for our fans, understandably. We will be active in this window, but not at the financial risk of the Club. There is a balance to be struck, for sure, and we will strive to get that balance between risk and reward correct. We all know how far this Club has come in recent years and I know every fan is proud of that, but that cannot be an excuse for not doing everything we can to be successful in the here and now. Having achieved what we have and reached the highest level of English football again, we cannot – and will not – give it up easily

As Chairman, I’m delighted that David Wagner and his staff share this ethos. He’s not one for lingering on past achievements; he’s an ambitious man who wants to write another chapter in our book. He pushes himself as hard as anyone at this Club and deserves all the backing in the world

2019 01 14 Retrieve

[Wagner departs Huddersfield by ‘mutual consent’ with club rock bottom of Premier League] As I had said previously, I had no intention of sacking David this season. Subsequently David – being the great man he is – came to us and made it clear that he needs a break from the rigours of football management.

We discussed making that change immediately, but he also made it clear that he would give his all for the rest of this season before departing in the summer if we preferred. After a long discussion we all felt that David staying at the club until the end of the season was best, but we’ve kept discussions open and we all now feel that the time is right to part ways.

I know the term ‘mutual consent’ is often a byword for the manager being sacked in professional football, but this is a truly joint decision. David has a real, genuine love for this club and, like me, his foremost concern in our talks has been to establish what is best for Huddersfield Town

2019 01 15 Retrieve

[Next Huddersfield Town Manager Betting, Mark Hudson favourite to succeed David Wagner] As I have said previously, I had no intention of sacking David this season. Subsequently, David - being the great man he is - came to us and made it clear that he needs a break from the rigours of football management

2019 05 03 Retrieve

[Huddersfield Town have been sold by chairman Dean Hoyle to lifelong fan Phil Hodgkinson following their relegation to the Championship] Sunday’s game against Manchester United is set to be the final home fixture of Dean Hoyle’s decade-long tenure as chairman, with a commercial agreement in place with Phil Hodgkinson for the sale of the club.

Having taken over as chairman and owner in the summer of 2009, Dean has led the club into its most successful spell in 40 years, taking the Terriers from League 1 to the Premier League for the past two seasons

2019 05 03b Retrieve

[Hoyle, who will retain a financial interest in the club and a seat on the board, expressed his sadness at leaving and his gratitude to the club’s fans] My heart doesn’t want me to sell the Club and I believe the Manchester United game will probably be the most emotional day of my life

However my head is telling me that, after 10 years of total dedication and my recent ill health, I need to do what is right for myself, my family and Huddersfield Town and that is pass the reins to a new chairman who can take our club to a new chapter in its history

I still cannot believe that my time as chairman is coming to an end. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every single Huddersfield Town fan for their incredible support of my family and me during the last decade.

We’ve had an unbelievable time together with the club, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I will be delighted and proud to be able to take the position as the new chairman of Huddersfield Town. As a lifelong Town supporter, it will be a special day for me and my family. My number one priority is to give support to [manager] Jan Siewert in order to make us as good as we can be on the pitch. Our aim is to get back to winning football matches and to put smiles back on the faces of our supporters after a tough season

2020 01 09 Retrieve

[Former Huddersfield Town FC chairman Dean Hoyle also reveals in the piece that Brighton were interested in rivalling Town to sign Mooy from Manchester City in the summer of 2017] I think Phil Hodgkinson deserves huge credit for the way he has positioned this, because we had huge confidence Aaron would go on to succeed. We’re in a very good position