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Denis Suarez
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc Who? Barely featured since Arsenal desperately pursued a loan deal for the 25-year-old in January. The decision to sign Suarez, over younger players with more potential, also contributed to Sven Mislintat’s shock departure. One to forget


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC
  Barcelona FC

2016 11 12 Retrieve

[Barcelona forward Denis Suarez shares his initial observations of Lionel Messi] Up front there are three beasts [Messi, Neymar, Luis Suarez] that resolve games, with Messi doing a little of everything. All the time he’s becoming more of a midfielder than an attacker! He is incredible. Every day he demonstrates that he’s the best. In training he does things that amaze you. His ambition surprised me. He always wants to win. If he’s losing [a training game] he gets the ball, goes past three and puts the ball in the goal and relaxes a little. I focused on him the first few days in the changing room, he’s very close [to his teammates] and thinks about everyone

2019 06 24 Retrieve

[Barcelona midfielder and former Arsenal loanee Denis Suarez has admitted Celta Vigo remains a viable option for his future as a permanent exit from Camp Nou looms in the coming weeks] I’m going to leave Barça and Celta is an option. I’m convinced that I’ll play for Celta one day but I don’t know when. I’ve got offers from abroad but my priority is to stay in La Liga. Playing in Europe is a priority too, but there are other options on the table

2019 06 30 Retrieve

[Denis Suarez’s move from Barcelona to Celta Vigo is now official. The midfielder will join Celta in a deal worth €13m with a potential €3m more in bonuses] FC Barcelona would like to thank Denis Suarez for his commitment and dedication, and wishes him every success in the future

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Denis Suarez claims he did not receive any messages from Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde following his move to Celta Vigo] Marcelino was constantly calling me to tell me how the situation was. I was willing to give up many things to go to Valencia, but I rejected his offer because they wanted me to give up many more things

[Asked if he had spoken to Valverde since leaving Camp Nou] Valverde has sent me zero messages. Marcelino? He wished me luck, yes

[A return to Galicia offers the Spain international an opportunity to get his career back on track] I always thought about going back one day and this year it has been possible. I really want to play after last season in which I had a lot of injuries. The club has changed a lot since I left. What I want is to enjoy football again and since I arrived in Vigo I feel happy. Here I see how my team-mates, club people, fans want you to feel important. I hope to return that trust

2019 11 07 Retrieve

[Denis Suarez has revealed the extent of the injury nightmare that condemned his spell at Arsenal to failure] You never know what can happen in the future [regarding a move back to the Premier League]. I went to Arsenal with great hopes. I made my debut against Manchester City but in our first away game I got injured. I thought I had ruptured my adductor because I could barely put weight on the leg or move it. The scan showed it was not ruptured, but rather that I had a huge build-up of fluid on my pelvic bone and from there I could not take a single step without feeling pain. I carried on training because I didn’t want to stop in my second week after arriving but I couldn’t do it because I was never at 100 per cent, not even 50. I couldn’t even take a shot at goal

[Suarez happily made a full recovery from that injury hell] It is more frustrating to not play because of injury. I suffered so much at Arsenal that it practically stopped me doing everyday things. It hurts when you sleep, when you sneeze and even walking up the stairs. Just imagine going to a club that had called you a month before, with all the hope in the world and not being able to do anything from the second week onward apart from trying to train with huge pain. There was a point where I said: ‘enough’. I played three or four games but it was as if I didn’t because I wasn’t even at 50 per cent. But the injury is now behind me and despite sometimes feeling a bit of discomfort I am working day and night for it to go away

2019 11 07b Retrieve

[Denis Suarez reflects on ‘bittersweet’ Barca spell as Messi reunion looms] This is not just another game. It will be very special for me to come back to Barcelona and play against my ex-team-mates. But we will go there to win as we always do, even if the results don’t come, we go to Barcelona needing the three points and we will try to win. How would I describe my time at Barca? As bittersweet, maybe. I had great times, normal and bad ones. I took away with me the experience of having been at the best club in the world, I won titles with Barcelona, I competed to be in the starting XI of a side that has been the best in the world, I was in a time when there was the greatest player of all-time in my position, Andres Iniesta. It is not easy but it was a moment that has now come to a close

[When asked if he had the key to stopping Leo] Every day he comes up with something new, every day he takes you by surprise, whatever game you are watching. We will have to play a great game, that’s all we can do. And hopefully they won’t have their best day in front of goal! I do think you can go there and get a result, Celta have done so over the past few years

[Should things go to plan, though, any goal celebration from Suarez is likely to be muted] I respect Barcelona a lot and if I score I will be happy but I will not be celebrating euphorically because that wouldn’t make any sense

2019 11 08 Retrieve

[Denis Suarez advises Carles Alena he may need to leave Catalan giants] Alena is young and he is not getting the minutes he would have hoped for, [Barca] are a club with lots of talent and they have the most quality right there in the middle. There are a lot of talented players, so he will have to make his decision, whether he gambles on staying or looks for a way out with a transfer or loan. I know what it’s like to go a whole season without playing and it’s not a good feeling. Every player wants to play and I know what it’s like to do that every weekend, even if things aren’t going right it makes me happy. He is the one who has to decide but I would tell him that Barca is not everything in football, he could leave, do great and then come back. Or maybe the opposite, he could stay, start playing and win his place. You never know

[One youngster who has made rather more of an impact this season is Ansu Fati, the 17-year-old prodigy who has scored two goals in nine appearances] I knew [Fati] from having seen a game of his in the youth team but he hadn’t moved up to senior level yet while I was there. Obviously it is incredible for such a young kid to burst onto the scene at a club like Barcelona without playing for the B team, I hope he keeps playing, keeps growing and becomes the player everyone hopes he can be

2020 05 12b Retrieve

[Denis Suarez admits he was fit for one week during injury-hit ‘bad loan’ at Arsenal] Obviously it was a bad loan because I did not play. But there were circumstances, which I would like the fans to understand. Unai [Emery] told me he was looking for a winger - where Alex Iwobi or Henrikh Mkhitaryan played. It is not my best position but I can play on the wing. He insisted to me, ‘Come here. You will play. Don’t stay in Barcelona. Play, play, play and then we can sign you’. I wanted Arsenal to sign me but the club were not able to at that time. Instead, they said, ‘Come here, get the continuity, then when you have a year remaining on your contract, we can sign you’. So, OK, it sounded good. The truth is I rejected other teams: Real Betis, Sevilla, AC Milan all wanted me. I took the risk of going on a loan. I could have signed for those other clubs on a four- or five-year deal. That’s how much I wanted it to work at Arsenal. So people don’t know fully what happened

I played in my first game against Manchester City and then 10 days later I got injured (in the first leg) against BATE Borisov in the Europa League. I had too much pain in my groin. I did tests and scans and nothing was in my groin, but there was a big edema (build-up of fluid) around the pubic bone. I had sharp pain when I ran, when I shot, when I passed. It was so difficult. I was at something like 30 per cent of my fitness

[Quizzed on whether he was ever fully fit while with the Gunners] The first week. Only that. I felt it getting worse. After the match against BATE Borisov, I had incredible pain. Every movement, every change of direction, every shot. I tried to train through the pain. It became unsustainable. I was not in a state to play at my best

It became clear that Arsenal were not going to sign me, but I also knew that, if I had barely played for Arsenal, Barcelona would not want me either. That is life. I cannot control this. Nobody wanted to play more than me but the situation was unsustainable. I wanted to live up to their expectations. I am sorry because I do not think Arsenal supporters truly understand the situation I was experiencing. They didn’t see me play, so it is hard to evaluate the loan. Of course it was bad - I didn’t play - but there were circumstances. For example, I played in a friendly match for 90 minutes (against Al Nasr in Dubai during the March international break) and the next day I could barely move for the pain. That was the reality. To recover, my injury needed rest, strength and muscle exercises for two or three months

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[Denis Suarez has no regrets over trading Man City for Barcelona] I was at City for two years. They wanted me to renew but I preferred to go to Barcelona. Nobody knows what would have happened. Maybe if I had stayed, I would be playing regularly there, but I took that decision to go to Barcelona and it was the right one for me because I played a lot of games for their first team. And to train with Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta … brutal. Leo is the best. Andres is an example for me. I couldn’t wait to learn from them and play with them, Messi trains how he plays. He loves to win: in every session, he has to win. But at City, I trained with David Silva and he is right up there. You guys in England fully appreciate Silva’s brilliance but in Spain I am not sure everyone realises how amazing he has been. Silva has reached the heights of Xavi and Iniesta. I cannot speak with authority about City’s entire history but Silva has, without question, been City’s best player for the past decade.

Of course it helps me personally. Obviously! My priority now is to play football regularly and compete for a place in the Spanish national team. I feel Celta is a good place for me to do that. I have returned home because the more games I play, the better chance I have. This season I had some ankle problems. But I have had phases where I am playing a lot, creating chances, in the top few for definitive passes. That is what I want to show