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Name Diego Simeone
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Argentina National Team
Club as Coach Atletico Madrid

2014 05 04 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone after his team reached the UEFA Champions League final] I want to thank the mothers of these players we have at Atletico Madrid because they gave birth to them with balls this big

2014 09 27 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone defends Atletico Madrid relying on goals from set-pieces] You have to attack to get corners, no? Winning by scoring strategic goals doesn’t bother me – it’s part of the game

2015 01 24 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone responds to question on whether the best contract imaginable would tempt him to coach Real Madrid or Brazil’s national team] Ah, you guys are bad! (laughs) I think I’d have to pass on that and say goodbye to the money!

2015 01 31 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone on Messi] I have played against both Madrid and Barca, and you can’t compare Cristiano to Barça’s Messi. Messi alone is more dangerous than Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema put together

2015 12 21 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] Signing Suarez has strengthened things and the beautiful thing about them is there’s no jealously between their front men. They have a healthy, happy relationship and for those of us who love football, that’s a wonderful thing. Barca are the best team in the world and those three forwards show a remarkable amount complicity, something that is rare to see. Usually jealously exists among players, egos getting in the way of each other, but it’s the complete opposite there

2015 12 22 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] The presence of Suarez and Neymar – in his second season – has helped him (Messi). He has the support of the entire team. [. . .] The attacking potential of Suarez is an added plus for Barca – and for Lionel – this season and his aggression, along with that of [. . .] Neymar, allows Messi to take advantage of that sacrifice from his team-mates

2016 02 06 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone blaming himself for Jackson Martinez’s lack of goal scoring at the Vicente Calderon] I am the first person responsible. Jackson did not get the chance to show us his best version. I feel part of that. It is my failure that Jackson did not play, but I am not going to change my way of playing. We spoke openly as men, and from there each person makes their decisions. We wish him luck. I hope he gets back to being the player we all thought he was

2016 08 20 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone thinks Antoine Griezmann should be among the nominees for the 2016 FIFA Ballon d’Or] If we are talking about the Ballon d’Or, I think he [Ronaldo] will win. He is the most competitive. But I don’t think that he has been the best this year. I think that Griezmann is among the best. Griezmann had a fantastic year and if he shouldn’t be one of the nominees, that would not seem fair to me at all

2016 09 09 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone believes Antoine Griezmann can be one of the best] Antoine knows he’s in a wonderful club, a club that grows up every day, a club that has given him the chance to be the player he is, and in this club he has found a coach who loves him, team-mates that have given him the chance to develop all his talent. In my opinion, he’s destined to become a Messi, a Ronaldo, one of the best players in the world

2016 09 24 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone defends Barcelona star Neymar at a news conference ahead of the two sides’ La Liga clash at the Camp Nou, which ended in a 1-1 draw] Neymar is an extraordinary player. He won the Olympic Games after being criticised in Brazil after the two first games. He has found in Barcelona the right place to express his talent. Everyone has their own style and their own way of playing. He has been criticised, even in his personal life. He enjoys himself, sings, dances… and destroys teams. They can keep criticising him, the kid responds where he must respond

2016 12 10 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone gives a not-so-subtle hint as to where his future may lie] It is normal that my son, my father, my sister, my wife would say that I will train Inter in the future, because they know someday I will lead Inter

2017 10 04 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone Explains What Has Made English Teams So Much Better in This Season’s Champions League] We had never faced a team with the intensity of Chelsea. We struggled to press them effectively. We improved when (Antoine) Griezmann went on [Tiemoue] Bakayoko and left David Luiz free. But we were imprecise. The English teams have improved so it’s much more open. There is less margin for error now.

2019 04 13 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone described Jan Oblak as ‘the best goalkeeper in the world’ after his star turn in Atletico Madrid’s 2-0 win over Celta Vigo on Saturday] He is the best goalkeeper in the world. We are fortunate that he chooses to play at Atletico and that he is with us. He has improved a lot and he has earned it. When he arrived years ago, he entered the Champions League and because of his work, effort and improvement he is where he is.

[The Atletico boss, meanwhile, was quick to dismiss speculation that Griezmann will attempt to engineer a move away from the club at the end of the season] I repeat, he is one of our captains. The club has made a huge effort to keep him here, he is happy in Madrid. He is a very important player for the team, it does not make me think that he can leave

2019 07 21 Retrieve

[The history Atletico Madrid have in producing and developing strikers is unrivalled too. Fernando Torres, Sergio Aguero and Radamel Falcao have all taken their game to another level thanks to the Rojiblancos] Historically, Atletico buy young players to develop them here. Like what happened with Jan Oblak, Jose Gimenez, Lucas Hernandez when they came through from youth teams – or Griezmann. We want a talented guy who can absorb our ideas

[Throw in the fact that Atletico have earned over €40m from the offloading of Luciano Vietto, Gelson Martins, Roberto Olabe and Joaquin Munoz, all deemed surplus to requirements, and it is no surprise Simeone goes into the new season with optimism despite a changing of the guard] It’s a difficult transition we’re going through, but we face it with hope. It is a challenge and today we have to face it because we are losing senior guys who have given a lot to the club. We are looking for Atletico to compete again as they have done so far. For seven and a half years, we were second, third, first, second. It’s not easy

2019 07 25 Retrieve

[Joao Felix set for Madrid derby appearance as Diego Simeone allays injury fears] He’s a little hurt. It’s an annoying blow, but we need it to be fine. He trained in the morning without problems. I imagine tomorrow he will play for a while or start from the beginning

[Simeone has also added that he expects Diego Costa to reward the faith shown in him despite a difficult domestic campaign last season] Diego heard me speak in times of difficulty. I don’t change a comma in everything I think. I am convinced that it will be a great season for him and his team-mates.

2019 07 26 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone relayed on Thursday that the young attacker Joao Felix should get some playing time against bitter rivals Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup] He trained in the morning without problems. I imagine tomorrow [Friday] he will play for a while or start from the beginning

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid. Head coach Diego Simeone is similarly looking for more than just victories in the USA this summer] What we value beyond the result is working towards an objective, we don’t want the change of players to generate a different atmosphere. The new players have to be prepared to work like the old ones did, they need to see what the team needs from them

2019 07 27b Retrieve

[Atletico ran riot at the International Champions Cup after humiliating La Liga rivals Madrid 7-3 in New Jersey on Friday] I do not rush to anything. I live the reality of the moment. It was a good game. I see them with enthusiasm, optimism, enthusiasm. Now wait for the next game to rotate the players and get to La Liga. I do not consider this match to be the reality of potential between each other.

We prepared the game well. Having seen Madrid, we looked for where we could harm them. We tried to find good places at the exit of the ball … and we were very precise, that in football it is important. There is always something that can be improved. Beyond the scoreboard Madrid went to our end with great force. And they had chances. That has to be adjusted and try to add talent and effort. Today all the important teams have three or four talented players in the group

[Portuguese sensation Joao Felix showed there is life after Antoine Griezmann with a dazzling display, which included a goal and two assists for Atletico] I see him better playing in front, with people ahead, so that with his vision of the game he can hurt. When you have Joao’s talent and enthusiasm for improvement you can play anywhere

2019 08 01 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone does not think Joao Felix is a similar player to Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo] No, I don’t think Joao Felix is like Cristiano. The reality is that he has a good game to observe. I’ve enjoyed watching him since he arrived. He has vision and good control going forward, which speaks well for his age and how he plays and how he reads the game. We are going to add situations to help him grow and become a better and stronger player in the way everyone thinks he will. I’m really pleased with all the new players. Felipe is growing, Mario Hermoso the same. To play all the new players together helps us to be able to get ready for what is coming, which is going to be tough. The team is working well. We’ve been together every day for more than 20 days. The new guys are making a big effort to catch on to what we want

[Joao Felix himself was happy with his performance as a substitute] I’m happy to score. I got two in my last two games and it makes me very pleased. I play as I always play. Adapting depends on the players. It’s just the start, although we’re doing well. We’ll work every day to have a good season

2019 08 04 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone harbours no ill feelings towards Antoine Griezmann following his move to Barcelona. When asked why Griezmann did not get the same send-off as Godin and Torres] Because it wasn’t the same time [at the club]. His time was significant from a sporting perspective. The others, in another way, have lit up the hearts of Atletico fans. The numbers of Antoine are tremendous. In five years, he was among the five top scorers in the history of the club. When he came to talk to me about his departure, I already sensed it. I think he looked for the most appropriate moment in his search to keep improving. He is young, he has talent, he is an extraordinary boy whom I love very much, and the best way to maintain this affection is from respect. I understand that others also have needs. As long as others have needs that do not alter mine, it is great. If the needs of he who remains alter my needs, we may not end up as friends any more.

[El Cholo took some credit for helping develop the World Cup winner into the deadly frontman Barca paid £108 million for] When Griezmann arrived, he was not a striker, he was a left-winger. When I played him [as a striker] they said: ‘put him back out wide’. But why would he play on the wing if he is quick, he can play in the centre, he’s good with his head and has a good shot – why would you play him on the wing?!

2019 08 11 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone praised Joao Felix after the teenager’s impressive start at Atletico Madrid continued against Juventus on Saturday] Joao has many capabilities. He is adapting very quickly to what the team needs. He has a vision that allows him to adapt to many positions and is in a process of adaptation and the best thing he has is that, I said from the first day, his desire to learn. He wants to learn and with that the adaptation process will be shorter. Talent is innate, but the desire to learn is the shortest path that a player has to perform

[Argentina forward Angel Correa is also linked with a move to AC Milan, but Simeone expects the 24-year-old to stay at Atletico] We are open to everything that can happen, transfer wise. There is nothing that can surprise us because obviously there is always something happening until the end so we have to be prepared for that. Angel Correa is training in an extraordinary way since he arrived back and there’s not any situation that leads me to think about him leaving the team

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone has been won over by Joao Felix’s mentality to be the very best] The best thing about him is his willingness to learn and when a player is like that the path to the top is always shorter

2019 08 18 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid vs Getafe. The introduction of Joao Felix in particular could necessitate a more forward-thinking tactical plan but, for the time being, Simeone is aware a raft of new signings could bring some initial teething problems] He [Felix] has an open mind to learn and listen, he is learning our collective concepts. I’m not worried about him leading the team. I will treat him like an important football player, like the others, but what matters most to me is that we get the best out of the team. Our objective is to keep improving day by day. We’re a team with many new players that have to adapt and engage in what Atletico Madrid is. They are doing well and are responding accordingly to what we’ve been working on, but we’re focused on the immediate goal, which is Getafe

2019 08 24 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone labelled former Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres as an absolute legend of football] I think Fernando is very intelligent, an absolute legend of football, he has earned his place in football for his work, commitment and respect for others. He has always had a great respect, as a person and footballer. I imagine he will take his time to prepare and decide in the best way where he wants [his career to take him after retirement] and respond to that responsibility. Hopefully that’s not in so many years, because then we could meet again

[Atletico Madrid began the new league season with a 1-0 win over Getafe last week, but Simeone remains frustrated that the campaign has started with the transfer window still open] It’s an awkward situation for everyone, the players, coaches, clubs. I don’t like the league starting before the transfer window closes. It would be better if we all knew who [players] we will have in the season. It would be healthier for everyone, but it’s not up to me

2019 08 26 Retrieve

[Atletico coach Diego Simeone echoed Oblak’s comments about Leganes, against whom he fielded a back three rather than his usual four] We needed to win and tried to do so in different ways. We changed things around and we won. Leganes never allow you to relax - they’re very strong at home

2019 08 27 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid (1) vs (0) Leganes. While Atletico Madrid have grown economically, manager Diego Simeone has stressed they a remain a club for the people] I explained it well and some misinterpreted - it’s clear that we can’t be the people’s team with the stadium we have and having paid €126 million for Joao Felix. But socially, morally and emotionally we are still the people’s team because it’s in our roots, even though we’ve grown economically

[Atletico continued their perfect start to the La Liga season with a narrow 1-0 win over Leganes] We needed to win. We went looking to win the game in different ways because the game lasts 90 minutes. That’s why we changed the system as we looked for a solution. Leganes approached the game how they wanted to, but luckily we knew how to overcome it. I like to know how to suffer; games where it’s divided in different moments, there are some where you have to suffer.

2019 09 01 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone refuses to speak on Icardi rumours amid Atletico’s links to Intermilan outcast] I always say the same. I can’t really speak about players that are not here. Obviously, I only speak about players that we have.

[On the transfer window] We still waiting for it to close to know definitively and exactly what players will be with us until December, because in December there is new options. But it’s clear, I don’t want to keep repeating I would prefer it to be like it is in England where it’s solved before we start La Liga. So we can start with the whole squad we have for the season

[Atletico are set to be boosted by the return of star striker Diego Costa, who missed the team’s opening two wins of the season due to injury] I have always declared the effect he has, Diego. I always said it and feel it. He is a very important player for the team and for this club. I hope that this season he shows this group just how competitive he is and how strong he is as a striker. He has had a great pre-season and tomorrow he will kick off his league and for sure he will start that with a lot of ambition

2019 09 02 Retrieve

[Athletico Madrid (3) vs (2) Eibar. Diego Simeone dismissed talk of winning the La Liga title after Atletico Madrid preserved their 100 per cent record with a last-gasp comeback against Eibar] No, there’s a lot of new people in the team, we are rebuilding the team. A lot of new players are getting used to our system, to the way that we work and we need to win, win, win another time. We have three new defenders this season and there is a lot of responsibility on my shoulders, eight players left, eight new ones have come in. Everybody is very excited but we have to stay quiet and work

[The last time Atletico had nine points from nine to start the season, they captured the La Liga trophy in 2014 but Simeone stressed his current side requires work] We had Raul Garcia, Tiago and Gabi on our team, now my players are very, very young. Thomas, Joao, Renan Lodi, Saul Niguez. Back then when we won the league my players were better and now my team, we need to build it, we need to think that every game is a final

2019 09 06 Retrieve

[With Barcelona and Real Madrid both stumbling early on this season. Diego Simeone said after seeing his side come from behind to defeat Eibar] Everybody is very excited but we have to stay quiet and work

2019 09 15 Retrieve

[Atletico emerged 2-0 winners in the first leg of their last 16 tie, with Simeone’s side putting on an exceptional display to stifle Ronaldo and company. When Jose Gimenez scored his and his team’s second of the night, his manager couldn’t contain himself, spinning around to the fans and grabbing his crotch in celebration] It means we have balls, a lot of balls. I did it as a player in Lazio-Bologna and I did it again to show our fans that we have cojones

2019 09 15b Retrieve

[Atletico emerged 2-0 winners in the first leg of their last 16 tie, with Simeone’s side putting on an exceptional display to stifle Ronaldo and company. When Jose Gimenez scored his and his team’s second of the night, his manager couldn’t contain himself, spinning around to the fans and grabbing his crotch in celebration. Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s response to the result was much different] I have five Champions Leagues, these guys zero.

2019 09 18 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone has described Cristiano Ronaldo as a ‘goal animal’ ahead of Atletico Madrid’s meeting with Juventus in the Champions League] It’s difficult to get ready to face a player like Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a goal animal. He has awesome figures and he makes sure everyone knows what’s happening around the box. It’s difficult to control that. He has great skills with his head, with his shooting, making passes, running into space - what can I say about his skill? We’ve already suffered against him, sometimes we’ve won and sometimes we’ve lost. It’s clear he’s a goal animal

2019 09 18b Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid vs Juventus. Diego Simeone has rejected that tag, doubtless mindful both of his side’s performance as they lost their perfect Primera Division record to Real Sociedad at the weekend and the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo in the ranks of their opponents] Football is always football and everything can change. Look at Ajax last season, us in 2014, teams appear that no-one is expecting - anyone can give you problems. It’s difficult to prepare something against a player [like him], he’s an animal in front of goal. He has an incredible record and in any situation near the box, he’s dangerous. He’s not easy to control, he has it all

2019 09 19 Retrieve

[Cristiano Ronaldo has clarified that a hand gesture he aimed at Atletico Madrid supporters during Juventus’s 2-2 draw with the Liga side was not intended to offend them] I’m sure Cristiano made the gesture with the same intention I did, with his people

2019 09 20 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone dodged questions relating to Antoine Griezmann on Friday after reports claimed the France international negotiated a €14 million signing-on fee with Barcelona while still an Atletico Madrid player] I’m thinking about Celta Vigo, I’m not interested in anything else. With all due respect to you, I understand the questions, but honestly, after playing on Wednesday we use the time to think about Celta. They have a reinforced team, the talent they have, the arrival of Rafinha, the presence of Santi Mina that creates an important attack. We are more focused on that. I understand your objective, but I’ve got mine

[Although Renan Lodi was shown a red card on his La Liga debut, he appears to have made the spot on the left of defence his own] He has been doing a great job since the first day he arrived. He has extraordinary attributes that will grow with work. Hopefully he can maintain this situation of wanting to improve and I’m happy he’s been selected by the national team

2019 09 24 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone suggested Joao Felix, Diego Costa and Alvaro Morata could be set to start together in La Liga for the first time] As I always said, and I said it before in some other press conferences, when Alvaro and Diego are both strong and in shape it’s very likely that they will play together. They have physical strength, increase our chances of scoring goals and open the possibility of other players coming in to play just behind them. Alvaro is back and Diego has played already a few times, we hope they can stay in good shape so they can play together. Alvaro has always been related with goals, he’s a great reference in the area. [A lack of goals] wears down strikers a lot, so if Costa plays alongside him we will have opportunities to generate or attempt danger. And if it’s Joao or Angel Correa playing behind them we will try to share the efforts during the 90 minutes tomorrow

[Costa has only scored once in competitive action this year] It’s true that not getting frequent chances to score is worrisome for a striker. We work alongside Diego, listening to what he sees and feels and telling him what we think he has to improve. And as I said after the last game he has a great challenge to face individually, of course he helps the team a lot, but individually he has to rebel against a situation that’s not usual for him

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid. Diego Costa netting in the 2-0 win over Mallorca in midweek, which head coach Diego Simeone believes is an indication of their steady improvement] We know that the strikers live on goals. It is very good for him and for the team. We are improving the balance with the team. If a team like us has humility, talent makes us better

2019 09 29 Retrieve

[Neither Atletico nor Madrid could find a way through in the Spanish capital, where the points were shared with a goalless draw for the third time in three seasons. Asked about Sergio Ramos’s comments] What happens on the pitch stays on the pitch, but the linesman knows what he said

In the first half we were dominating the game and we couldn’t find any solutions [in finding a goal] at the end. We’re having a hard time in that aspect. In the second half, Jan Oblak saved Karim Benzema’s header. It was a tight game, with both of us missing what it takes to win the match

2019 10 11 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone has named Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp as the coach he admires most in world football] A coach I admire? Jurgen Klopp. No doubt. He had to lose things and also win beautiful things, but always with the same style. I see him close to his players

[Atleti, meanwhile, sold Griezmann to Barcelona in the summer, but the 49-year-old, who has been with the club for almost eight years, says the player they miss the most is Lucas Hernandez, who left for Bayern Munich] The player exit this summer that was the most damaging for us was that of Lucas Hernandez. He was a kid of ours, from the youth system, he was one of us - just like Saul Niguez, Koke, Thomas Partey … Lucas came along at the same time as Thomas, those players are important

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone praised the enthusiasm of Atletico Madrid strikers Diego Costa and Alvaro Morata despite their struggles in front of goal this season] I think they are great, they’re doing good, even if they haven’t proved it with goals yet - and I know that’s their bread and butter. I think their involvement, predisposition and their will to improve is awesome. I hope they keep it that way, it’s their challenge. They both scored one goal in La Liga, Morata played less than Diego but I see both are enthusiastic. I can see they want to improve. We have to keep calm and know they are two important players for this club and the team. We hope that they will start scoring soon since it’s part of their lives, [but] I sincerely think they’re doing good

[Atletico welcome Valencia to the Wanda Metropolitano on Saturday] When they come back from the national team, it is not easy. They’re playing more and more games with the national team and that’s difficult for the teams and obviously for the players as well. They play almost every day. We hope they adapt again really fast to the club and competition.

Tomorrow’s game is against a competitive and historic team like Valencia, they are really powerful at recovering and counter-attacking. A few things are changing with Albert Celades from what it was with Marcelino, but obviously the team already had a structure and I imagine the coach is combining it to do the best for the team. They are dangerous, dynamic and have a dangerous counter-attack, and we think that’s the way our rival will play tomorrow

2019 10 19 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix set for spell out with sprained ankle ligament] It did not seem much at first, but the doctors say it could be serious

[Simeone’s men have scored just three goals in that run and have not been victorious at home in the top flight since a 3-2 defeat of Eibar on September 1] Costa and Morata know that the only path is to keep working, to insist. Forwards know that when they score goals they are fantastic, and when they don’t people point fingers. We are a new team, and we don’t yet have balance to manage moments in games, above all when we need to suffer and position ourselves well and keep calm. But we are convinced we have players to do this, there is work to do, and I like that. Nobody thought this would be an easy season, I knew we would have a lot of work to do, to get the team balanced. In certain moments some people look to point fingers, others to work hard. Those who want to work hard will get on well with me. Those who point fingers won’t. We are in a very good moment to work hard, and look to see who wants to work, and who does not like to work

2019 10 27 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone called on everyone associated with Atletico Madrid to be like horses and pull in the same direction after his side saw off Athletic Bilbao to return to winning ways in La Liga] We have to be together forever. We are a new team, with many new players. Today, for example, we had a backline of new signings. We know what our aim is and we need the fans, directors, players, coaches to be like horses looking forward. Koke may have bad games, but he is always there, he covers well and he is important to the team

The fans were extraordinary again, they are the best around, as I’ve said before…180,000 people in three games. It’s not easy to come to seven or nine games, but they are always there. We, with total humility, aim to give our best, even though it doesn’t always come off

[Simeone selected Angel Correa over the benched Diego Costa for the comfortable home victory] He has always been a striker. We often put him in a place where he doesn’t feel comfortable but he puts in a great effort. His natural position is a striker. In that position he can better express his dribbling, his power, his turns - like the one for the first goal. He is a player who has done very well

2019 10 30 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone after Atletico Madrid were held to a 1-1 draw by Deportivo Alaves] The goalkeeper made a great stop, the ball was not going wide of the goal. Alvaro Morata was fine and the goalkeeper kept Alaves in the game because the match was over with the second goal.

In the first half Alaves were better, they were more intense, more aggressive, pressing well and controlling the second ball. Overall, Alaves played a great game in the first half, we did it in the second half. We played well, we had situations, we pressed higher, we played between the lines. If we keep playing as in the second half and clearly understand what we did in the first half, we will have done well. It’s clear that if a team doesn’t start well in the first half, it’s always the responsibility of the coach, because they were not excited and pumped to do well

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone has labelled Cristiano Ronaldo as an amazing player but warned his Atletico Madrid squad that Juventus also boast plenty of quality as a collective] He always played really well against us. He is the number one, an amazing player. He always knows how to create problems for his opponents. But I don’t think it will be just Ronaldo against Atletico Madrid. We are here looking forward to playing in this amazing stadium. And we want to play a great game

[Simeone is expecting another tough match against the Serie A leaders] It will be a great game against a very strong and demanding team. We have a way of working, which is thinking about tomorrow’s game. There are a lot of results that can generate satisfaction or not. Then we will look at the match that remains

Joao Felix has been with us for a little while, he was injured a month ago and we couldn’t count on him. We need him because he is different, with characteristics that we don’t have on the field. With his humility, work and desire to improve from the first day, he will continue growing because he has talent and a lot it

2019 11 27 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone bemoaned his side’s lack of edge in the final third post-match as Atletico Madrid fall to Juventus] We played against a great team, incidents can happen, but we still lack sharpness in our finishing and making those moves count. We create the chances, with opportunities both in the first and the second half. Vitolo and Alvaro Morata played well, Felipe had an extraordinary match. It’s good that we are creating the chances, and sooner or later we will score goals if we keep doing that. It requires patience and hard work. We need more of an effort to convert those opportunities. We are on track with the objectives of the club. That is why we need patience

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone says Thomas Lemar has not lived up to expectations at Atletico Madrid] Facts speak better than words. Lemar is an important player who hasn’t been able to develop his game but who has characteristics that others don’t have. Let’s hope he has a good moment when he comes back from injury. Now, if Lemar can stay or not […] we know that agents work in an exemplary way. Clubs work in terms of the needs of the clubs. But, as a footballer, every time he has been available, he’s played a lot more than he hasn’t played. His characteristics have always excited me. But he hasn’t been able to live up to expectations

[Simeone is open to transfers but is not prepared to discuss players who do not play for Atleti] Like every year, there is the possibility of players leaving or arriving in January. We’ve spoken to the club about this, about the situation that we have and when [the chances of signing players] happen, if they happen, we’ll find out. What concerns me is what happens against Levante. Aside from the game we’re playing, the club knows what we’ve been talking about and will work to bring the best to the club and the team

[When pressed on interest in Cavani] I don’t talk about players who aren’t in our squad

2019 12 02 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone said he is not worried about Barcelona and Real Madrid, instead concerned by Sevilla after Atletico Madrid lost further ground in La Liga] Barcelona and Real Madrid don’t worry me. Sevilla do, it’s now five points

The team gave everything, the players are doing what the coach is asking of them. Change will come and, instead of hitting the post, the ball will go in. We have to stay patient and know that we’re in a year of transition. I’m the least patient person, we have to understand the enormous change that the team has gone through, but we need time to improve. We’re competing in all the matches we play in. I have the strength and balance to know that the league season is long

[On Atletico Madrid’s lack of goals] We can’t argue with the numbers. We’re busy trying to find solutions. The only way is to create chances and we did that. Joao Felix had rhythm, Angel Correa was very good. It’s been eight years and it’s the moment to push to achieve what the club are looking for

2019 12 06 Retrieve

[Arsenal-linked Diego Simeone rubbishes reports of dressing room discord at Atletico] In the eight years that I have been here, it has been said that the group was not with me every year. There is always a moment of speculation. However, we move forward with patience and lots of energy. I don’t think there has been more criticism than in other seasons. The responsibility I have is a lot. I assume it and share it with players, club, people who work in the dressing room. We all have a responsibility – mine is important, I assume it and I look for solutions so that everything returns to the best situation, which is to win. When you win, everything looks much better

[Simeone has urged supporters to be patient as the club negotiates their way through a difficult transitional phase] Change will come and, instead of hitting the post, the ball will go in. We have to stay patient and know that we’re in a year of transition

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone said anxiety prevented his team from scoring in their goalless draw at Villarreal] It is normal that when you generate so many chances and do not convert, anxiety appears. And more anxiety, less precision. When anxiety disappears, tranquillity and precision will come from the players we have. Today we had clear occasions, Joao Felix and [Renan] Lodi’, but we did not define them correctly

[Atletico could end the weekend seven points adrift of third-placed Sevilla, who travel to Osasuna, and eight behind leaders Barcelona, who host Mallorca] At the moment, what worries me is to win a game and everything will be looked after in a different way

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[Simeone: I want to see more of Joao Felix too!] I also want to see him every day and want to see him in the best form possible, no doubt about that. We know what we need to do to improve in La Liga. We have a tough opponent, who have come up into the Primera Division in a very strong way, with great collective work. Beyond the criticism and the opinions, we’re looking for routes to get us back to having balance. This balance is more clear now, and with more regularity across the 90 minutes, there are more chances to win

As always, we’re talking with [CEO] Miguel Angel Gil Marin and with [sporting director] Andrea Berta about what the team needs. But I’m only thinking about Osasuna

2020 01 08 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone wants patience for struggling Joao Felix] Each player has a different personality, every player needs a different amount of time. We try to succeed in getting each one of [the new players] to experience Atletico with enthusiasm and emotion, because apart from their talent they need commitment. When the feeling of playing for Atletico appears, things come naturally to everyone, just like [Stefan] Savic when he arrived and Koke. I don’t speak of names, but of the way of living the football that we have had [at Atletico Madrid] for a long time

We know the rival’s virtues, as they have always had them. Their attacking play and players’ individual moves end up breaking any collective work of their opponent. We go into the game with good momentum, with things to improve. Playing against the best in the world makes you stronger because you have to turn on the alarms from the start and the team grows and improves. It will be different from the league games because there is a direct elimination and only one result, which is to win. We understand it as an opportunity to continue growing as a club and team and to make our fans excited

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone hails Atletico Madrid for achieving the almost impossible to overcome Barcelona in the Supercopa de Espana semi-finals] I think we must live it with calmness, that we qualified for the final. It is important for the supporters, it is important for the club, it is important for the players. It was a very tough game against one of the best teams in the world. They are the best when it comes to possession, and to attack with it. We suffered quite a lot during the first half. I think the second half was different, they kept their intensity and had chances until the 75th minute, when something appeared that will always distinguish Atletico Madrid – the heart, the strength and the belief. We faced a difficult situation, almost impossible. But, we had the feeling that if we could get an equaliser, we could win the game, and that’s what happened

[Simeone paid tribute to Atletico’s rivals and their boss, Zinedine Zidane, ahead of the clash] I don’t have any doubt that Zidane is a fantastic manager, suitable for Real Madrid. The results speak for themselves. They have changed since the beginning of the season and that’s reflected on the pitch despite the absence of [Eden] Hazard, [Karim] Benzema and [Gareth] Bale. They have five midfielders on the pitch. They can do it if they move and pass accurately. They showed this the other day [against Valencia] with a great performance. We’ll face a potent and strong team as it is with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Liverpool

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone has said that Fede Valverde did the right thing in fouling Alvaro Morata when the striker was clean through on goal in the Spanish Super Cup final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid] I think the award for the best player makes perfect sense because Valverde won the game with that action. It was the most important play of the game. If the play continued, it was possibly a goal. I told him not to worry, that he did what he had to do. We will see how many days they give him.

2020 01 15 Retrieve

[Fave Valverde cut down Alvaro Morata with a desperate, scything tackle while the Atletico Madrid forward was bearing down on goal. He was promptly punished with a red card but his cynical foul stopped Morata from scoring what surely would have been the winner at the end of the Supercopa de Espana final in Jeddah] It was the most important passage of play. I told him that anyone would have done the same in his place. I think the MVP award [for Valverde] makes a lot of sense because he won the game with that action

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone accuses Atletico Madrid of effectively conceding the first half in their 2-0 loss to Eibar on Saturday] We started badly. We didn’t play in the first half. In the second, we were okay we played a good game, with more chances for danger. We lost a half. Back in October, we were losing halves and we’ve gone back to doing that. It’s my responsibility. It’s a very difficult pitch. We’ve won here 1-0 or 2-1. Today was a similar game. They take advantage of our inattentiveness in the first half and we could have scored in the second. We didn’t control the game, nor was there any great dominance of the opposition, but we didn’t play. They played as ever, with intensity, really clear ideas – the concepts a team needs. I congratulate them

2020 01 22 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone insists Joao Felix should not take it as a punishment if he is selected to face third-tier side Cultural Leonesa in the Copa del Rey on Thursday] I do not expect that [thought] - thinking that playing can be a punishment is to not value it. Everyone can be asked [to play]. It’s not a punishment. Playing any game for Atletico Madrid is a dream, and whoever has to play, I hope they can get the minutes to develop in the best possible way

The only thing that worries me is the Copa del Rey match. We live for the day-to-day and the results. The players who are not with us, they already know me, I don’t usually think much about it.

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Simeone promises to win back support at Atletico Madrid] I can’t say anything to the people [who do not have faith]. All I can do is show them through actions, not words. Words mean nothing. I’m respectful with everybody. I was whistled because I wasn’t doing well in my second spell at the club [as a player]. The fans are critical when the team doesn’t win. And it’s for me to find solutions to that. The first thing we need to do is to get back working. After that, I’ll make my decisions based on what I feel is best for the team. We have a week to return to peace and calm, which is something you need in football. I have a great squad and a few lads are expected back from injury this week. On Saturday, we will be going out with the hope of winning the match

[Simeone refused to criticise the Wanda Metropolitano fans for their support on Sunday] The public get you going, they get involved and do their part in encouraging the team. We’ve just played two games away from home that didn’t turn out well and the fans were good today. On other days, you can easily end up losing games like this. We could have won the game in the second half

2020 01 29 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone backs Joao Felix up and suggests some players take longer to settle] Each player has a different personality, every player needs a different amount of time. We try to succeed in getting each one of [the new players] to experience Atletico with enthusiasm and emotion, because apart from their talent they need commitment. When the feeling of playing for Atletico appears, things come naturally to everyone, just like [Stefan] Savic when he arrived and Koke. I don’t speak of names, but of the way of living the football that we have had [at Atletico Madrid] for a long time

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Atleti’s defeat means they have now lost three of their last four matches in all competitions] We are worried by the situation, for sure. We know we need to work hard to turn things around. We will be getting back players soon, and need to keep competing in the league and Champions League

2020 02 02 Retrieve

[Simeone pointed to the striker’s exit due to injury as being a key moment in the encounter] Morata came off because he had a significant blow to his leg, so I decided that he should come off because of that. Lemar came on and couldn’t respond to the game in the way we needed. Yannick Carrasco came on after not playing for a while and we have to manage him little by little to bring him back into the fold. As for Camello, he’s a technical player who we thought could come on and hold the ball up

[Simeone admits to disquiet over the prospect of Los Colchoneros missing out on the Champions League] Of course, we’re worried. We’re going to work to change the situation. We have many injuries, but little by little people will return

2020 02 07 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone now considers every remaining match to be a final] We have all finals. We have a challenge and an important responsibility. We are going to compete with very good teams. We don’t go beyond taking things game by game – we’ve always believed in that. I expect a full stadium, understanding the situation of the team, and the team understanding the situation of the championship. That’s the most important thing

[When asked about Madrid and Barcelona’s Copa exits this week] I’m very respectful of every team and I don’t give an opinion on situations that don’t involve us. I just think about improving and getting out of this dynamic, which isn’t so good. We have to show that we are alive

[The good news for Atleti is that striker Diego Costa and midfielder Koke are close to returning] Koke’s coming back. We’ll see if he can play from the start. Technically, he’s a different footballer, he sees more than the others and we have more opportunities to create chances when he is on the pitch. Diego Costa has joined in with training this week. He’s looking forward to coming back and the doctors will determine his all-clear when it’s appropriate. It’s important for the group [to have him back] and when he returns, we’ll have a player who has always given us a lot

2020 02 13 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid boosted by Alvaro Morata return ahead of Liverpool clash] Yes, he will be in the game tomorrow. I’m not looking at Tuesday’s game [against Liverpool], all our energy and thoughts are focused on Valencia. After that, we’ll look to our next match

[Atletico sit fourth in La Liga, two points ahead of Valencia, and Simeone is wary of the threat posed by Albert Celades’ team] It’s a very important match because it’s the one coming next. Valencia at home are very strong with their fans behind them. They have important players and we must think about how we can hurt them in such a difficult fixture. We need to win, because this generates momentum and gives a positive feeling. Furthermore, it helps you keep improving

[Simeone also discussed the 1-0 win over Granada that moved Atleti into fourth place in the table] Looking back at last weekend’s game, our first half display was close to what we’ve been looking for and what kind of team we are - that’s something for us to build on. We’ve been discussing the need to win, to have more vim and vigour, to have that anxious feeling that you can resolve the game with a counter-attack after going 1-0 up. That didn’t happen, and as in all games when you have a slim scoreline, there’s always that anxiety

2020 02 18 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid boss Simeone salutes Liverpool’ rapid rise] We have always spoken about great teams throughout time and I have no doubt this Liverpool is going to go down in history as a great team because it is different to teams that we have admired (in the past). This team is much more intense, more adaptable, and it makes me admire it as a rival. We are facing a magnificent team, really well trained by a coach who is different and has different alternatives in his team. They can play counter-attack, they can play the positioning game, they are very strong in the air and has been creating this team for four years now. He has been improving even after Coutinho left. It could look as if the team was breaking up, but on the contrary, the team has become even stronger. That says a lot about the footballers who are still with Liverpool

2020 02 18b Retrieve

[Diego Simeone was in awe of the way the Atletico Madrid supporters welcomed the arrival of Liverpool at the Wanda Metropolitano] We started winning on the roundabout next to the stadium. In eight years, I’ve never seen a reception like that

[The atmosphere] was exciting, it makes you want to play. The team responded with great effort, as they did in Valencia. It was not [the best night] because we didn’t get a title, but there are nights you don’t forget and this was one of them. The best team in the world comes after a lot of wins and you beat them

[Anticipating a similar mood on Merseyside] We’re going to play with a lot of humility, because they are accustomed to playing massive games in their stadium

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone tells his side had beaten Liverpool before the match even began thanks to the incredible reception his team received upon arrival on the team bus] We started winning on the roundabout next to the stadium. In eight years, I’ve never seen a reception like that

2020 02 22b Retrieve

[Simeone has no problem with Atletico Madrid celebrating victory over Liverpool] I have always said that extremes are bad. There are no extremes in the locker room. We have seen that people lived with the negative results and when we see positive results the opposite happens. But we know that La Liga is long, that the Champions League is very hard and the balance is in maintaining consistency. In the same way that I am saddened by defeats, we must celebrate the victories. Liverpool was a first half. The second one remains

[Simeone is thrilled to be able to have Joao Felix back in the group] What excites me is that they are all in the squad. That generates internal competition. When Joao Felix and [Diego] Costa have been away, [Angel] Correa and Vitolo played and this generated a lot of internal competition. It also happened with [Jose] Gimenez and [Stefan] Savic, with Felipe and [Mario] Hermoso. This internal competition generates growth and improvement

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[Angel Correa, Koke and Joao Felix led the comeback as Atletico moved up to third in La Liga, behind leaders Barcelona and city rivals Real Madrid] Speaking about Koke, our captain, our talisman and one of our longest-serving players [with] Saul Niguez, Jose Gimenez, Thomas Partey. He knows what we’re looking for, a tactical condition that lots of players don’t have and a pass that seems slow but he knows where he is. He can play on the right, in the middle. He and Saul are the ones who can play in any position

The two worked very well, they have lots of strength in their feet to go out and press people. Morata did a very good job and Angel Correa is in fantastic form. We’re very happy with the competition for places. The return of [Kieran] Trippier, Joao Felix […] Yannick Carrasco is getting better, Sime Vrsaljko is very strong, Vitolo had a great game and the substitutes brought fresh legs

2020 02 25 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone even credits Coutinho’s exit with strengthening Liverpool] They can play counterattack, they can play the positioning game, they are very strong in the air and have been creating this team for four years now

It has been improving even after Coutinho left. It could look as if the team was breaking up, but on the contrary, the team has become even stronger. That says a lot about the footballers who are still with Liverpool

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Simeone explains Joao Felix substitution after jeers] We can’t tell people that he felt overloaded in his calf. The doctor told me to be careful with Joao because he was getting cramps, that’s why the change came. That he scored a goal to make the people happy is normal, because he’s from Atletico

It ends up being more fair than unfair. I am far away from the play of the first penalty and very far for the second, so I cannot enter a summary. I don’t think that the defining factor of the match was the VAR. It has been a good duel with two teams fighting for very high goals. We were two teams that have competed very well, and that will surely compete until the end for the Champions League [places]

I believe that the VAR should intervene when situations are white or black. If you are waiting three minutes to see if you are going to review the decision or not, then that play is not very clear. There are many grey areas in football. That is what I meant. It should only intervene when it is black or white, because it cannot take so long, also because of the rhythm of the match, it stops too much. It was a very nice match. He [the referee] can’t stand around for four or five minutes

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone says Liverpool will know how we will play] Whether we can vary how we play, Liverpool will know pretty clearly how we are going to play. They know pretty much what our tactics are going to be going into the game after being here for eight years. If we start well, we have to keep it up. You know pretty much what I’ll be doing, I don’t think our line-up will be too far off what you think it will be. The game will demand that we are on our top form. We will see what sort of game we play and tactics we adopt. We think we can hurt them. There is a Plan B, of course. But if I tell you my plans for a game, it wouldn’t be logical, would it?

We couldn’t play in Turin, they never let us compete. Hopefully [on Wednesday] they will let us compete and that will help us be competitive. Experiences in life always help you. But you have to make sure you don’t repeat errors you have done before

2020 03 12 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone compared Jan Oblak to Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi after the goalkeeper’s exploits helped Atletico Madrid eliminate Champions League holders Liverpool] We have a goalkeeper who is the best in the world, no doubt. I have been saying that for some time. It’s like Barcelona who have Messi. He decides games with his attacking play; Oblak resolves them with his saves

[Llorente came off the bench to replace a frustrated Diego Costa] Llorente revolutionised the team. I’m very happy for the team and the club. It was a historic match against an extraordinary opponent with great intensity and a beautiful stadium. They pushed and held, without us ever moving away from our plan and with everyone’s effort we succeeded. It gives me an enormous joy because, although it seems simple, it’s not simple to win

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone called for people to stay home in Spain] I wanted to send you a message of awareness. From my home, I invite you all to follow the path set by the experts, taking care of ourselves and all of those around us. Let’s stay home

2020 03 14b Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone on his goalkeeper Jan Oblak after Atleti defeated holders Liverpool in the Champions League Round of 16] We have a goalkeeper who is the best in the world, no doubt. I have been saying that for some time. It’s like Barcelona who have Messi. He decides games with his attacking play; Oblak resolves them with his saves

2020 03 31 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone forgave Valverde over crunching tackle on Alvaro Morata in the Supercopa final] The award for the best player had to do with that piece of play. Valverde won the final. It was the most important piece of play. It was probably going to be a goal. I told him that he did what he had to do at that moment

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone has insisted that Atletico Madrid were not lucky to beat Liverpool] Football is like boxing because you have to know when it is time to attack. At Atletico, we know the virtues we have as a team. The example is when we played against Liverpool, a tremendous team, we knew that we could hurt him. When they talk about how we were lucky, I think of a team that lost 2-0 and scored three goals. That is not luck. The games must be valued as a whole

Against Liverpool, we knew that Morata was injured, and that he was going to relapse. We lost 1-0 and the tension went up. I thought ‘how could I put Morata there, carry on, and get injured again’, I committed suicide; I am going to put up with it until the end. And it went well: he was injured but he scored

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone says Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona would be capable of gracing the same side but adding Cristiano Ronaldo to the pot would be ‘impossible’] They are different. One is a goal-scoring machine. I have suffered daily in recent years [at the hands of Messi]. The other [Maradona] was Argentine football represented in a person. Today it would seem that Messi, more mature, is beginning to externalise. They could play together

Adding Cristiano would be more complicated. We would start to have holes. I always say that if one [player] does not run, fine. If two do not run, difficult. If three do not run, impossible

[in response to accusations of Atletico getting lucky at Anfield] Football is like boxing because you have to know when it is time to attack. At Atletico, we know the virtues we have as a team. The example is when we played against Liverpool, a tremendous team, we knew that we could hurt him. When they talk about how we were lucky, I think of a team that lost 2-0 and scored three goals. That is not luck. The games must be valued as a whole. Against Liverpool, we knew that [Alvaro] Morata was injured, and that he was going to relapse. We lost 1-0, and the tension went up. I thought: ‘How can I put Morata there, extend, and get injured again; I commit suicide; I am going to put up with it until the end.’ And it went well: he was injured, but he scored

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone on Football] Football is like boxing because you have to know when it is time to attack. At Atletico, we know the virtues we have as a team

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid strikers Costa and Morata cannot currently play together] We manage different situations and Marcos gives us important alternatives, where we can play with three in the middle and [Yannick] Carrasco as striker. I think that Marcos has a very good physical condition and good finishing from behind the striker. He already showed it when some people thought taking out Costa for him at Anfield was a defensive change and he was key. On the possibility of putting Costa and Morata together, it is not the same as in pre-season. Now I cannot take advantage of both together because I do not have a team prepared to sustain the two forwards. I prefer to harness the power that each one has separately until at some point they can play together. That’s why I explain why Alvaro and Costa do not play when Alvaro is available

I have absolute gratitude to German, he is essential. I am grateful for the time German has given me and we have shared professionally and personally. It’s a very important decision and he will face many challenges that will motivate him. Some of the players have already commented on what German has given us and when he finishes, we wish him the best

2020 06 15 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone challenged his Atletico Madrid players to treat every remaining La Liga match like a final after a 1-1 draw at Athletic Bilbao hindered their top-four hopes] The aim for the two teams was to always try to win, we started well in the first 10 minutes, then they positioned themselves better and they won the second ball and they did not let us attack. The goal came, the reaction, after a very well-constructed play. In the second half we were closer to that victory. Santiago Arias’ chance was the clearest. He could have allow us to take the victory in a stadium where you always have to work to win. We have one final left in each match

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone says Atletico Madrid midfielder Thomas Partey is good enough to play for the best teams in Europe] Thomas is the one who best understands this position and the transition from defence to attack, shooting, scoring, providing assists and playing passes between the lines. When he’s at his best level consistently, he’s so good that all the best teams in Europe are looking at him

[Joao Felix] had started these recent training sessions very well, but then he had to sit out due to a knee problem. Now he is working with the same enthusiasm. We will assess how he is, we will do a couple of tests, and based on this, we will decide what is best for tomorrow [against Osasuna]. He has to do what he has done in other games, against Villarreal, Liverpool. He had a great pre-season, a very good start, then he had an injury. It was difficult for him to return because of the rhythm and the association with his new team-mates. Then he started to be the player from the beginning. He is a young boy. It is normal that this happens to him during the season, but we have the idea that he is very important from here to the end

Felipe Monteiro underwent further tests at the Clinica Universidad de Navarra that confirmed a muscle strain in the quadriceps of his left thigh. Although the defender has made progress since the previous tests he underwent last week, the area requires maximum caution and he will continue to train and be assessed individually

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone believes Atletico Madrid’s defensive resilience is merely a by-product of the players’ commitment to his footballing vision] There will always be mistakes, all teams make mistakes. We must try to be focused and, with the best security we can offer the team, we have rotated. I am still convinced that the team’s strength is the emotional convention of the group. This will be the way to reach the goals we want

[More sparkling form from Joao Felix would certainly strengthen their hand after the Portugal youngster notched a brace as Osasuna were torn apart] He is a different player. We have always valued him, we have seen him in training and in games. Surely, when he grows up and can spend more time in situations that are decisive for the team, he will continue to evolve. He has all the important qualities to break a game. With his growth in the game he will grow even more as a footballer.

[If Atleti are victorious against Levante, Simone will equal Luis Aragones as the coach with the most La Liga victories for the club] I did not know about this and, as I have already said, I do not stop on the path we are going through. This is not the time to stop and look in the mirror; it is only time to work, win and continue in the best possible way

2020 06 23b Retrieve

[Diego Simeone says Atletico Madrid still believe in Joao Felix] He is a different player, but we have always valued his talent as we have seen him in training and matches. Surely, when he grows older and can spend more time in situations that are decisive for the team and he will evolve as a player. He has all the important attributes that can make or break a game, and with his growth in matches he will develop even more as a footballer

It seems to me that it gives footballers a greater chance of playing. With three changes not everyone on the bench can be involved, but now we’ve discovered something new and the people who make decisions will decide if it’s convenient or not. There are more options for players to play, but it’s not up to us to make these decisions

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone responds to Messi-Setien rift rumours ahead of Barca’s clash with Atletico] You know me, I don’t give my opinion on what’s going on in other dressing rooms. I just make an opinion on ours. We need to keep it protected, always take care of it and always manage the feeling of the players, which is the most important for a squad. The most important thing is to manage, in my team, the emotional part, which I consider to be the key part

I wouldn’t tell you, and I would try to solve it naturally in our camp, which is the dressing room or the training session. A cup of coffee could also be there in any informal chat that could help for solving any internal issue

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Jan Oblak: Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone ‘not surprised’ by reported Chelsea interest] I am not very surprised because every year at the end of the season all our most important players are under the radar of the most important teams of the world. I think it is normal they are always looking for the best players as we have many in our team. In previous seasons, some players left the club and others remained, but I think it is logical a player like Oblak is wanted by many teams. He is our captain and a very important player in the last few years. I hope he can continue with us because he is very important for Atletico Madrid