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Name Dimitri Payet
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player FC Marseille
  West Ham

2017 03 11 Retrieve

[Dimitri Payet tells about his frustrations playing with former club West Ham United] With West Ham at home against Hull, we won 1-0 and they hit the post four times. In the changing room, everyone was happy, but the Man of the Match that day was the post

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Payet mocks Aulas over desire to cancel Ligue 1 due to coronavirus] But is he really serious here? He’s cracked! His temperature must be taken, quick! What’s the current league table? After 28 matches? Ah […] OK, now I understand. It’s a good try! As games in both the PL and in the EFL are affected, the only fair and reasonable thing to do is declare the whole season null and void

2020 02 12 Retrieve

[Why Payet’s Champions League-quality form could see him star at Euro 2020] Euro 2020’s not on my agenda. I want to take care of my performances and our team performances. We’ve got a return to the Champions League to secure. For the moment, I’m flourishing on the park

2020 05 13 Retrieve

[Former West Ham midfielder Payet outlines intention to stay at Marseille] I worked so hard and made sacrifices to return to Marseille to be able to succeed there for a second time. I could not give up. I never wanted to hear about being tired, quitting or old age. As long as all is well in my head, the legs will follow. And today, I’m a very happy person on and off the field. I will do everything to keep it going next year

2020 05 31 Retrieve

[Dimitri Payet was delighted after Villas-Boas agrees to stay as Marseille manager] [Villas-Boas] had all the support from the locker room. A year ago, few of us would have seen us in second place in the standings with such a small squad. He did whatever it took to be rewarded for achieving this goal. It’s also great news for me because we had a good season together. He loves to have the ball, and I love the beautiful game

The recent management of the coach shows OM have grown in crisis management. Beyond all that we have been able to say, we manage to talk to each other, to find solutions all together, to wash our dirty laundry with the family. Despite all that has been reported in recent days, he is still with us. He wants to continue the adventure. This is what counts today. When we say that OM is a family, it’s not just words. We really are together, without listening to outside opinions. We are united when it comes to the club.

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Dimitri Payet has signed a new deal with Marseille – and has taken an unprecedented pay cut in order to do so] I’ve often said that I love this club and that my family feels good here. The idea came into my head when the president said that the players should make an effort. And who better than me to lead by example? Saying you love the club is one thing, but showing it is better. I really want to be part of OM and help it grow