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Name Dirk Kuyt
Gender Male
Ethnic Dutch
Job Dutch Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Dutch National Team
Club as Player Feyenoord
  Liverpool FC

2012 06 05 Retrieve

[The European Championship is widely regarded as the tougher tournament] I don’t agree with that. Countries like Argentina and Brazil, they are very tough. In the group stages, it’s more difficult to go to the second round. In 2008, we played France, Italy and Romania. It was also a very difficult group and this time it will be the same. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. That’s what it’s all about

[Holland play all their group matches in Kharkiv, Ukraine, but have based themselves in Krakow, Poland. Van der Vaart and Kuyt shrugged off the possible impact of flying to and from games] These players are used to travel. It’s more important to have good accommodation and also to have a good training pitch

2014 10 18 Retrieve

[Dirk Kuyt, who recently announced his international retirement, while watching Netherlands-Kazakhstan] Kuyt on the left, Kuyt on the right, Kuyt up front and at the back. Little change but now from Istanbul. Good luck guys!

2017 03 25 Retrieve

[Dirk Kuyt tells that he almost missed the 2007 UEFA Champions League Final] Out of nowhere, Peter Crouch drove straight at me at roughly 35 mph. He couldn’t brake! The only thing I could do was to jump in the air, and in the end I just managed to jump over Peter, and he crashed into cardboard boxes behind me. I was within a whisker of having my ankles torn to pieces, and would surely have missed the Champions League final. It was incredible that I saw him just in time and could jump over him! Crouchy’s face was as pale as death, he’d had some kind of blackout. Fortunately everything was all right

2017 05 20 Retrieve

[After leading Feyenoord to their first Dutch Eredivisie title in 18 years last weekend, Dirk Kuyt reveals his reasons for hanging up his boots at the end of the season] Throughout my career, I have always followed my heart when taking decisions and that goes for this one too. To me, this feels like the right time to retire. I have had two fantastic years here since returning to Feyenoord, with this season’s title as the absolute pinnacle. I had the dream of winning trophies and becoming a champion with Feyenoord. All my dreams have come true

2019 02 24 Retrieve

[Dirk Kuyt reveals how ex-Liverpool teammate Steven Gerrard inspired him to management] We all choose our own path and on the way you have to find out if you are capable of doing the job.

When Steven Gerrard had only just become a youth coach at Liverpool , after his retirement, we spoke about the road he was going to follow. Steven was absolutely determined to leave Liverpool for a while. He wanted to develop himself as a manager and coach away from the spotlight of the Premier League. It meant he had to leave England

Glasgow Rangers is a massive club. It will be Steven’s dream to become Liverpool manager one day. But to get there he is very much following his own path

2019 09 17 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool forward Dirk Kuyt has named the ‘most special player he has ever played with during his career’] I have been able to play with many big players at Liverpool. With Torres, Suarez, Alonso and Mascherano. In the Dutch national team with Van Persie, Robben and Sneijder. But in many ways, Gerrard has remained the most special player for me. He also had everything. Could give a pass over 40 meters, tackle, score, fifty meters back, it was sometimes not normal

The first player I encountered at the club was Steven Gerrard. He was the captain of the team and he was the first to put me at ease. Not a man of many words, but he shook my hand and said, ‘I hope I will win a lot of prizes with you here’. In the period that followed I saw how he took the lead as a captain and what it meant to be a real professional. A number of things stood out. As a top player you have to be good every day, thinks Gerrard

So he also gave everything every day, not only on Saturday afternoons or on Champions League evenings, but from Monday to Friday he led the fight. He wanted to be the best every day. With that he gave the team much more than with lengthy speeches. If it went well, but especially if it went bad. Everyone was drawn to him and so did I.

2019 09 17b Retrieve

[Dirk Kuyt explains how Steven Gerrard reacted to being dropped by Liverpool] The most special moment took place when, just at the club, I saw a list of sixteen names hanging in the dressing room for the game selection

The most special moment took place when, just at the club, I saw a list of sixteen names hanging in the dressing room for the game selection

In the Netherlands, players always want to blame everything and everyone if they don’t play. Gerrard just accepted it. He didn’t want to let the team suffer. I have never forgotten that. Everyone should propagate that mentality to achieve the maximum together.

2019 10 14 Retrieve

[Kuyt explains why he thinks Liverpool will beat Man Utd] [There’s] a lot of rivalry between the two teams, I loved to play those kinds of games. Of course, I remember the 4-1 (win) when we were 1-0 down and still won the game. It was always difficult, but we always had the belief that we were going to get something out of there

[United are unbeaten in nine of the last ten Premier League meetings at Old Trafford between the sides] If you look into the Liverpool side now, I think they have a lot of confidence, and they should have because they are a great team. I think they can win there. It’s a belief, and you always give everything for the shirt. Play as a team and never give up. That’s what we did at the time. If you watch the Liverpool team now, they never give up, even in difficult times they’re winning games, they keep winning and hopefully they will do at Old Trafford as well

2019 10 16 Retrieve

[Dirk Kuyt talks about the 2008-09 squad] We were very close to success. we just missed a small detail to go one step further. With the likes of Stevie Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, Mascherano, Torres and other very good players, we just missed a little something. If you see the build-up of the team of Klopp, you see it progressing every time and it looks like it’s now coming to success also in the Premier League. We were a particular team like that, only we couldn’t go one step further at that time. Hopefully this team will do it because, in my opinion, this team now on the pitch is even better than ours

[Kuyt himself played a starring role in several of the heated clashes over the years and hopes his former side can notch another victory against their rivals this weekend] You can always feel the rivalry between Liverpool and United. We know the derby, Liverpool and Everton, is a massive game for the people in Liverpool. But Liverpool-United or United-Liverpool is one of the biggest games in England and I always loved to play in them, we had many good results back in the day. For me, the highs were the hat-trick against United and also a late winner in the FA Cup. I always really enjoyed those kinds of games. I always look forward to watching the game because it’s an absolute joy to watch Liverpool at the moment. These are special games and make you just a little bit more excited than the other games

2020 01 17 Retrieve

[Dirk Kuyt on Firmino who scores the winner against Spurs] He’s a great goalscorer but he’s also a team player in everything he does. He has his own style, and that’s what makes him special