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Domenec Torrent
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach NYCFC [Head Coach]
  Manchester City [Assistant Manager]

2016 07 02 Retrieve

[Manchester City assistant manager ​Domenec Torrent ​on Pep Guardiola’s arrival at the club and the manager’s rivalry with incoming Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho] Manchester is a small place and I’m sure we will coincide [with him] in restaurants. One day he can pay and another day Pep and I will pay. I think Pep is past being spooked by anything. You just get on with your work and control everything that is in your power to control. For our part we are very relaxed about it all

2019 07 01 Retrieve

[Former assistant Domenec Torrent says Pep Guardiola is settled and very happy at Manchester City] I know how happy he is Manchester. When he came to New York, he told me his family are settled and he’s very happy at the club. The most important thing for a coach is to work together with the sporting director, the chairman, the chief exec. He has Khaldoon Al Mubarak, Ferran Soriano, Txiki Begiristain, so he’s very content. That’s important for Pep. They work closely every single day and they work hard to keep City at the top. You never know in the future but right now he’s fine there

[With Guardiola being tipped to stay put, Torrent believes that more major silverware will be secured by Man City] You know how difficult it is to win two in a row, so people may say it’s almost impossible to win the next Premier League. But if it’s possible for one person to keep that energy, rhythm and focus and keep working in the same way, then it’s Pep. Remember in Barcelona he was able to keep the focus in every single game and he kept on winning

It doesn’t matter for him if he is playing Championship or playing Liverpool in a top of the league game. For Pep, it’s the same. Pep conveys all the time to the players how important it is in every single game like they are playing Barcelona, Real Madrid or Liverpool in the Champions League. I know this coach, I know he’s able to win many trophies. He was able to win in Spain and Germany and now in England. He works very hard every single game, he’s amazing. It’s not a surprise he’s done so well

2019 07 14 Retrieve

[New York Red Bulls vs NYCFC. NYCFC will also be looking to bounce back after their defeat to Portland last weekend, which was followed up by a penalty shootout loss to Orlando City on Wednesday] When you lose in penalties, in my opinion, the soccer was not fair with us, but it is what it is. We have to rest well because now we play the Red Bulls, everyone knows how tough it is to play against this type of [pressing] team. They’re an aggressive team, but if you take the ball and pass the ball and you have control, it’s more easy to play this type of team

2019 07 15 Retrieve

[NYCFC coach Dome Torrent, who had to be restrained by his own players on two separate occasions after trying to confront referee Alan Kelly after the match] I said ‘You made a mistake, and you know that’. He decided the game. I said to him ‘You decided the game and you know that. You decided the game. You are not brave, you decided the game’. What is the reason why? Maybe he made a mistake, and it’s not a corner. I accept that. But when you say corner, two, three seconds and tell my player it’s a corner, it’s a mistake

Today, I’m so sorry for the soccer because it’s not fair what happened in this game. I don’t like to talk about the referees, but it’s impossible not to talk about the referees tonight. Everybody knows what happened. If you have a doubt, you can watch the TV. It’s clear. What happened after that maybe is our mistake, but it’s not easy when they say corner because you are ready for the corner and not the throw-in

2019 10 24 Retrieve

[Dome Torrent, after initial struggles replacing Patrick Vieira, had finally settled in. New signings starred, returning players grew into leadership roles. It was a virtually ideal regular-season run] They are ready for another coach because they are a big group. They are ready. Don’t worry. Patrick Vieira is not here. Dome is not here. Another coach. The important [thing], believe me, are the players. They keep the important players right now in our club and they are the reason why New York City plays really well. Not Dome. Forget about it. … Every single coach needs the players. I am very proud of the players. I want to thank the players. Every single day in every single training session, they fight to the last moment. I love these players. I love these players

There are many, many things. You don’t know, but I know many, many things. I have to talk to the owners, the CO’s in the City Group and I don’t know what will happen. We have time. Right now, it’s October. We have time to talk about the next year

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Domenec Torrent says Bayern players overruled Pep Guardiola’s tactics before a 4-0 defeat against Real Madrid in 2014] Pep’s idea would have been a more wait-and-see tactic, but essential players wanted to act more urgently, more stormily. There were errors in defensive behaviour when conceding goals, but there are such errors. Maybe with Pep’s idea of ​​more control we still would have lost 0-4, maybe even 0-5

[Torrent went on to express his belief that Philipp Lahm was as important to Guardiola at Bayern as Xavi] Lahm was another Xavi for Pep at Bayern. Lahm could have played with us in Barca’s big phase thanks to his game intelligence

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Domenec Torrent says Guardiola destined to take charge of Brazil] Pep could manage the Brazil team perfectly - and I am convinced he would improve it. If Pep is good at one thing, it is improving his teams. He is interested in any top job related to football because he also knows that without good players you can achieve nothing. Pep has a special feeling for Brazilian players. He has worked with Brazilians at Barcelona, Bayern and City. In fact, he has a preference for Brazilians because they are very versatile and can adapt to any type of football

Pep said he wanted to make Brazil a World Cup champion and had an entire strategy to make us a world champion. But they didn’t want it, because they said that they didn’t know if Brazil would accept a foreign coach

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Pep Guardiola’s former assistant Domenec Torrent says Lionel Messi could step into the role Xavi once filled at Barcelona in a few years’ time] He’s a very intelligent player. Often, he drops deep to receive the ball. In a few years, he could play like Xavi if he wanted to. He doesn’t lose the ball, he gives assists, he has taken care of his body throughout his career. If he plays in a deeper position when he logically starts losing pace, he could play as a central midfielder or wherever he wants to and he would do well.

For me, Leo is incomparable. I don’t think I’ll see anything like him again in my life. Furthermore, he has been at a high level for 15 years. On a day when he’s not sharp, he’s still the best. A poor game for Leo is two assists and a couple of moves leading to goals. I have seen enormous footballers, but nobody who has stayed in the elite for 15 years as he has done

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Man City warned when Guardiola will consider exit and start to ‘look for other things’] There are players, I’m telling you, that maybe after three years, they have had enough. They want to relax, earn money at another club with fewer demands - but I think the best players, the true champions, they never get tired of winning and learning. For me, the best way to avoid these problems is to change two or three players every year; that’s the easiest way for a manager

The key for me is that if you see that the player is not happy, then you have to move them on, no matter who it is. You sense this. As a coach, you notice when the player is getting tired of the message. If it’s harder and harder to get your message across or it’s getting repetitive, that’s when you consider bringing things to an end. If you want to stay and the club believes in you, you could change six or seven players but if you see things that you don’t like and that you can’t change, then you have to leave. I think Pep is very intelligent and when he sees that his message isn’t getting across, then for sure it will be time to look for other things