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Name Emiliano Martinez
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
Desc The Argentinian has impressed at Reading on loan. But at 26, he’s unlikely to ever establish himself as first-choice at Arsenal and the player is keen to move on and gain first-team football


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC
  Reading FC [Loan]

2019 07 04 Retrieve

[Martinez, who helped Reading avoid relegation to League One during his own loan spell in 2018-19, is determined to stay at Arsenal, despite playing just 14 senior games in eight years with the Gunners] My dream is to play for Arsenal. But it’s time for me to make it there or go somewhere else. I want to stay in England. My wife and my kid were born here and I want to stay at Arsenal - that’s the truth, so I hope they give me the chance

2019 09 19 Retrieve

[It took Emiliano Martinez a few days to decide, but in his heart of hearts he always knew he would be staying at Arsenal in the summer] I spoke with Javi Garcia for an hour. I said to give me a few days to decide, but Arsenal has always been my dream. It’s the club I love. So when I had the opportunity to play more games, I didn’t have any doubts that I wanted to stay here and help

[If he is given the nod, it’s a chance Martinez has been waiting for - and he insists he is ready to make his mark] We don’t know who is going to play yet. If it is me, then I’m more than ready. I haven’t missed a training session in more than five years, I’ve played loads of games since the beginning of January and I played well in pre-season so I’m confident enough to go into the game away from home and perform, 100 per cent. I stayed because I believe I can perform at the highest level so I have no pressure. Pressure is fighting relegation last season with Reading when we needed the points. With Arsenal, with the quality we’ve got and what I can give to this club, I feel no pressure

[Martinez is adamant that he does not just see the Europa League as an opportunity to get off the bench and enjoy some game time] I just feel I am experienced enough now to become number one for this club and to help Arsenal reach their goals. No-one likes sitting on the bench when you feel like you are ready to play. But you have to wait for your chances like everyone does in this club. The competition is always high. I knew that when I made my decision, but I believe that I can become number one. The reason I stayed was because I want to be number one. That’s my goal and obviously I need to perform in the Europa League if I get that chance

He [Leno] is a lovely guy. Me, Bernd and Matt Macey with Javi and Sal [Bibbo] get on with each other. It makes the training sessions really easy. We had dinner together once, so when we are off the field we are friendly and work well together, but when we are on the pitch - we all just want to play

[Emery’s side haven’t won in their last three games and in Frankfurt they face a side who pushed Chelsea last season at Stamford Bridge] They only lost in the semi-finals last season to Chelsea on penalties so we know they are strong and have nothing to lose. They will be at home so it’s going to be a really tough game for us, but we have to go away and start with three points. I was involved in every single game of the group stage last season and played once before I went on loan to Reading so I know what is coming

2019 10 31 Retrieve

[Emiliano Martinez says the Arsenal squad were desperate to win Wednesday’s Carabao Cup tie at Liverpool for Granit Xhaka and insists that they remain fully behind their under-fire skipper] He’s a great leader for us and we support him all the way. We wanted to win this game for him and for Arsenal. He’s devastated because he’s got a good family and a good heart. He loves the club. When someone goes through that we have to support him. We are together. The manager decides if he’s captain or not but for us as a group we support him all the way

[It means Emery’s side have won just one of their last five domestic games and Martinez admits defeat was tough to take] Before the game, everyone was saying we were together and were going to get through this. We thought ‘get a good win and get the confidence back’. But it wasn’t our night. It was one of those games where everything goes in. We couldn’t hold it long enough. It was 3-1 and we thought ‘ok we’ll go in 3-1 at half-time’ but we conceded in the last minute of the first half. Then it was 4-2 and after five minutes we conceded another one. Then it was 4-4 and Joe Willock scored an incredible goal. We thought it was done and again it’s a cross into the box, Matteo Guendouzi couldn’t get the header and it deflects off his back and goes in in the last minute. Penalties are just about luck and it was not my night. Only guessing one side was very devastating. It’s something I’m really strong at. It wasn’t my night

[Despite exiting the competition, however, Arsenal were cheered from the pitch by the 6,000 fans who had made the journey up from London to watch the cup tie] They showed they love us and support us. I was devastated not to go through for the fans who came to the game. We’re sorry to let them down but on Saturday we’re going to make things right

2019 11 29 Retrieve

[Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has apologised to Unai Emery and his staff following the head coach’s sacking on Friday morning] Thank you, Unai and Javi. I’m sorry we let you down. It’s out fault for now performing the right way. I’m sure we will meet again

2020 04 13 Retrieve

[Aguero transfer could impact Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez as both men plan Independiente moves] Well, when Kun Aguero returns, I think about it too. It’s the club he loves. The truth is that you can never rule that out. I’m open to everything, especially with this British stuff. I played in Argentina until I was 17 or 18. I’m never going to say no to the chance of coming back, maybe in two or three years, I’ll be looking forward to it

The most difficult thing was to leave home as a child, I left the club I loved, from Independiente, away from my friends. The fear I had was to fail abroad, but in these 10 years I affirmed myself at Arsenal, I joined the Argentina national team. I still have a contract for two more seasons, but I am open to everything because I want to play, here or in another club

2020 06 20 Retrieve

[Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez admitted that he was devastated by the injury to Bernd Leno that threw the Argentine into the action against Brighton on Saturday] In the goalkeepers’ union, you don’t want the other goalies to get injured because it can happen to anyone. We train every day together, we support each other, we’re really close, we even have a WhatsApp group for just me, Bernd and Matt [Macey] - it is devastating to be honest. I wish him a speedy recovery and if he needs the rest of the season, me and Matt will try to do a good job in the Premier League and try to cover him as much possible. The last time [I played] in the Premier League was three years ago. But I wasn’t thinking about it when I just came on. I made a save straight afterwards. I am so disappointed for the result, I thought we deserved to be 2-0 or 3-0 up. But you just take it and learn from it.

We switched off and when you switch off in the Premier League you get punished. I spoke to [Leno] at half-time and he felt he twisted his knee. As a goalkeeper you do not want him to get injured. It is a big loss to the team. I don’t think [Neal Maupay] tried to injure him. He went for the ball like any striker would do and this is football. It can happen. You train hard and have to wait for your chance. I am more than ready

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[Arsenal facing transfer dilemma as Leno and Mari injuries hit Arteta’s plans] In the goalkeepers’ union, you don’t want the other goalies to get injured because it can happen to anyone. We train every day together, we support each other, we’re really close, we even have a WhatsApp group - it is devastating to be honest

I wish Bernd a speedy recovery and if he needs the rest of the season, me and Matt [Macey] will try to do a good job in the Premier League and try to cover him as much possible

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Emiliano Martinez interview: Arsenal goalkeeper on seizing his chance and impressing Mikel Arteta] It’s been up and down in my Arsenal career, to be honest. There was something I had inside me that said, ‘Why am I not getting my chance in the club that I love?’ But God always puts you in the right place at the right time. I’ve worked really hard over the years and been really patient and now I’m getting the rewards

I always believed I could do it here and the club always believed in me as well. That’s one of the reasons I stayed here for so long. They always believed I could become the No 1. That motivation kept me going and it’s not like I haven’t been progressing over the years. I was always progressing and pushing my career forward

When I went to Reading last season. I said to myself, ‘This is my last loan.’ My body was always tired at the end of the season from travelling and not knowing what I was going to be doing next, so I made that challenge to myself that it was my last loan and I had to do well. I prepared myself mentally more than ever

[Emiliano Martinez on Mikel Arteta] We knew Mikel would be a good manager when he signed here, but we didn’t know he would be this good. He is incredible. He knows how to deal with experienced players, with young players. He gives us a gameplan against anybody and gives us hope when we do the training sessions. He knows what position you have to be in in every department, whether you are a goalkeeper, a striker or a left-winger. And then, when we go into the games, those scenarios we worked on in training actually happen, so we start believing in every word that he says. When he says something now, we are so willing to listen to him because we know he will take us to another level. That’s Arteta

You’re in or you’re out, you’re with him or without him, and there’s no discussion on that. We know that if we want to play and we want to be at this football club, we have to be on board. That’s good for the team because no one can relax. If you relax, you don’t train properly or you don’t perform like he wants you to, you’re out. You have to follow him and that’s what we’re trying to do now.

[Emiliano Martinez on Iñaki Caña Pavon] Iñaki is a hard-working man and he has shown us from the first day what he wants from his goalkeepers. It’s been really good, to be honest. He works really hard with us. We are dead when we finish the training sessions with him. Iñaki shows us videos every day and he is constantly telling us what we need to do to improve and how to do it. Even when you think you have done the right things and you keep a clean sheet, he will still tell you 10 bad things in your game. That’s good. That’s how you improve. He’s a positive man and we are glad to have him

David has been at the top for so many years and it’s the same with Musti. Sometimes when you make mistakes at big clubs you get punished. With Arsenal, people always seem to blame the defence for defeats. But I feel really safe behind them. They have experience and they are constantly talking through the whole game. When you play behind them, it’s not like what people say. It’s not, ‘Oh, they make mistakes, they don’t know how to play football’. I feel really safe, and now that we’ve kept three clean sheets on the bounce in the Premier League, people are starting to say that the defence is actually solid. Now, we have structure, we have a gameplan, we have game management and the defence looks stronger and stronger. Believe me, David and Musti are top players

I heard the manager say recently that I’ve been really respectful over the years and I think that’s true. I’m a team player, so even if the manager decides to play another guy, I accept it. But I never let my head go down, I always keep going, and now that I have the opportunity, I’m grabbing it with both hands. Hopefully, when all the goalkeepers are back in training, the manager will have a decision to make. My aim is to make it a hard decision