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Name Emilio Butragueno
Gender Male
Ethnic Spanish
Job Spanish Footballer
  Real Madrid club director
Desc xxxx


Org Real Madrid
  Spain National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2011 03 08 Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s Emilio Butragueno says he hope Barcelona beat Arsenal] We are all Spanish and even though Barcelona are one of our biggest rivals in La Liga and in Europe, I still hope that they qualify for the quarter-finals.

The match between Barcelona and Arsenal will be a great game. They both like to have possession and have some superb players who know what to do with the ball. It should be a nice game for the fans.

It would be great if Barcelona and Real Madrid both qualify for the next round and stay clear of each other in the draw. Real Madrid - Barcelona could be the final of this year’s Champions League

2011 06 15 Retrieve

[Real Madrid legend Emilio Butragueno says Our team is extraordinary and can be great next year] I must say Florentino Perez is a very successful businessman. Our club members can relax. You win and lose in football, but we currently have an extraordinary team and, with a little luck, we could have a great run next season

[He also spoke of the recent departure of general director Jorge Valdano and said that it’s crucial for the club to stay united] I am very fond of Jorge [Valdano]. Whether he is at Real Madrid or not, the profession has this type of circumstances. Now we have must all unite to keep on winning titles

[Butragueno then went on to discuss the role of Real Madrid in his life and stated that he owes everything to the club]

Football, specifically Real Madrid, has given me everything that I am and everything I have. I spent my whole professional career here. It’s where I spent my life from 18 to 32. People know who I am and things have gone pretty well for me in life thanks to Real Madrid – I owe them everything.

Real Madrid is part of my life. If you asked me where my home was, I would tell you where it is, but it’s also at the club. I don’t come in to work for a company, I come to my home

2011 07 06 Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s Emilio Butragueno hints at move for Santos’ Neymar] We currently have a great squad and some might argue that it doesn’t make sense to sign a new forward. However, there’s always room to improve the team. We already have great strikers, but you never know in football. Sergio Aguero and Neymar are both geat players. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Neymar is a great prospect with a lot of potential. There is no doubt that he has extraordinary talents. I’m convinced that he will soon be a leading figure in the footballing world

2012 01 23 Retrieve

[Real Madrid director Emilio Butragueno says that Pepe is a ‘good kid’] Pepe is a nice guy and very passionate. He has suffered because he’s a good athlete.

[However, the 48-year-old remained tight-lipped as to whether Pepe would receive censure from the club for his performance] We have an internal system. Much has been said over him, and we are no going to participate with the public discussions. It’s something that will be discussed amongst ourselves

[The director, who represented Real Madrid as a player, has also asserted that his side’s defence of the Copa del Rey title is far from over, despite a 2-1 deficit after the quarter-final first leg] The tie is not over yet. You will se us fight for this shield

2016 03 27 Retrieve

[Emilio Butragueno pays tribute to Cruyff] I always told everyone that Cruyff was my idol. I’m not being disloyal to [Real] Madrid by saying that. I believe in honesty and when you look at what Johan’s like, who he is and how he played, then if you can’t say he’s your idol, you are not a person worthy of being a Real Madrid supporter

2016 12 12 Retrieve

[Napoli can trouble Real Madrid] Napoli have a very good coach and have improved a lot in recent years. They will be very difficult opponents. We know that the Italian teams compete very well. They are used to withstanding pressure, playing tight and they play very well in these situations. We have to be very careful because it is sure that they will be a very dangerous opponent. For them it will be an extraordinary motivation to come up against Real Madrid

We are going to have the first game at home and we have to get a good result. The second leg is away and we know what the atmosphere will be like in their stadium. At home we have to be very solid, get a good result to take us to the draw for the quarter-final

2018 10 20 Retrieve

[Butragueno backs under-fire Lopetegui] We have a great technical team. We trust them and we are confident that we will have a good season. Real Madrid always go to win at any field and every time we play it’s for the millions of fans around the world

2018 10 23 Retrieve

[Real Madrid confirm Lopetegui will be in charge for El Clasico] Lopetegui will sit on the bench at Camp Nou as normal. In these kind of situations, it is important to remain calm and trust the players. Sunday’s game is a great motivation for us

[Pushed on the rumours Lopetegui would be sacked before El Clasico] It is normal. This is football. We have heard the rumours, but we have confidence and hopefully we will play well at Camp Nou

[Butragueno is keen to improve the atmosphere at the Santiago Bernabeu] Real Madrid fans want to see their team play well, [and score] goals, goals, goals. The fans are very loyal but now we have to change this trend [of jeering]. We respect the public and in these moments we need the support of the people to improve this situation

2018 10 24 Retrieve

[Will Lopetegui be sat on the bench on Sunday?] Yes, yes, everything is totally normal. We have to stay calm and united

2018 11 12 Retrieve

[Real Madrid director Emilio Butragueno praised Santiago Solari] The truth is that we are very happy with him. There is no doubt that he came at a very particular moment and has been able to achieve very good results. It was a very complicated game and we also had setbacks with injuries, [but] we had personality and character

[Butragueno said Madrid’s squad was good enough to compete on multiple fronts this season] We have very good players and the team is getting better and better, we took advantage of our chances and we are very happy, we must continue in this way. The line-up that finished the game is a clear example that we have a competitive squad, as the team has the personality to aspire to everything

2019 03 10 Retrieve

[Real Madrid director Butragueno dodges question over Solari’s future] Solari is a wonderful professional but we are here to talk about the game, talking about Solari is not about the game

[When pressed to answer whether Solari would be in charge for the next game Butragueno repeated] We are talking about the game. We took our chances, we knew that they would have opportunities but we have taken a magnificent result after a very tough week. The equaliser at 1-1 came at the perfect time for us and we started to grow in the game.

[Butragueno believes VAR aids referees in cutting out mistakes] It is good for referees to have tools like the VAR to make the right decisions

2019 03 11 Retrieve

[Asked whether Solari would stay in position until the end of the season, the former Madrid forward replied] Solari is a great professional, but we are here now to talk about the game.

[Pressed on whether this meant a lack of trust in Solari] No, what I’m saying is that we’re here to talk about the game

2019 04 04 Retrieve

[Club legend Butragueno, who is now director of institutional relations at the Santiago Bernabeu, has said of the Varane exit talk] Varane is very, very important. He has been at the club for a long time, he has given a lot and he will keep giving a lot to Real Madrid. We’ll see, but he is a Real Madrid player and he wants to remain that way

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Hazard limps off for Real Madrid with ankle injury against PSG] Hazard has some pain in his ankle. They will test him. We have to wait

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[Real Madrid legend Emilio Butragueno says Vinicius Junior is just wonderful] I think he completed a great match. I was an attacker myself and I know what I’m talking about. For someone to create as many goal scoring chances, he is just wonderful. He dribbles past opponents, he is powerful and he’s quick. He’s completed an excellent match

[While Vinicius’ creative qualities remain without question, he has been struggling for end product this season] It’s true that most people talk about goals, but he’s still a very, very young player and he creates so many plays, so we understand that he has great potential and we have to take advantage of it

2019 12 16 Retrieve

[Emilio Butragueno says Man City invest lots of money, but we’re Real Madrid] All teams are difficult at this point. City are a very powerful opponent. It will be an exciting tie and we have to prepare well. They will demand the best from us. They have invested a lot of money, but we are Real Madrid and we are in a position to face anyone. We are accustomed to these types of matches and it will be great for the fans

2019 12 24 Retrieve

[Emilio Butragueno is not fazed by the prospect of his Real Madrid side taking on Manchester City in the next round of the Champions League] All teams are difficult at this point. City are a very powerful opponent. It will be an exciting tie and we have to prepare well. They will demand the best from us. They have invested a lot of money, but we are Real Madrid and we are in a position to face anyone. We are accustomed to these types of matches and it will be great for the fans

2020 01 31 Retrieve

[Madrid will also fancy their chances at home to Real Sociedad, though director Emilio Butragueno warned they will have to be prepared] As always, it will be a difficult opponent. We play at home and we have to use that to our advantage, but in front of us we will have a team that is conducting a magnificent campaign. They have very direct, creative players. We have to take advantage of the positive dynamics and favourable results of recent weeks. The fans are very important in these matches. You have to keep in mind that it is only one game, the semi-finalist is decided in 90 minutes. I am convinced that they will respond and help us

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Vinicius is benefiting from Hazard’s latest injury] [Vinicius] permanently creates chances and that’s not easy at all. Hopefully, this is a liberation for him