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Name Felipe Anderson
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player West Ham

2019 02 21 Retrieve

[Felipe Anderson claims fellow Brazilian Neymar is a joker wrongly portrayed as a theatrical diver and is delighted with his own decision to join West Ham in the summer of 2018.] Neymar is a such a joker. He is always making people laugh. He loves his music and he loves winding people up. He has always been like that and he is not going to change. If we are somewhere and there is no pitch, he will get on a table and encourage us to play a table-tennis style game with a football, two-on-two. He loves laughing and messing about

[Quizzed on whether he is well suited to life in the Premier League] I have always enjoyed dribbling. That has been a key part of my game and you do get quite a lot of space in England. But the game is very intense and it is difficult to keep it up for the 90 minutes. Every game is end to end, with attack after attack. I am still adapting to that side of the game and I need to get stronger. The Premier League is the best league in the world, and it is very well regarded if you get a chance to play in it. I was very motivated from day one to repay the belief the club has shown in me. I have worked very hard to settle in quickly and am enjoying being part of the team, being in the city and taking part in such a project

2019 03 08 Retrieve

[Felipe Anderson is not looking for a way out of West Ham and is instead seeking to secure the kind of standing among supporters that fellow former Lazio star Paolo Di Canio enjoys] I just want to do my best for the club, win as many titles as possible. I am happy here, I am not looking for something else. I want to pay back the club for the opportunity they gave me and the love the supporters are giving to me. I am happy with what I have done until now, but there are things I would like to improve. I would like to do more, there is always margin to grow and reduce mistakes, fix things to get things perfect. We had a tough situation at the beginning of the season because many players were new, but we are training better every week and I am sure we are going to do good things.

[Anderson added on following in the footsteps of enigmatic Italian Di Canio, who enjoyed four productive years with the Hammers between 1999 and 2003] He was a legend at Lazio and I know a lot about him. I saw him many times and know his importance there, and here. Now I am at West Ham I want to follow in his steps, play like him and earn a reputation like him. I hope I can do the same as him and be remembered as a star for both clubs.

2019 09 04 Retrieve

[Felipe Anderson has insisted that West Ham are aiming to be invincible at home] I have always said that West Ham have the quality to play against any rival. Our idea is to be invincible at home and then try to get results away. So, we can play against anyone and we know it, but we also know that we have to go step by step. Unfortunately, we didn’t start the season as we would have liked it, with that defeat at home [against Manchester City], but we knew we were working well, we had an exceptional preparation, so we knew the results would come. And now we have showed our good side in [this] victory [against Norwich City]. We’re playing intelligently and keeping possession of the ball and that makes easier to create chances and to convert them of course. Our base of players is still the same, last season there were a lot of new faces, so it was harder to mould them into a unit but this season we already have that base, and the new players have quality, so the process is easier.