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Name Fernando Llorente
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc Fernando Llorente joined Juventus on a free transfer from Athletic Club in 2013 and his first season at the club was a resounding success as he scored 16 goals en route to Serie A glory. Llorente spent three seasons in Turin and left with three Serie A winners’ medals. He played in the 2015 Champions League final before leaving for Sevilla.


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Juventus
  Tottenham Hotspurs
  Athletic Club FC

2019 04 18 Retrieve

[Fernando Llorente believes the decision to award his decisive goal for Tottenham against Manchester City was the right one] I feel that, a little bit, touching the hand but the hand is near the ball, you know. I didn’t see the ball. I didn’t try to hit the ball with the hand and I think it has to be a goal, but you never know in this moment. I’m very proud because it’s not easy. Coming in the game in this unbelievable game with a lot of pressure, in a difficult moment as well but I always believe in me, in my opportunities. This is what I do

2019 05 03 Retrieve

[Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente has confessed that he ‘struggles’ to accept playing second fiddle to Harry Kane in Mauricio Pochettino’s squad.] It’s something you have to adapt to. I am at a great club with incredible players, and in the end, the manager has to make decisions, because only 11 players can play. It’s not easy for him and, with players of that quality, it’s not easy to get into the team. Internally, it’s a struggle. Because in the end what all players want is to play every Sunday, so every time you don’t, it’s a disappointment. But that’s also where you learn to be mentally strong and say, ‘Okay, I’m not playing but I have to keep working hard every day and I have to be ready every when the opportunity comes and the mister needs me.’ That is the idea I always have in my head, but it’s also where it is most difficult because the only way to really get up to speed is to play 90 minutes regularly. That’s particularly the case for me because of my attributes as a striker. I need to feel strong and be in the best physical condition possible in order to show my best

[After revealing he would like to remain in north London for another year, Llorente praised the Argentine for his motivational skills] He’s a manager who gives a lot of freedom to his players in order to get the best out of them. He’s not the kind of manager who says, ‘You have to do this, this and this.’ He shows you that he trusts you and he doesn’t kick you off the team if you mess up or you do something bad. That mentality is something he drums into us. He knows how to motivate us and get the best out of us. It’s the way he has of managing the group, planning the training sessions and making sure we are all happy.

2019 08 31 Retrieve

[Fernando Llorente has arrived in Italy ahead of a medical with Napoli, with the striker set to sign a two-year deal with Carlo Ancelotti’s side] I’m happy to come back but it’s early and I can’t say anything. Let’s wait, so I can tell you more. Napoli surprised me, they gave me something important. With Ancelotti I’ll talk only about things done

[Llorente also had a word for Giorgio Chiellini, his former team-mate with Juve who suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament in his right knee on Friday] I’m sorry for Chiellini, he’s a great friend and no one deserves such a serious injury

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Fernando Llorente expects new club Napoli to have a successful season but insists the title pressure remains firmly on former employers Juventus] It’s not easy. When I was at Sevilla we beat them 1-0 [in 2015], with me scoring. I’ve beaten them before but it’s one thing to do it in a single game and another thing to do so over the course of a season. As I’ve said, I’m confident and I believe we can have a good season. There’s a desire to win a trophy, but we can’t put pressure on ourselves. Juventus are the ones with all the pressure. They have a very strong bench. We have a very talented group with young players who will develop. I’m sure that we’ll have a team of top players in the future

[Llorente presents an entirely different option and while playing time might not be immediately forthcoming, the former Athletic Bilbao striker is no less enthused about working with esteemed head coach Carlo Ancelotti] It’s a great feeling when a coach like Ancelotti calls you. I was already keen on coming to Napoli, but when there’s such a successful coach involved you have no doubt that you’re making the right decision. Napoli is a big club with a great coach. I really wanted to work with Carlo so I’m delighted to be here