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Name Frank McLintock
Gender Male
Ethnic Scottish
Job Scottish Footballer
Desc When Frank McLintock joined Arsenal in 1964, he became the club’s record signing. It was money well spent: The Scotsman went on to skipper the side during their successful spell under Bertie Mee. By the time he left for Queens Park Rangers in 1973, he had cemented his place in Arsenal history


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Queens Park Rangers
  Arsenal FC

2010 03 08 Retrieve

[According to the Gunners’ former double-winning captain, Frank McLintock, the north London side will overcome Porto despite the mistakes made in the away leg] I feel very confident, actually. I think Arsenal will win 1-0, if not 2-0. They played very well after the injury. When you think back to the Eduardo injury it shocked them and they fell apart a bit which possibly cost us the title. Now they’ve learnt from that plus they’re a little bit older and hopefully wiser. So hopefully they can get out there and stuff Porto

Arsenal move the ball so quickly that opposition teams get tired. Often they have a very ordinary first-half but they make teams work very hard without the ball and then start to play well in the second half and that’s when the goals start to come. I think he’s done well in the three matches he’s played in. Remarkable since he’s been out for six or seven months and I hope he can keep it up. Continental teams are very good at probing with sharp, quick play so the whole team has to concentrate. If an attacking move breaks down you have to hold them up until such time that other players get back

2010 10 25 Retrieve

[Former Arsenal skipper Frank McLintock urges Arsene Wenger to spend big in transfer market] Most of the fans at Arsenal feel the same – that Wenger is a fantastic manager but they don’t always agree with everything he does. A lot of people feel if he’d spent £15-20 million in the last couple of seasons that they might have gone much, much closer [to winning the Premier League] than they did in the end. He’s not a great believer in spending £30-40m, although he did say he’d spend that sort of money on Rooney. The debt is very manageable and they’re making lots of money every home game so they’re going to be very, very healthy in the next year or two

Whether he wants to spend big money or not I don’t know. If he wants to bring through the young players again that’s fine – as Man United have done in the past - but every now and then when you need a big player, like a Berbatov or a Torres, Man United or Liverpool have always gone out and spent that £30m on that special player

We’ve never even been near that. So it will be interesting in the next year or two if we need that special player if he goes out and spends that money

[Despite entertaining second thoughts about Wenger’s philosophy, McLintock lavished praise on the manager for ensuring that skipper Cesc Fabregas did not make a summer move to Barcelona] Keeping Fabrages was key. I would have put my house on him going to Barcelona. But now they’re even talking about him staying. I thought it would be for one year, but it appears he’s talking very positively again

2015 04 15 Retrieve

[Arsenal should not sign Morgan Schneiderlin as a replacement for Francis Coquelin, according to former Gunners centre-back Frank McLintock] [Coquelin has been] very good. They’ve been linked with Schneiderlin at Southampton. He’s got height, something Arsenal have been lacking because they’ve been a small team for a long time. So someone of that calibre would be a good thing. But it would be a shame if he were to replace Coquelin, he’s come on a bundle in the last month or so. That’s because he has the opportunity to play regularly and he’s taken on the task very well.