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Gabriel Batistuta
Gender Male
Born 1969 02 01
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
Desc A great goalscorer and a scorer of great goals, Batistuta is one of the best strikers ever to have graced Italian football. He remains Fiorentina’s top Serie A goalscorer, having spent the majority of his career in Florence before moving to Roma where he finally clinched the title. He is the only footballer ever to have scored a hat-trick at two separate World Cups


Org Argentina National Team
Club as Player Fiorentina FC
  AS Roma

1998 06 30 Retrieve

[Practices became more structured and players were required to undergo nasal examinations to ensure that none was using cocaine. But what would become the biggest conversation piece at home and abroad was Passarella’s decision to ban long hair. His public explanation was that long hair was a distraction during matches, but for Batistuta, one of those who trimmed his locks, that was not Passarella’s only reason] I cut mine because there was a project to to change the image of the Argentinian player. It was a question of helping out Passarella

2005 07 11 Retrieve

[Batistuta’s quiet goodbye] I’ve always given everything for every team I’ve played for so that the ordinary fans, the people in the stadium, could identify with me. I owe a lot to the fans of Roma, Fiorentina and Argentina. They were the reason I played, my inspiration. I always worked hard to improve my game, to prove to myself that I could be one of the best for as long as possible. To be honest, I couldn’t care less what the others think.

[…] When I was playing football I never enjoyed it that much, I was never happy … if I scored two goals, I wanted a third, I always wanted more. Now it’s all over I can look back with satisfaction, but I never felt that way when I was playing

2016 10 08 Retrieve

[Fiorentina legend Gabriel Batistuta discusses his love for the Tuscan city after receiving honorary citizenship there] I’ve always considered Florence as my girlfriend. I don’t have to explain my love for this city. I felt terrible when I went to Roma, because I hadn’t fulfilled the expectations of the Florentines

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Argentina legend Gabriel Batistuta has revealed he begged a doctor to amputate his legs after suffering years of mobility issues since his retirement in 2005] I was crying from the pain so I asked a doctor to amputate my legs. I felt pain, pain and more pain. The operation was a solution I’d been chasing for at least six to seven years. In 40 days, once I remove the brace, we’ll know if the pain has disappeared and I can finally walk like a normal person again

[Batistuta says he is far form the first goalscoring icon to have experienced such problems off the pitch] As soon as I stopped playing, I found my ankles to be in pieces. Bone against bone, supporting a weight of 86-87 kilograms. The slightest movement became agony. I had the same problem as Marco Van Basten, who said enough was enough at 28 years of age. I couldn’t get out of bed on some days. I’d be crying with anger and I said to myself: ‘It can’t go on like this’. I felt sick, so sick that I went to a doctor friend of mine and asked him to amputate my legs. I prayed to him, I insisted. I told him that this was no longer life

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Riquelme and Maradona carry old feud into Boca election. Batigol is acting as a consultant to a third candidate Jose Beraldi] It’s an offer I’ve been waiting for. politics don’t interest me.

2020 01 27 Retrieve

[Gabriel Batistuta once had Augustin’s problems, arriving at his first club Newell’s Old Boys out of shape] When I arrived, I was fat, it’s that simple. I liked alfajores [a traditional Argentine biscuit]. The first thing Bielsa did was get rid of them and teach me to train in the rain. I hated him for it