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Name Gary Owens
Gender Male
Ethnic Irish
Job Interim FAI
Desc xxxx


Club as Player xxxx

2011 09 01 Retrieve

[Hargreaves invited mockery for turning to the internet after being deemed surplus to requirements by United due to a litany of injury problems and exhaustive tests by the club’s medics, but now the former England midfielder is primed to make a mockery of anyone who thought he was finished] He’s had two years of hell but he has worked extremely hard on his fitness. He will want to prove some people wrong who think that he will never back to what he was and I would imagine one of those will be at Manchester United for letting him go

He took on his own training regime and from what I have seen of him on YouTube there is a catalogue of training routines and having played the game I know how difficult they are. You can’t do that sort of regime with injuries so he looks to be in peak condition.

The rigours of the Premier League are a lot more demanding than training. There is nothing like being match fit and we will find out if he is still able to compete with top-flight players. We will see

2020 04 05 Retrieve

[Duff and [O’Shea](john-o-shea.html) join Republic of Ireland coaching staff following Kenny appointment] The calibre of Stephen Kenny’s backroom team is top class and these are great additions to our senior team coaching staff. Keith and Damien served Ireland so well as players and their experience will be such an addition to our senior squad’s support team. Everyone at the FAI is delighted with Jim’s promotion to manager from assistant and he has a great number two now in [John O’Shea](john-o-shea.html) as he takes the next step on his coaching career

2020 04 06 Retrieve

[Interim FAI boss Gary Owens revealed the association moved quickly in recent days to land Duff] He was definitely on our wishlist. We were keen to have him on board. Damien is going to finish out with Glasgow Celtic, until probably August depending on when the season restarts, if it does. He’s a big addition to us

2020 04 18 Retrieve

[In a letter sent to clubs this week, FAI chief Owens said the Participation Agreement was ‘biased in favour of the FAI’ and would be reviewed as part of a restructure of the League of Ireland, which would demand that clubs raise standards] Clubs who do not meet the criteria required will not be allocated funds, or allocation of funds will be made on a pro-rata basis

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[FAI chief Owens says Play-offs for Euros likely in October and November] There has been a slight move on that [play-off dates] Originally, we thought it may well be November but it now looks like the semi-final is the preferred option in October.

They don’t want to have the semi-final and the final of the play-offs in the one month. It looks like the Nations League matches will be in September and October, with the semi-final play-off in October and the final play-off in November

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[With backing from the various local authorities, the Development Officers have volunteered to play their part in helping those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic] This is a brilliant initiative by Boots and one which the FAI are delighted to support

Our Development Officers are at the very heart of sport in their communities and this programme offers them an opportunity to help those feeling the effects of the lockdown in a real and practical way. I applaud our Development Officers for their participation in a wonderful initiative from our partners at Boots. Also, we have received fantastic support from Nissan, who supply cars to many of our Development Officers to support this initiative

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Interim FAI CEO Gary Owens told of the need to have international matches staged by September] Our immediate problems are going to be cash flow up to September, given that a lot of activities at all levels are not happening, for very good and understandable reasons

The nine matches are helpful, though. We now have nine matches in the autumn period, so that gives us a chance to reach out to fans and put a new team in place to start looking at Club Ireland tickets, selling season tickets and look at our whole TV and media rights

The nine matches are helpful, though. We now have nine matches in the autumn period, so that gives us a chance to reach out to fans and put a new team in place to start looking at Club Ireland tickets, selling season tickets and look at our whole TV and media rights

2020 05 13 Retrieve

[Interim CEO Gary Owens says that there is growing optimism of a domestic league restart] We have had about six Covid-19 projections at this stage but we are now working on the assumption that there will be the games this year but not the fans. That will challenge us.

[On the face of it then, the association stands to lose the ticket and other match day revenues from up to four home games, three of them competitive; although Owens suggests that the order of the matches could be altered if that was going to help the situation] A lot depends on how the five phases (of the roadmap) go and the situation might change again. Also, if other teams’ nations were up and running before us then we could possibly look with Uefa and the other associations at playing more away games first. There is also an argument that we would be better off pushing the games back into next year but that would have other knock-on effects and as things stand I am assuming that the matches will go ahead

[Owens, meanwhile, denied a suggestion that Robbie Keane has communicated his intention to take legal action against the association over the outstanding portion of his contract as a coach with the Irish senior team] That’s not true. We are still in a process. We respect Robbie’s historic contribution the discussions have been honest and honourable…and they are ongoing