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Name Gary Pallister
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc Pallister won four titles at Old Trafford as the sidekick to Steve Bruce at the heart of Alex Ferguson’s early success. Coming off the back of winning the PFA Player of the Year Award in 1991-92, Pallister played every minute of the first Premier League season in 1992-93, as United became champions for the first time in 26 years


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Manchester United

2015 01 22 Retrieve

[Gary Pallister talks about Eric Cantona’s kung-fu kick] Eric had a fuse on him. There is no doubt about that. Ultimately he exploded … Eric was always the number one target for supporters around the country. It wasn’t just players who tried to wind him up but fans felt as though they could do it as well. Some of the abuse he got was terrible. Eventually it took its toll on him I think and it all came to a head that night. He was such a hate figure because he was such a good player

I think I was one of the only players that didn’t run over. I just stood there in disbelief. I was more in shock at what I’d just witnessed

[An equaliser from Palace defender Gareth Southgate denies 10-man United victory. The away dressing room is ablaze with recriminations] Eric was very subdued. He just sat quietly in the corner. He didn’t really say anything. I think he understood the magnitude of what had happened. Everybody was trying to come to terms with how we were going to deal with it

[Cantona did coaching sessions for children during the week at United’s old training ground at The Cliff. But under the terms of his ban he was not allowed to play in any organised matches. United attempted to schedule a series of training games against local teams to keep Cantona involved, but were censured in a letter from the FA once the matches became public knowledge. Deeply frustrated, Cantona informed United he was moving back to France] He had his mind set that he wasn’t going to return to English football because of the way he was treated. He thought it was unfair. But the manager was obviously very persuasive. He came back the same player, the same genius

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Gary Pallister says Harry Maguire has what it takes to captain Manchester United after his impressive debut for the club] [Maguire] is not afraid to put his head in where it hurts, he wins his tackles, he’s a big lad, a big unit and he has that presence that you need to be a captain and he leads by example. I’m not 100% sure if he’d be a screaming and shouting captain, but you can have all different types of captains. You can have a Tony Adams or a John Terry who shout and scream, or you can have an [Eric] Cantona who doesn’t shout and scream but just leads by example on the pitch. I don’t know which category he falls into, but he looks a figure of authority within the side and I could definitely see him becoming United captain in the future

I think Maguire is such a dominant centre half, he does the basics really well and also has the ability to bring the ball out and help create things. Considering the kind of fee that he came in for and the pressure that he’s under because of that fee, the way he played was huge bonus for United. Everyone is expecting Maguire to be like Van Dijk, and whether he can play that role or not will have to wait to be seen. He’s made a good start, we know that he’s a quality player and we’re looking for those leadership qualities in that side, which I think have been lacking; hopefully Harry can provide that.

He can head it, he can chest it, and he does all of the basics well. He’s got aggression but he’s also got that calmness and doesn’t panic when he’s given the ball in tight situations, and we all know how comfortable he is on the ball from watching Leicester and England. It’s early days but he brought calmness to the back four, but he’s only finding his feet within a team that he’s only played one game for. He’s only going to get better, and the same for Wan Bissaka; he’s only played one game but already his tackling, his spirit and his speed excites the fans

2019 08 15b Retrieve

[Gary Pallister believes Paul Pogba has the potential to be the world’s best midfielder if his talents are harnessed correctly] The ball that he put through for Rashford, the drive and making the goal for Daniel James; that’s the Paul Pogba that we want to see. If you can harness that talent then you have one of the best midfield players in the world, if not the best. It all depends on Paul, what he sees, what he believes and what he wants to do. If he’s not happy at Manchester United, as [Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] said, he wants players that want to play for the shirt; that are desperate to play for the shirt. Until we get closer to the end of the transfer window for the clubs in Spain then there will always be this conjecture. Ole has been very positive about Paul staying and wanting to get the best out of him as he’s a fantastic player and on his day we are talking about a world-class player

[Pallister was full of praise for the young English attacker] There are big expectations on Marcus and I thought he put his penalty away clinically and I look at him as a more instinctive finisher. Sometimes he has too much time, but I thought on Sunday he was clinical as he had a little bit of time but he put his second away fantastically well. Maybe that’s something that Ole has been working on with him, as there was no better finisher than Ole Gunnar. When you get into those situations you want someone with a cool head and immaculate finishing, and Marcus was absolutely clinical with his second goal. There’s been a lot of expectation on Marcus for both England and Manchester United for a while. He will play in a three-pronged attack either up front or on the flank, and he’s comfortable in all of those areas. He’s maturing, and there’s no doubt he’s the man now Lukaku has gone

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United defender Gary Pallister believes Romelu Lukaku was ‘too heavy’ to succeed at Old Trafford this season] I think Lukaku is a goalscorer and he will score plenty of goals, but the way they want to play at times, he’s too heavy. You look at the pace in the present game; maybe Ole is looking at that and saying he can’t implement that into his game for me. He was surplus to requirements. He’s a goal scorer, an instinctive goal scorer. He’s not the most clinical but he will get you 15-20 goals a season, but we were looking for a more rounded player. He plays Lingard, Martial and Rashford, and we caught Chelsea napping on the ball high up the pitch. So when you can do that you’ll have more space to go into and score more goals

[In Lukaku’s absence, Pallister pointed out at that 17-year-old Mason Greenwood looks ready to step up this season in front of goal for United] I think they have Greenwood coming through, and he looks a special talent. You don’t like to get ahead of yourself with kids of that age, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone be that comfortable in that environment at that age. He’s six foot odd, can use both left and right feet, knows how to score a goal and he looks the real deal at the moment. He’s still got a lot of work to do, he has to mature and find his feet at that level. The fact that Ole has played him a lot in pre-season, and had him on the bench on the weekend suggests he’s ready for the Premier League

2019 08 17 Retrieve

[Former United man Gary Pallister also suggested that his problems fitting in to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s fans could be related to weight] I think Lukaku is a goalscorer and he will score plenty of goals, but the way they want to play at times, he’s too heavy. You look at the pace in the present game; maybe Ole is looking at that and saying he can’t implement that into his game for me. He was surplus to requirements. He’s a goal scorer, an instinctive goal scorer. He’s not the most clinical but he will get you 15-20 goals a season, but we were looking for a more rounded player

2019 09 27 Retrieve

[Gary Pallister says Leicester City midfielder James Maddison is the player who can take Manchester United to the next level] There was a lot of talk about him in the press. He stood out in the game against Tottenham, he’s got a lot of quality and energy – and he obviously scored the winner. He’s the type of player who can take Man Utd to the next level. However, Ole needs to try his best for now to squeeze the best out of the squad he has for the next few months

[One definite highlight so far for Pallister has been the form of Maddison’s former Foxes team-mate Harry Maguire and his early impact at the club] Harry Maguire is a class act and you’re looking at a future captain of the club; a leader that the club have lacked. I was fortunate to play under so many leaders, we had four or five who were that figure. I had Roy Keane, Bryan Robson, Paul Ince, Peter Schmeichel; there’s perhaps not the same number of a lot of them in the current dressing room. I think Harry can be that. You can see he’s got the leadership qualities. He’s one of the best centre-halves in the Premier League. The three signings have been good, Daniel James has scored a couple of great goals and his pace is incredible, he has space to move into – it’s been a really good start for him. Aaron Wan-Bissaka – it almost looks like he’s got spider legs that can nick the ball away from people

[Pallister feels Solskjaer will see how youngster Mason Greenwood develops before making any moves in the transfer market] It all depends on how Mason Greenwood develops. I think you’d want a bit more experience in that front line. Liverpool and Man City seem to be attracting better players, and it’s becoming a tougher market for United. Playing Marcus Rashford on Thursday [in the Europa League] was a funny one with a game on Sunday, he’s played every game and it was a case of needs must. The injury problems have taken their toll. United looked at a couple of options in the forward line but they couldn’t happen, which puts the pressure on young forwards like Rashford who is 22 and Mason who is 17, [Anthony] Martial who is 24.

It’s not a great deal of experience and I think that is a position in the team that Ole would’ve liked a bit more experience. Martial has been out a few weeks and Jesse Lingard has had injuries, it’s been a struggle to keep everyone fit and he will have been frustrated by that. You need a different mentality away from home, and Ole will be disappointed with some of the performances especially away from home

2019 10 10 Retrieve

[Gary Pallister has compared Harry Maguire’s £80 million move to Manchester United to his own record arrival at Old Trafford] It was a big challenge and I don’t think you’re quite prepared when you come into a club like Manchester United, just how big it is and what it means. Not just here in Manchester, nor in the UK but when I started travelling abroad and realised how big this place is and what it means to people across the world. That kind of takes you aback and it does take time to settle in. There are very few people who can do it - Eric Cantona can walk in, with his chest puffed out, and say: ‘This is me, this is where I belong’ and just embrace that kind of pressure. For mere mortals like myself, it took me a bit more time