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Name Gianluca Pagliuca
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player Breacia
  Inter Milan

2018 06 17 Retrieve

[Pagliuca reveals why Donnarumma must leave AC Milan] I would advise him to leave. Not that he should fear his own fans but I feel that something has broken with them and now it is difficult to mend … It is very complex family, contracts, adjustments, money, agents, everything has been put in the middle and now moving would not be easy. It is time to look ahead, to the future, the challenge is double, for the club to find a buyer able to spend. I would say he should go abroad, maybe to assert his physicality in the Premier League. In general I would see well to change the air, I say this for his inner serenity

2019 10 22 Retrieve

[Gianluca Pagliuca says tough to see Ibrahimovic return to Inter] He proposed himself, why not believe him? It does seem to me to be very complicated that this can happen though. If he returns to Italy and wants to play for the Serie A title, the first team that comes to mind mind is Napoli, where he would be able to work with Carlo Ancelotti

It would be tough to see him at Inter. I do not know what would happen with there being two strong characters like him and Antonio Conte there

2019 11 02 Retrieve

[Gianluca Pagliuca discusses the Nerazzurri’s Serie A clash against Bologna] Today’s Bologna can put anyone in trouble, Inter must grit their teeth, but they always know how to get the result. With Sinisa, already last year, Bologna had acquired the mentality of always playing, chest out, searching for a goal, but mistakes can happen to anyone

Inter are focused on their coach, they suffered a lot in the last match against Brescia but a year ago a game like this would not have been won. They would have lost it. Unfortunately, they must always play the same players, whoever made the calendars really deserve a diploma

[Pagliuca speaks about the return of Stefano Sensi] I really like Stefano Sensi, if I played fantasy football, I’d buy him and Barella on the one hand and Palacio and Orsolini on the other. Zlatan Ibrahimovic could play in both of them. Also, because wherever you put him, Ibra scores a goal and doesn’t fall as soon as he gets touched

Today’s attackers try to cheat. At the slightest breath of wind, they fall, and you have to understand when there’s cheating or not. Let me suggest something, an idea, since VAR must make it clear, why isn’t a former player called in the control room? Only those who have played understand certain tricks

[Pagliuca is positive about former Manchester United forward Romelu Lukaku] He plays a bit like Bobo Vieri. Bobo was more of a goal scorer but the Belgian also seems to me to have a rather high average

[The former Italy goalkeeper thought sending Mauro Icardi to Paris Saint Germain was a good idea] Mauro always remains an excellent striker, but it is right that the team has given him up, there was no relationship anymore between the two

[He spoke highly of coach Antonio Conte] He’s adrenaline-pumping, full of energy, very demanding. If you’re his player, you know that he’s not wrong about the game

[Pagliuca gives his insight on the goalkeepers of both clubs today] Lukasz isn’t going through a good time but he’s very reliable and right for Bologna. Handanovic is fundamental, and among the top five in Europe with Alisson, Oblak, Ter Stegen and my friend Buffon

[Pagliuca answeres whether he thought it was either for Bologna to qualify for a European competition this season or if Inter would win the Scudetto] Bologna could play in Europe, because they have technical and human values. And also, because Inter will have a hard time until the end but Juve will win the Scudetto, even if I hope I’m wrong here

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[Former Inter goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliuca, who represented Italy at the World Cup in 1994, discussed his experiences at the Nerazzurri] It was the best moment of my career. I wanted to improve, I did it with a great team. Inter left something inside of you. It was five great, unforgettable seasons like the ones I spent in Genoa.

[He spoke highly of Inter captain and goalkeeper Samir Handanovic] He’s an extraordinary goalkeeper, the strongest. He continues to grow, season after season. Since last season he has found a great continuity of performance, now he doesn’t alternate between big saves and small mistakes. I think he’s the best goalkeeper in Italy.

[The 52-year-old Italian thought Handanovic was better than AC Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma] Today, yes, also because of the experience, it is because he has found a great balance and is also mentally strong. But we are talking about two great goalkeepers, the present and the future. At European level, I’m putting him together with Oblak, Ter Stegen and Alisson. These are the best in circulation, and he is there rightfully. I’d keep a goalkeeper like Handanovic for a long time, I wouldn’t think of replacing him. He’s a professional on and off the pitch. That makes the difference, he can still play at high levels for a few years …

[He touched on two of Inter’s potential replacements for Handanovic, Juan Musso and Ionut Radu] They are two interesting young people. Musso is a good goalkeeper but he still has a lot to improve. He has to work. Radu has grown up a lot with Genoa, an important and demanding squad. I really like his responsiveness between the posts, he’s proving to be ready. Maybe he still needs to improve with the ball. But he has time to do it …

[Finally, Pagliuca suggested that Inter could win the Scudetto this season] With Conte it is possible. With a few right purchases in January I think this team has the strength to compete in Italy with Juventus

2020 05 07 Retrieve

[Gianluca Pagliuca says Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma should seriously consider any offers from Premier League clubs] He’s very close to Milan, he would like to stay, but he needs to be careful. It will be years before they win something important. There are other teams who are clearly ahead. You have to think about that. If a great offer came in, I would think about it, especially if it came from the Premier League. If I were him, I’d aim to go to the Premier League.

[Pagliuca believes the season should be ended, much like it has in France and the Netherlands, and a new campaign started in September] If I were still a player, I’d be afraid, but not for me – for my loved ones. I’d suspend everything. Now, there are fewer infections and more possibilities of resuming. But I would shelve this season, without assigning titles, and start again in September