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Gordon Banks
Gender Male
Born 1937 12 20
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc The legendary goalkeeper formed part of England’s World Cup winning side of 1966, providing the solid foundation that allowed the country to seal the only silverware of their long history on home soil


Org England National Team
Club as Player Chesterfield
  Leicester City
  Stoke City
  Fort Lauderdale Strikers

2009 06 24 Retrieve

[A right-wing cross from the by-line to the far post by Jairzinho saw Banks, guarding the near post, swiftly reassessing the situation and his own positioning as Pele rose to meet the ball with a header, confidently shouting ‘Goal!’ as he did so. In his autobigraphy, Banks recalled] Pele got above the ball and powered it low and hard towards the corner of the net. It was the perfect header. I was now into a dive to my right and as the ball hit the ground just in front of my goal-line I flicked it with my outstretched right hand as it came up

2010 05 19 Retrieve

[Gordon Banks says England Would Be Wrong To Start Joe Hart] Our goalkeepers are much of a muchness. They make fantastic saves but then again they may make the odd error.

The ball is detrimental to the art of goalkeeping. Sometimes a keeper thinks he can catch it but he doesn’t quite get hold of it, and it bounces out and is an easy goal for someone to go in and score

I think Mr Capello has got a very hard choice between James and Green. I don’t think Hart would come into it in this moment in time because he hasn’t played a full match for England and to thrust him in at a World Cup would be a little bit wrong to be honest

[Banks also feels the influx of foreign managers and players into the game is affecting the progress of young English keepers in a ‘problem position’] We’ve got a lot of foreign managers who don’t want to take a chance on a young kid playing in the reserves

2017 12 30 Retrieve

[Gordon Banks speaks about his famous save against Pele in 1970, as he turns 80 years old] I saw Pele racing to the edge of the box. I had a quick look before their winger Jairzinho crossed the ball - Pele had got in front of Alan Mullery. Jairzinho centered the ball, but I could not come out for the cross. I knew from the penalty spot it would have to be a fantastic header to beat me. But the ground was hard, so I thought I should get off my line, and as I dived, I had to anticipate how high it was going to bounce. I got a hand to it, the ball actually hit the top of my hand and looked as though it was going into the top of the net. As I hit the floor, I saw that the ball had missed the goal. At first, I thought ‘you lucky so and so’, but then I realised it has been a bit special. I’ve met Pele many times since and we often have a chat about it. He thought he’d scored

2020 01 22 Retrieve

[on Alf Ramsey] He was in a class of his own. Some managers are tactically aware. Some excel at coaching. Others are good at motivation and man-management. Alf was superb at everything. That is what made him so special