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Name Hector Enrique
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
Desc Hector Enrique is ex-Argentina midfielder who a world champion in 1986


Org Argentina National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2014 03 03 Retrieve

[Hector Enrique says Messi will never surpass Maradona] Messi does not have anything on Maradona. I love Messi and I would be happy if my son would play at one per cent of his abilities but Maradona was unique.

There will never be anyone like Maradona again, not even if Messi wins three World Cups in succession or scores a bicycle kick from midfield.

Maradona and Messi have different characters on the pitch. Diego radiated confidence and made all of us play better. Messi has personality as well, but not like Maradona.

2016 06 22 Retrieve

[a member of that 1986 team, explained on how he missed military service and as a result the Falklands’s War] I got out of it because of my low number in the draft, 221

2019 04 01 Retrieve

[Hector Enrique says Messi will never reach Maradona’s level] Messi, unfortunately, has had a hard time in the national team. I hope that in the next World Cup he will have the luck we had, but Messi will never reach Maradona’s level. What I want is for Messi to play. If he is not having a good time [in the team], it’s better not to come