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Name Ian Rush
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc The prolific Welsh striker’s two years at Juventus are remembered for a controversial quote that Rush denies ever saying


Club as Player Liverpool FC
1982 11
Ian Rush scores as Liverpool beat Everton 5-0 at Goodison Park

2019 01 10 Retrieve

[He remembers the Old Lady as ‘the right club at the wrong time’] I couldn’t settle in Italy, it was like living in a foreign country

[Speaking in 2016] I didn’t actually say Italy was ‘like living in a foreign country’. No one has ever seen a direct quote from me saying that. I’m blaming Kenny Dalglish. When he re-signed me, a reporter asked me, ‘Why have you come back?’ He said it was like playing in a foreign country. He’s got a lot to answer for!

2019 02 07 Retrieve

[Arsenal exit backed by former Juventus & Wales star Rush says Ronaldo special but Ramsey can be too] I think [Juventus] is a fantastic move for him. When I went there it was an industrial city but it’s come on a million times better since I was there. I think Juventus are an amazing club. They’ve still got connections with the Agnelli family, Andrea Agnelli is the president there and Gianni Agnelli was the owner when I was there. So they are very passionate about it. I think he’d do really well, you’ve got Ronaldo there to play with and all that, so that’s something special. But I think Aaron will be something special for Juventus and I’m sure he’ll enjoy it

Times have changed. When I was there I had to do everything myself. Now it’s moved on that much that everything is done for them and the most important thing for him is to concentrate on his football, his attacking play and all that. He’ll learn the language when he’s ready and that’s what it’s all about. He’s got six months to learn it, I had 12 months as well

The most important thing in Italy is you have to be confident in what you do. If I went to Italy now, I would tell them: ‘I’m Ian Rush, I’m the best footballer in the world.’ If I had done that for Liverpool, the other teams would say: ‘OK, let’s see how good you are.’ It’s completely different to the English way, the English helped each other. First impressions [are] a big thing in Italy and I would say to Aaron: ‘Go there, be confident and tell them how good you are’ and all that, give them one sentence in Italian and his first impression that will be job done for him

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Dalglish sensationally resigned as manager on February 22, 1991, two days after a 4-4 draw with Everton at Goodison Park] We had all come in for training and were told to meet in the dressing room. Kenny walked in and said he was leaving. It was complete shock and surprise in there. He couldn’t say too much but there were tears in his eyes as he spoke

2020 04 19 Retrieve

[Ian Rush decry prospect of football without fans amid coronavirus] I’ve never played a game behind closed doors, so I don’t know what it’s like, but I don’t think it would bring the best out of me. If you’re playing in front of no one it begs the question, would you be any good? Would you be up for it, first of all? Would it be the same as a normal game in front of a big crowd? I don’t think so. If Liverpool are at home and they can win the league I want to be there even if we all have to be two metres apart. But seriously, if it doesn’t happen and the Premier League is declared null and void then you have to move on and not let it affect you. This Liverpool team is the best I’ve ever seen and I’m certain they will come again. There’s no way Liverpool can be awarded the title without the season being finished

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[Liverpool legend Ian Rush believes the current Liverpool team may actually be better than some of his legendary Reds teams of the past] To be on a par, they need success but looking back at records they’re actually better. But you do need trophies – it does help!

Look at last season, they got 96 points and didn’t win the league so they have upped their game again. To not win the league, Jurgen Klopp had to say, ‘we’ve got to do even better.’ They have done. They’ve been absolutely incredible

What Jurgen Klopp has done as well – we called it the boot room with Bob Paisley manager, Ronnie Moran, Joe Fagan and Roy Evans – he has a great team behind him with his coaching staff. It’s the coaching staff that keep the players happy, entertained and you need a leader. Paisley was that leader in our day and Jurgen is that leader today and that makes all the difference

2020 06 03 Retrieve

[Liverpool legend Rush says Souness would be one of the best managers in the world] He won the league easily at Rangers and came down thinking maybe he can do the same [at Liverpool] but he changed things too quickly, simple as that. He lost the young players and the old ones by changing things too quickly – what he did have was the right ideas. If Graeme Souness was manager of the team now, he’d be up there with the likes of [Jurgen] Klopp, [Pep] Guardiola and [Jose] Mourinho because I think he knows he’d made mistakes. He’d be an absolutely incredible manager if he was managing now

[Rush went on to talk about his own decorated career] I didn’t even have a player liaison officer in Italy. So I had to learn about silly little things like going to the bank in Italy, opening your own bank account at a time when I couldn’t speak Italian and they couldn’t speak English. It was weighing me down. I ended up having chicken pox and shingles at the end of the season because I was so run down