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Name Jason Wilcox
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Manchester City Academy Director
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Manchester City [Academy Director]

2017 11 25 Retrieve

[Jason Wilcox tells about FIFA U-17 World Cup winner with England Phil Foden] He’s not thinking about being a millionaire. He wants to play. If I let him, he’d still ballboy. He’s a Man City supporter and when he breaks through, the whole of the academy, the whole of Manchester City are going to love it. He’s City through and through

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Jason Wilcox says Man City’s aim is to produce more Phil Fodens] Phil’s journey has been incredible. When you look at a player who has high levels of technical ability, physically great, technically great, he ticks those boxes. Those kind of players can play for any manager, anywhere in the world. Our aim is to produce more Phil Fodens. We have internal targets that we are trying to produce as many players for our first team. We are not shying away from that.

When you are 18 and 19, it is very difficult to compete at this high level, game in, game out. When you look around the [top of the] Premier League in this age group there is probably only Trent Alexander-Arnold who is a regular. That tells its own story. When you have got players who have played in World Cup finals and European Cup finals, the younger players have to be patient and play their turn. When you see how Phil plays, every young player has to show this patience. I don’t think you are going to win the Champions League with a team of 18-year-olds

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[How Man City academy is coping during coronavirus shutdown] One of the things that I’ve been really conscious of, with people working from home and homeschooling etc., is making sure that we didn’t bombard parents and boys with activities and tasks that they couldn’t keep up with. We might have boys living in high-rise apartments, somebody who doesn’t have access to a computer, somebody whose parents might be working for the NHS or single-parent families that have to go and work on the frontline. So we just needed to make sure that we didn’t have anyone who felt isolated in terms of not being able to contribute

The families mean a lot to us and I think what this period of time has done is given all academies - not just ours - a chance to look at the role that we play in society. It’s important that these boys realise that they’re not special - they’re normal kids who are good at football. Ultimately, we’ve got to make sure that we develop these skills and they’ve got to be part of that family and make sure that they fit. They have brothers and sisters, who are just the same as them with talents, whether it’s dancing or learning a musical instrument and we’ve got to make sure that we run alongside family life - that’s something that’s really important to me

They’re all keeping contact with each other through social media and FIFA. We’ve got lads in Europe on complete lockdown, we’ve got boys in high-rise apartments living with three generations of family, we’ve got boys living in houses with big gardens so there’s such a wide spread. What’s really important is we just try to keep them active, they’ve got access to their fitness programmes and it’s about them taking responsibility. They know what to eat, they know what not to eat, they know what time to go to bed and they’re learning to be independent. Whenever our academy returns to some sort of normality, we’ll be ready and the boys will be ready because they’re adaptable and we’ve all got to adapt in this situation

All things are a discussion until we get a definite steer from the government because we’ve got to run alongside them and schools. We are just keeping our eye on the situation. I think we’ve got a real solid base now that we can move in any direction at any given point. Behind the scenes, situations will develop the closer we get to some sort of return to normality whatever that looks like for the next six months. So it’s very difficult to plan, but we’ve just got to make sure that we are open-minded and we are able to be adaptable

2020 05 09 Retrieve

[Man City academy director reveals what youngsters need to make it into Guardiola’s squad] The aspiration for them all is to be a regular first-team players. What you see in Phil and Eric, as two members of the first-team squad right now, is not only two fantastic footballers, but two unbelievable people, who always have time for anybody, no egos, really respectful, very driven and want to play for our first team every week

A club like ours, where we’re competing to win the Champions League, and to win the Premier League, and to win the FA Cup, and to win the Carabao Cup, this takes patience and trust in the project and what we’re trying to do. I don’t see too many 18 or 19-year-olds playing as regulars in first teams across the Premier League, never mind just across the top four. So it’s a big task but one that Phil and Eric have achieved and our job is to produce more. That’s our aspiration, this is why we get out of bed in the morning, to produce unbelievable footballers. But they’ve got to be unbelievable people as well and that’s something that we take pride in

Our aspiration is to develop first-team players for Manchester City but we’re just as proud of a graduate or academy player that maximises their potential, is a fantastic representation of our academy and is playing in League One or the National League or Europe. We’re equally as proud of that player that actually comes through and gives it everything and, when he leaves, he leaves with his head held high knowing that he’s given everything and we’ve been a big influence on his life, not just on his football career

The opportunity that our boys get by training with the first team is incredible and learning from the best manager in the world, learning from the best players in the world, it’s something that is an unbelievable experience. It’s important that they take hold of it. Go up there and listen and learn, and take in every minute that they’re in that environment. They’re watching and learning how our first-team players behave, how they warm up, how they cool down, what’s the routine. Some of them have been involved in first-team games so being in that dressing room, preparing for for a big fixture is an experience which is invaluable