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Name Jay-Jay Okocha
Spelling Jay Jay Okocha
Gender Male
Ethnic Nigerian
Job Nigerian Footballer
Desc How on earth did Okocha – Ronaldinho’s mentor at Paris Saint-Germain – ever end up at Bolton? The Nigerian had magic in his boots and became a cult hero in Lancashire, forming a brilliant partnership with French World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff


Org Nigeria National Team
Club as Player Bolton Wanderers
  Paris Saint-Germain


Nephew Alex Iwobi

2014 10 18 Retrieve

[Jay-Jay Okocha on Nigerian football] Our football is long dead and gone

2014 11 22 Retrieve

[Jay-Jay Okocha on nigerian talented players] We will always produce talented players. But perhaps the question is whether they have the same passion that they used to have. Sometimes it seems as if they don’t really care much about the result

2015 09 12 Retrieve

[Jay-Jay Okocha on himself] I was among the first players that qualified Nigeria for the World Cup for the first time. I never thought I’d play in the World Cup. Being part of that team was special for me. It’s something I still struggle to find the words to describe. We were privileged just to be able to watch the World Cup on telly.

2017 08 12 Retrieve

[Jay Jay Okocha compares himself with Neymar] I’d say the player whose style most resembles mine would be Neymar. That’s because I played with a sense of joy and you can see that he feels the same and really enjoys his own play. He doesn’t play for himself or just to entertain the fans – he plays for his team. He uses his quality and skill for the good of the team

2019 05 01 Retrieve

[Former Nigeria and PSG star Jay-Jay Okocha picks Ghana’s Samuel Kuffuor for special accolade] I realized at a very young age that I had a gift to do special things with the ball. My biggest opponent was ‘me’. I knew I was in charge when with the ball. But on the toughest defenders I faced, I would say that my African brothers were the ones. We have the same mentality and thought the same way. Osei Kuffour was the toughest of them all.

There was a game that he kept following and marking me and I asked him, ‘O boy, take it easy, look at the way you are breathing down on my neck’ and he replied that ‘sorry I got work to do’. He brought out the best in me

2019 07 08 Retrieve

[Nigeria legend Okocha worried about South Africa’s Tau and Lorch] I believe in the team but I’m worried about Lorch and Tau. They look the most dangerous players for Bafana Bafana going forward and they have been instrumental, especially in the last game. Lorch made his debut and he justified his selection, so these are two players I’m worried about. It will be a great match and the good thing is that both teams found good form at the right time but of course, as a Nigerian, I will like to see Nigeria go through. I will also like to see a good derby match, a match that will represent African football, a classic Afcon match but at the end of the day, let us narrowly win the game

2019 07 09 Retrieve

[Okocha reveals how Nigeria-South Africa rivalry started] It was great because before then I was personally looking forward to playing against Bafana Bafana because we were having this argument who the best African team is

We felt Bafana won it in 1996 because we didn’t take part. I think we were on fire then, we were having our best period and that was the year we had won the Olympics [in Atlanta].

But then the opportunity came in 2000, and for us it was personal to make sure that we get one over them.

It was a bit easier because we were at home. So, it will be interesting to see both teams playing against each other on a neutral ground.

[Okocha is not bothered by the recent head-to-head results but thinks the encounter will be decided by the players’ performances on Wednesday] I think it’s always easier to sit on the outside and act as if you have the best solution. But I’ve played the game at the highest level and I can tell you my opinion. You can come up with whatever tactics you want as a coach but if you don’t have the tools to execute you will struggle, and if you don’t have willing players that are ready to commit to the cause than you will struggle. I think it’s all about the players’ mindset on the day and the team that wants it more.

2019 07 10 Retrieve

[Nigeria vs South Africa. Thembinkosi Lorch the standout player. Indeed, he showed enough along with Percy Tau to catch the eye of Nigeria legend Jay-Jay Okocha, who sent a warning to the Super Eagles] They look the most dangerous players for Bafana Bafana going forward and they have been instrumental, especially in the last game. Lorch made his debut and he justified his selection, so these are two players I’m worried about

2020 03 23 Retrieve

[Okocha shows class in response to Baffoe’s Ten Touches Challenge] My brother Tony [Baffoe], you know this challenge is too easy for me but just for taking it on sake, I will do it, but it’s just too easy for me.

[The ex-Nigeria star succeeded in this challenge, juggling the ball 22 times instead of 10, before signing out] So it’s up to you the next person. Easy, easy, easy…Jay is out

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[Kanu would pop up again four minutes into the half-hour period with a Golden Goal that broke Brazilian hearts but brought a smile to the face of every Nigerian] This means everything to Nigeria. Football is the one thing in Nigeria that brings us together. For the people back in my country, this is maybe the happiest day of their lives

[Okocha was asked if his side ever contemplated throwing in the towel] Oh, no, no, no. We never give up. We’re Africans

2017 04 22b Retrieve

[Nigeria football legend Jay Jay Okocha thinks Alex Iwobi should continue to fight for his place at Arsenal rather than go out on loan or go somewhere else] We can’t forget that this is his first full season in the first team and Arsenal have all their players back now. There’s a lot of competition, so it’s not easy,. He has had a good season. It’s not easy to make it through from the academy into the first team at such a big club. He has achieved this and has been phenomenal; I am delighted with what he has achieved so far. I think it’s better for him to stay at Arsenal, because the style of play suits him perfectly. It might not be easy for him to go on loan and adapt somewhere else. He needs to stay and fight for his shirt