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Name Jean-Claude Juncker
Gender Male
Ethnic Luxembourgian
Job President of European Commission
  Prime Minister of Luxembourg
Desc xxxx


Org European Commission
  Eurogroup of Finance Ministers

2010 12 07 Retrieve

[Jean-Claude Juncker comments on Eric Cantona who want people withdraw their money and collapse the bank industry] I have various feelings towards the financial sector but I find the operation you are referring to totally irresponsible

2017 06 14 Retrieve

[Jean-Claude Juncker congratulate the new taoiseach. Leo Varadkar, emphasising the common challenge posed by Brexit] I am confident that we will develop a close working relationship to tackle the various challenges facing Ireland and the European Union that lie ahead, including the consequences of the decision of the UK to leave the EU

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[Jean-Claude Juncker denies being a hypocrite following exclusive Citi talk] You have to know that I’m a speaker on behalf of the LSB. I’m not a client, or advisor, nor a consultant of Citi or anything else. I was supposed to give a speech on behalf of the LSB to an audience, many composed by Citi Bank guys, but I never entered detailed questions concerning the position of the Commission