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Name Jeremy Menez
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org France National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2014 09 27 Retrieve

[Jeremy Menez on PSG] Statistically, I am ahead of quite a few PSG players. I also marked the club’s history with my goal against Lyon which confirmed the Ligue 1 title in 2013. Lucas, he has been there for two years and has scored three goals. But he cost €40m-plus. And he is Brazilian. It’s perhaps better to be a foreigner at PSG. Me, I am French and a Parisian. I don’t have Twitter or Instagram, where I can send messages or pretty photos. I do not make films for social networks. I do not say, ‘Long live Paris! Long live Paris!’, in order to make myself liked. I am not like that. But that does not mean that I do not love my club, far from it. Quite simply, I’m not fake!

2015 01 10 Retrieve

[Jeremy Menez on smiling] I must smile more. My father and my brothers tell me so. But it’s misinterpreted because people think I’m not happy. I’m just a shy person and I think that in football, you must be fake to be loved. But I don’t like that, it’s not me

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Former international team-mate Jeremy Menez says Karim Benzema is still shutting his critics up, ten years into his career at Real Madrid] Of course, you can only admire his career. Being a player at Real Madrid for ten years, not many players have done that. Despite everything that has been said about him, he is still there, he’s working hard and he’s shutting people up. At any given moment you can make your career, but we have to recognise one thing: he was probably a harder worker than us and he got what he deserved, that’s all

The most important thing is to find my level, to get my fitness back and to enjoy myself with Paris FC. After that, we will wait and see what will happen. Right now, I’m missing most matches. You can train for a year, but if you do not play it’s not the same. Nothing replaces playing in every game. I’m probably less impulsive [than I used to be]. I answer less quickly. Today, I’m more reflective when I make decisions