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Name Jermain Defoe
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Bournemouth
  Toronto FC
  Tottenham Spurs

2012 11 30 Retrieve

[Beckham’s five-year stay with the Los Angeles Galaxy comes to an end this weekend and it appears clubs across the world are queuing up to sign the former England captain] He can come to Spurs if he wants - we’ll have him here. He’s a fantastic player and I think a credit to the game

If you talk about someone that’s done everything in a game and to still want to play and still have another challenge and still want to achieve something, when you’ve achieved so much, I think that’s a special person. He’s someone that I look up to, a legend in the game

[c is on the brink of surpassing Beckham’s goal tally for England, with both on 17] Sorry Becks but I think I’ll do it. One more goal. It would be nice, not because of overtaking people, but it’s always nice to score goals for your country. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and then, when you do it, it’s the best thing in the world

2014 01 13 Retrieve

[Jermain Defoe explains role new pal Drake played in his Toronto FC transfer] One night I was out at night in London having dinner and this number came up on my phone. It was Drake. You can imagine what that was like, it was quite surreal to be honest. He just said it is a fantastic city and that I would enjoy it. That the fans are amazing and there is a great sports scene – not just football but also other sports.

He just told me that if I came here the people would love me and that my family would enjoy it. He also said he would look forward to meeting me and showing me the city. It was a special phone call and I appreciated that

As a musician, Drake is someone who is up there with the greatest in the world. He is special and has a natural gift from God. He is a special person and I respect him highly. I actually met Drake about two years ago in London and at the time I was like a little kid with him because I love and appreciate his music.

2016 08 17 Retrieve

[What his family saw was a player who turned in a strong debut, earning plaudits from Moyes as well as veterans like star striker Jermain Defoe] Gooch came in and he was fantastic. He’s strong, he’s got legs and he didn’t look at all fazed or nervous, and it’s a massive game to come into so you’ve thrown him in the deep end, but he’s performed

2016 11 26 Retrieve

[Sunderland forward Jermain Defoe talks about his desire to surpass Michael Owen and reach 151 Premier League goals] Moving above Michael on to 151 would be a good place to be. Then my target would be to move closer to Robbie Fowler on 163. Then there’s Thierry Henry on 175 and Frank Lampard on 177

2017 08 12 Retrieve

[Jermain Defoe speaks about Bradley Lowery, the young Sunderland fan who died of cancer aged six in July] He was my best friend. It was genuine. He loved his football. He loved me. I loved him. There was nothing I could give him apart from just being a friend. Even towards the end when he was struggling, and I’d walk into the room, he would just jump up, and his mom said, ‘He’s not moved all day!’ So for me that’s how I saw him, it was a special feeling

2019 09 29 Retrieve

[Jermain Defoe is ‘all good’ after being involved in a car accident in Glasgow, but admitted the crash had left him in a bit of shock] I’m fine, I’m all good, I’m just going to go home and rest up. Still a bit in shock but I’m all good. Thank you for all your messages again

2020 03 27 Retrieve

[Jermain Defoe says Steven Gerrard is going to be a top, top, top manager] I have to give a shout out to my current manager, Mr Gerrard. He’s going to be a top, top, top manager. It’s a funny one because when I signed for Rangers, obviously you have a bit of banter in the changing room and the lads saying about how I’m pals with the gaffer and stuff like that, but he’s a natural. In terms of management he’s still fresh and he’s new but you can see that naturally he’s got everything. He always says to the players, ‘if you want to come speak to me about anything then my door is open’.

He’s approachable, which is really important as a manager. Sometimes there’s stuff you want to talk about and you might have personal problems and you might have stuff you want to talk about but feel uncomfortable going to the manager. But with Steven, you can talk to him about anything. He reminds me a little bit of Harry Redknapp and Sam Allardyce where you can just approach them and speak about anything

You don’t really expect to experience anything like this in your lifetime. Everyone has got to stick together and I want to give a big shout out, a thank you, to the NHS; to the doctors, the nurses, the ambulance drivers, the care workers … because this is an immense challenge. It’s something we’ve never faced before so I just want to pay respects to those people because they are the heroes in this. I can only imagine what it is like day in, day out having to deal with the people coming into hospitals every day. I’ve always respected the NHS; but my experiences when my dad wasn’t well a few years back, and obviously the stuff I went through with Bradley [Lowery], you see it first-hand. I remember going in to see my dad at the hospital and I remember speaking to the doctors and nurses and seeing how they work day in, day out; I was looking at the nurses thinking, ‘wow, I saw you yesterday, you were here all day yesterday and now you’re back here first thing the next day’. I’ve always known the work they always put in, but with the situation like this it’s gone to another level

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Jermain Defoe has described his decision to hand in a transfer request at West Ham in 2003 as a massive regret] When I look back at it now, I think I was maybe naive at the time. It felt like I was at school knocking on the headmaster’s door. If I saw someone do that now I’d be like, ‘Wow, that’s strange, you shouldn’t do that’. As a young player, you should never ask to leave the football club and hand in a transfer request. I didn’t even know about transfer requests then. I spoke to my agent at the time. He basically said to me and my family, this is something you need to do because you want to be playing in the Premier League and if you hand in a transfer request it gives you a better chance to leave the club. I should have turned around and asked more questions like, ‘Do I really need to do this?’ because if someone wanted me they’d come and get me. Of course it was a massive regret. It’s honesty from the heart, but I just didn’t know what I was doing at the time. I felt like I was on my own. All the stick that I got after was about me, not the agent or anyone else. In the paper is my face on a rat. Previous to that, everything in the back pages is of me scoring goals and it was all nice and good, but all of a sudden you’re dealing with this and it’s something completely different for me

[When asked how he reacted after being told by his agent that Juve were chasing his signature] I was like, ‘Wow, really?’ I was chuffed that a massive football club like Juventus wanted me. It’d be big going to a different league; I’ve always been confident and always felt like if I go there I’d go there and score goals. But I wanted to go back to Tottenham. I didn’t want to leave there in the first place, so of course, I want to go back home

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[Rangers striker Jermain Defoe has said club-mate Alfredo Morelos has the potential to play at the highest level] He’s really impressed me - he’s a natural goalscorer - I think people need to understand that he is still young. He has made mistakes, but he is still young, he is still learning. He has impressed me. I feel like this season, particularly the first part of the season, he improved a lot. His link up play, he was keeping the ball for us, scoring goals and just his all-round game had improved so much. Even away from that, he is funny in the changing room, as you can imagine, he’s a character. He is a nice guy. It is difficult for him because he is Colombian, his family are not here. He is here with his wife and sometimes she goes back and sees her family so sometimes he is just here on his own and it is really difficult for Alfredo and obviously we try and help him because he is a young lad, but he is a top, top player, a natural goalscorer

I feel like he would need to be in the right team - a team that creates chances because I believe that if he gets chances at any level I believe he can score. He has got that arrogance that he believes that he can score in every game