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Name Jesper Jansson
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Hammarby IF [Sporting Director]

2020 03 18 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich interested in Swedish 17-year-old striker Emil Roback] We have been contacted and we know about the interest […] There is a strong interest and it comes from several clubs. He has also been to Arsenal for a visit

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Jesper Jansson explains the reasons behind the match] We call it: ‘competition on training’. We have different steps to motivate our players and tomorrow’s game will be a part of it. We have three teams where there will be match play during training. We see it as a fun thing and as a challenge. It will be fun for the guys to turn up the tempo

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Hammarby sporting director Jesper Jansson says Ibrahimovic could sign for Hammarby when his AC Milan contract ends] Probably, I think so. But only Zlatan knows. At the moment he hasn’t said anything about it, and I certainly don’t have to tell him that we want him here. By now, I understand what he is made of, he won’t speak out on it when it is not 100 per cent certain, but obviously we would like this idea very much