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Name Jesse Lingard
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Manchester United


Agent Mino Raiola
Teammate Paul Pogba
  Marcus Rashford
  Ander Herrera
  Anthony Martial

2017 11 29 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard explains his bizarre goal celebration vs Watford] I think, in sport, you’ve just got to do what makes you happy. Obviously, I enjoyed the moment and, when you score, it is a big thing so you’ve got to take it in your stride. No, I’m not really [aware that fans don’t like it].

2018 01 01 Retrieve

[Manchester United star Jesse Lingard reveals secret to goalscoring run after Everton win] I’ve been pushing myself to get as many goals as I can this season. Playing on the left the boss has given me licence to cut inside. We’re only halfway through the season and we have to have a winning mentality

2018 12 07 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard on Manchester United attacking dynamism] It was good. It was good. We played close together and I think that is very important – when one gets the ball, the other two make the movement, with one coming close and the other running in behind. We had a really good understanding. I think, off the pitch, obviously me and Marcus Rashford are very close and, of course, that helps on the pitch with communication

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard admits to having snubbed Liverpool and Manchester City to link up with Manchester United] It was left down to me to pick a club and I felt United were best suited to me personally. (Manchester) City, Liverpool, Everton and I think Crewe at the time (were interested) but I knew Man United was my home. I have a picture in a United kit when I was one year old. When I was seven I had trials and signed when I was nine.

[Lingard has learned to turn a deaf ear to his detractors] There are a lot of things on social media, with people saying nasty things. You can’t get drawn into all that stuff. I don’t read that stuff, I don’t read papers. That’s why it’s tough for young footballers coming through now, they’re so attracted to social media and what people are saying about them, they don’t actually know how good they are themselves. For me, I just don’t read anything online. When I first got into the first team I started reading things like that, but now I still don’t read it if it’s going well. One person can hate you and one person can love you, that’s just life. You have to get on with it. We’ve got to play in front of 75,000 people every week. At United, it’s the biggest club in the world, so you get criticised either way. For us as players, we’ve just got to get on with it and be thick-skinned. I love football. I love training, I love playing, I love the fans, the stadiums. I love everything about football. For me, I’m an out-and-out footballer

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Man City to work with police after fan allegedly aims racist monkey taunt in direction of Lingard & Fred] Manchester City FC are aware of a video circulating on social media which appears to show a supporter making racial gestures during the second half of the match against Manchester United this evening. Officials from the club are working with Greater Manchester Police in order to help them identify any individuals concerned and assist with their enquiries. The club are also working with GMP regarding an instance of objects being thrown onto the field of play. The club operates a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination of any kind, and anyone found guilty of racial abuse will be banned from the club for life

2019 01 26b Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard talks about his relationship with his grandfather] From that day, when I joined the academy, it kind of became our dream, you know? You don’t get there alone, I don’t care who you are. You need people to back you. And he backed me every single day

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard says taking the Manchester United captaincy for a Europa League clash with Astana will be a massive honour] It’s a massive honour. I said at the start of the season I’d like to be more of a leader type of person, on and off the field. You know, being one of the most senior players in the squad. Now is the perfect time to show that

[Lingard has no concerns regarding the ability of an exciting crop of youngsters] I know them inside out and they train with us, pretty much every day. You see the talent every day and hopefully they can show it out there

[United have been able to ring the changes as their place in the last 32 of the Europa League is already secured] I know we’ve pretty much qualified but, for the mentality, we know we need to win the game. That’s how we’re going to prepare for it. I’ve been around a lot of the youngsters and you’ve got to lead the way, set an example and be a role model and I’ll try to do that

2019 11 28b Retrieve

[Lingard also had his say on Manchester United’s youngsters] It’s huge for the youth of Manchester United. Manchester United have always been about bringing academy products through and there were plenty of debuts today

2019 11 29 Retrieve

[Lingard targeting trophies as he aims get back to ‘the Jesse that everyone knows’] There’s always that hunger and fight for positions and obviously it goes down to form and where you’re at club-wise so, for me, it’s about getting back to the Jesse that everyone knows and the Jesse Lingard that I know. Things can affect that on the pitch, off the pitch, but mentality is key, confidence is key and belief is key. I’m a player who likes to score goals, make assists and, for me, I need to get back to that, back to my best and I feel I’m slowly but surely getting back there

[For Lingard, cups are what count, and he has more than one in his sights right now] For club, my ambition is definitely a trophy. We’ve worked so hard last season, this season we started off well. A trophy is in our sights and we have to concentrate on winning a trophy, getting that winning feeling by lifting a trophy. For England, Euros is a really important competition. It’s in Europe, quite a few games at Wembley, a ground we’re used to, so the ball’s in our court and I feel we can do well in that competition. Any competition that Man United are in, we want to win that trophy. The Europa League, we want to win that, the FA Cup, the EFL Cup, we want as many trophies as we can. That’s down to everyone’s mentality and we have that winning mentality at United. That’s what we expect

2019 11 30 Retrieve

[Man Utd star Lingard reveals Ronaldinho advice that has helped shape his career] I remember meeting him in America a few years ago, he said to me: ‘No matter what, always enjoy football, always play with a smile on your face’. After that, I constantly do that. It’s mad watching videos of him, then actually meeting him and it felt mad for him to actually have that advice for me. You take that on board from one of the all-time greats. Everyone who dreamed of being a footballer and is a footballer, our dreams are made and we’re in a nice position so all I can do is smile. Of course, you want to win the game but that enjoyment side is important

[Lingard went on to express his own desire to win another trophy] For my club, my ambition is definitely a trophy. We’ve worked so hard last season and this season we started off well. A trophy is in our sights and we have to concentrate on winning a trophy, getting that winning feeling by lifting a trophy

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Lingard: I feel back to myself after rediscovering Man Utd spark] I feel good, I feel back to myself, I feel fit, I feel sharp. I love working for the team, I love winning games and playing matches

[Pressed further on whether the Jesse he knows has returned] Yes, he’s back now, he’s back, he is there. People go through dips in form, it’s just about finding the right balance and getting back to your usual self which I have. Of course you’re frustrated when you’re not playing. You’ve still got to have the right attitude and right mentality when you do go on and try to make an impact. I felt like I did against Sheffield United and from there I’ve kicked on

[Lingard admits the Red Devils are feeling buoyant, but says they will not be getting carried away] We can’t be too overjoyed, we’ve still got the rest of the season to play for. We take each game as it comes, we concentrate on the next game, we don’t want to be thinking about previous wins but obviously you are going to take confidence and happiness from that game. For us it’s all about working hard, working together and sticking together through the tough times which we have. We’re going to go through dips here and there but it’s about maintaining and keeping that momentum now

2019 12 10b Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard says Marcus Rashford has scored 13 goals in his last 14 appearances for Manchester United and England but there is even more to come from him] He’s been doing really well. He’s so humble and down to earth and he loves to work hard, and it shows in the matches. He’s only so young, he’s only 22, and the world is his oyster at the moment. Football’s all about enjoyment and he loves scoring goals, he loves celebrating. That’s what he’s there to do, he’s there to score goals

[Asked if there is more to come] 100 per cent. He’s only so young and he’s still learning. There’s a lot more up his sleeve. He’s there to score goals. He wanted to take pens at the start of the season and in each and every game his confidence is growing and it runs throughout the team

2019 12 12 Retrieve

[Lingard avoids Man Utd contract question: Who knows what will happen in the future?] I’ve been at United so long, it’s like a family. It’s such a tight-knit group, from the fans to the staff, everyone’s so close and together. Who knows what will happen in the future but at the moment I’m enjoying my football. He’s been a person I can speak to about different things, different issues. He’ll always help you out, he always has a helping hand, so he’s been brilliant with me. He’s always wanted to see me get back to my best, he knows what kind of player I am and what I can bring to the team. It’s good to be back.

[Quizzed on how the Red Devils are feeling] Confident. It’s all about belief for us. You’ve seen the way we’ve played over the last two games and if we can have that mindset for every game – starting quick, starting aggressive, with that intensity – we can beat anyone. As a team, we’re solid, we’re compact. We defend well, hit them on the transition and counter really well. Like I say, it is all about mindset. We could’ve scored three or four against City and if those goals go in, the game’s done

I said at the start of the season I’d like to become more vocal on and off the pitch, more of a leader on and off the pitch. The Astana game was perfect for that. From being at the club since I was seven, it’s a huge honour and me and my family are so proud. Everyone back home was watching and were so happy. For me, that was the first step. It’s about carrying it on now

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard admits he thought his Manchester United career was over following a social media post during a year in which family problems have taken their toll on his form] It genuinely was a mistake to post it. I have a lot of young followers and I would never put that out there deliberately. It was an accident. I was meaning to send it privately to one of my friends. I was on a plane waiting to take off. Someone from the club texted me and said: ‘Take the video down’. When I realised what I had done, my heart just sank into my stomach. I was like, ‘I am done at United now. This is the final straw’. I was told the manager was going mad, but I was in the air for two hours and literally couldn’t do anything. When I got back, I came in early to speak to the manager and apologise. He said I was on my last chance. He said I had to get my head down and that is what I have done. I am not stupid

[Lingard went to the manager to explain his off-the-field concerns, which have also included his grandfather battling cancer and his grandmother being unwell] I wasn’t performing, and he was on me all the time. He wanted more from me. So, I felt it was best to get everything off my chest and tell him why my head wasn’t right. So, I knocked on his door. I am a person who likes to deal with stuff on his own but it’s not necessarily the right thing to do. I always use the phrase ‘be yourself’ but I have realised now that there are times when you just can’t be. My dad and older brother, Louie, have been great support but some of this stuff has broken my heart, you know?

He has just told me that everything will be okay. Maybe I just needed someone to say that. He said he just wanted the old Jesse back and maybe I can give him that now

2019 12 15 Retrieve

[Lingard hails Man Utd striker and ‘rock’ Fred after upturn in fortunes] Rashford is flying. He is there to score goals, and he enjoys scoring goals. Every day he is practising in training and it is working on the pitch. Practice makes perfect, and he is always staying behind and practising on his shooting. I am not surprised. [He is] a proper Manc, he is born and bred here and he loves Manchester United

[On Fred he added] In the last two games, he has been solid in midfield. He is a real rock. We can rely on him when we press high to back us. He has been doing really well at the moment. We just concentrate on our one job and that’s to win the game

[Lingard believes the 2-1 win over City has provided the squad with a huge boost] It was a huge win. We take so much confidence from that game. We look forward now. We don’t want to dwell too long on it but it was a good solid performance. We have to believe in ourselves and back ourselves. We take confidence from that. When we start as we did, no one can handle us. We have to concentrate on our job and what we can do

[Lingard is of the belief that playmaker Angel Gomes will be the next young star to make the grade] He is the next one to come through. I have seen his ability since a young age. He is unbelievable. Every day in training, he is always working hard and just waiting for his opportunity. He is very creative, skilful and he has got a bit of pace

2019 12 25 Retrieve

[Lingard questions Man Utd’s mentality as he eyes England recall] It’s strange. Maybe it’s a mindset thing. Maybe it’s our mentality going into the match thinking we’ve already won the game. If we keep the consistency and mentality we had against City and Tottenham, I don’t see why we can’t win every game. It seems like our mentality changes. To keep that consistency throughout the rest of the season when we come against the mid-table teams, we need to have the same mentality that we did going into the City and Tottenham game. When we start with energy and on the front foot, we’ll cause teams problems all day long.

[Lingard, now 27, is eager to continue setting an example for the club’s younger players] I’m in between at the moment. I said at the start of the season that I would like to become a bit of a leader on and off the pitch. I’ve always come through the ranks and not been that vocal, but now I’d like to take that leadership on and be a bit more responsible in the changing room before games. I’ve started to do that. We’ve got a lot of the academy boys coming through the ranks now. They’re getting their time to shine and are doing really well, and we’ve got experienced players as well who have won trophies. That blend is working perfectly for us at the moment

[Struggling to contribute in the final third for United, Lingard has fallen out of the England squad] I’m 100 per cent determined to get back in. I’m back to my old self and that’s what Ole and Gareth [Southgate] want to see. For me, it’s doing well for Man United first and then England will come. I’ve just got to keep what I’ve been doing for the last few games

2019 12 31 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard sees so much potential in Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial and backed the fearsome frontmen to keep confidence flowing at Manchester United] They’ve been firing. It’s been great to watch and they’re still young with so much potential. They’re very humble guys too and they want to work hard day in, day out, which is great to see. They’ve played together for a few years now and they understand each other and have a good relationship off the pitch as well - that definitely helps.

We take a lot of belief [from those wins] and the confidence is flowing at the moment. Away games are always tough and you get your hostile atmospheres, but we’re used to that and as long as we stick to our game plan and our tactics, then hopefully we can win the game. Confidence and focus is very important. It could be a game where Arsenal have a lot of the ball, or we have a lot of the ball, but we’re a very good counterattacking team and a very good transition team, so hopefully we can catch them on the break here and there. We’ve done it most times when we’ve played them away, so that will hopefully be one of our strong points

[Old adversaries Arsenal will be something of an unknown quantity for United in their next meeting] It can be difficult if you don’t know the style of play [when a new manager comes in]. But we’ll be well prepared and it’s about focus and concentration and keeping that consistency in every game, and having the same mentality

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Lingard relief as he ends 366-day wait for Man Utd goal] I’ve not been in the best form. It’s always good to score a goal and help the team. A lot of people contributed. It was a well-rounded performance by the team. We knew it would be tough but we’ve come through. An early goal always helps to settle crowd down

2020 03 27 Retrieve

[Lingard lifts lid on self-isolation] We have a WhatsApp group with the fitness coach. He’s giving us daily fitness plans to do all week, so we’re all keeping active. We’re in contact with the manager and the coaching staff, seeing how they’re getting on, so we’re still a tight-knit group

I’ve been in the kitchen more than I’m used to. I’ve not really cooked throughout my years so now is the perfect time to get into it a bit more

[Romelu Lukaku and Ashley Young are among those to have left United for Serie A giants Inter] I speak to Ash quite regularly on FaceTime. He’s with his family, keeping fit and staying active. I spoke to Rom, he’s doing the same. We have to come together in these hard times

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard, who had loan spells at Leicester, Birmingham, Brighton and Derby, has some advice for the next crop of stars coming through] Believe in yourself, in your own ability. For me, I was always small, when I was in the Under-18s I played most Under-16s games because a lot of people were bigger than me, but it didn’t faze me. I always worked hard, I always stayed behind, always did the right thing

I think it’s just working hard, and sticking to the plan but, sometimes you go off course. I went on loan, I had to battle there and fight for my place when I came back to United. I got injured on my debut so I was out for six months, so I have had a lot of setbacks but if you keep fighting, work hard and keep believing, your dreams will come true

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard admits he has encountered his share of setbacks at Manchester United] I was always small, when I was in the Under-18s I played most Under-16s games because a lot of people were bigger than me, but it didn’t faze me. I always worked hard, I always stayed behind, always did the right thing. I think it’s just working hard, and sticking to the plan but, sometimes you go off course. I went on loan, I had to battle there and fight for my place when I came back to United. I got injured on my debut so I was out for six months, so I have had a lot of setbacks but if you keep fighting, work hard and keep believing, your dreams will come true. It’s the biggest club in the world so it’s tough to start at the bottom and work your way up. There’s a lot of obstacles on the way, a lot of highs and lows, but when you finally get to the end you’re playing for the first team week in, week out, you cherish every moment that you’ve been through

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Lingard: Man Utd can keep up momentum of 11-match unbeaten run when football returns] I feel like we can. I’ve spoken to a lot of the lads and everyone is training hard. We’re all on the same training programme and we’re all ready and waiting to go. It’s a slow process. We’ve got to keep ticking over and maintain our fitness so when we do go back we can get off to a flying start and pick up where we left off.

I think it’s about taking the right steps and the right procedures, just to make sure that everyone is safe. We need to go back when it’s safe. Obviously, everyone is missing football. It’s been a long time and I know a lot of people are getting agitated. It’s about following the right protocol and making sure everyone is healthy and safe

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Lingard looked to model game on Messi & Beckham when making Man Utd breakthrough] I used to watch the likes of Ronaldinho, [Andres] Iniesta and [Lionel] Messi. But obviously coming through the club, I used to watch Ryan Giggs, Scholesy, Becks, Nicky Butt, the Nevilles, the Class of ‘92. I used to watch all the videos of them seasons at home so I had a really good understanding of how they played. They were all British players and they reached the top and won trophies, so it was really inspiring for me to look at that at a young age and I thought ‘I’m young, but eventually I’ll be in their position and I want to know how they do it’. So I’d say the Class of ‘92 were an inspiration for me at that young age

Obviously you watch players and try and take something from their game to yours. Each player individually has their own talent and ability. You can watch players and take different elements of people’s game and try and add them into yours. Sometimes I watch Messi off the ball and see how sharp he is

2020 05 18b Retrieve

[Lingard admits to lows at Manchester United but believes in long-term trophy vision] The main thing is to concentrate on the game, to get the win. That’s the most important thing. I just think of all the lows that I’ve had, I’m here now, coming onto the pitch and doing what I love doing best. I love playing football and I’m at Man United, so you try and be positive in that aspect and your family are there watching. You’ve just got to go out there and enjoy it, take the positives

I think when I was coming through, the history of the club stuck out a lot to me. The amount of trophies that had been won over the years was so inspiring. As a young lad coming through at that time, you can see the success, you know it’s there and you can’t wait to work hard to get into their shoes and be winning trophies as well. We go through different stages of life where things change, managers come in and life transitions but as a club we have that backing behind us. We do have that never-say-die attitude. We have that hunger to win

2020 05 24 Retrieve

[Lingard compares Ibrahimovic at Manchester United to Michael Jordan] I think it’s very inspiring and there’s a lot of different personalities in the team like [Dennis] Rodman, [Scottie] Pippen, Michael Jordan but they all come together on a day and to get the job done. It was really inspiring to see the work ethic from Jordan to make his teammates become the best and it paid off in the end. It was a really inspiring story

I have to say Zlatan. As soon as he came to Man Utd you could feel that aura around him. He had that winning mentality and that drove us, motivated us to win many trophies. Not many people have had that effect. He had that raw winning mentality; he’d played at big clubs before and had that winning mentality. He came to Man Utd and said he wanted to win trophies. At that time, I was a young player, Marcus Rashford was young. As soon as we won that first trophy it made us hungry for more, so I’d say he brought that winning factor and winning mentality to the team.

I couldn’t wait to get back to football but since being back it’s been great. At the moment we’re currently training in groups with specific time slots and it’s been good just to get my boots on and back on the grass with the balls and around my teammates and coaches. If it wasn’t a safe environment then we wouldn’t be training, but we follow the right protocols, we get tested every two days and we keep our distance when group training as well. At the moment we’re taking everything so steady and we’re waiting on the government to give the green light for the next step but none of the players would be there if we didn’t feel it was safe

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Lingard hoping for ‘fresh start’ at Man Utd when Premier League resumes] Obviously to finish the season. You know I wanted to go back in fitter, sharper than last season to play every game. I’ve kind of forgot about last season, we move forward and even though the season’s not finished, I feel like it’s another little fresh start. Finishing a season, it feels like a mini-season for me, so to go back in, like I say, flying from the get-go, in which I feel good and then, obviously, for next season to just carry on. I have the right attitude, I have the right desire, I have the right hunger to win games to play for United to obviously win trophies which is one of the most important things. I think we can get there, we all need to push each other to new heights, day in, day out in training. So I don’t see why we can’t take it into the game too. But trophies are the main thing and individual targets like goals and assists, I have a lot else that I target before the season because I do that anyway but last season, for some reason I didn’t set any targets. My mind wasn’t there, I wasn’t really pushing myself. It felt like it weren’t me. You feel like when you watch yourself you’re like ‘that’s not Jesse.’ I know who I am and my family know who I am, I know how I play and, like I say, I didn’t really push myself last season. So this season I’m gonna have targets, I’m gonna have goals that I need to hit, individually and as a team as well

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard has lauded the potential of Manchester United teenager Mason Greenwood,] He knows the game of football, he shoots right to left foot. Still to this day I don’t know what foot he is! He can score free-kicks with his left, take corners with his right. When he has been given the opportunity, he shows what he can do. It doesn’t matter about age, as long as you can perform on the day, and do the job for the team, you’ll be in the team. He is learning at a rapid rate at the moment

Mason, he is a cheeky chappy. He is a good lad, holds his own in the changing room, holds his banter

2020 06 05 Retrieve

[Jesse Lingard says Pogba’s the complete player & a Man Utd leader] I grew up with Paul and when he first came you could see the technical ability that he possessed at such a young age. He’s gone on to win the World Cup and many trophies with Juventus and us. He’s the all-round player, the complete player. He’s always positive and has a good energy off the field. He’s humble and one of the best guys you could meet. He’s always positive in the dressing room and picks the lads up when they’re down. That shows on the field as well. It’s hard for the lads to get the ball off him because he’s so strong. He’s become the leader-type and has taken on that responsibility really well

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Lingard has a point to prove with Manchester United opportunities running out] I wanted to go back in fitter, sharper, than last season, to play every game. I’ve kind of forgotten about last season, we move forward. And even though the season’s not finished, I feel like it’s another little fresh start. Finishing the season, it feels like a mini-season for me, to go back in flying from the get-go and then next season just carry on