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Name Jody Morris
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Chelsea Assistant Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Chelsea FC [Assistant Coach of Frank Lampard]

2013 01 01 Retrieve

[Morris told The Independent in 2013 when recalling the time a camera crew from Barcelona visited the training ground to speak to him about Xavi] What’s going on here? I said, ‘Oh, you know, it’s just about Xavi’. He gave that interview when he was one of the best in the world, so it was great for me. Mind you, he was bloody brilliant when I played against him too!

2019 01 04 Retrieve

[Morris on players debuts] Pochettino again giving young academy players debuts..there’s opportunities to give minutes you just have to want to give them!!

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[on Chelsea] Chelsea has, is and always will be my club - I count myself extremely lucky to have been born close enough to the stadium that it was my local club and I became a fan. Then, to play a few games and win a couple of trophies for the team that I supported and had been a part of since I was eight years old was a dream come true

[Wise told last season] I think they are both very honest. I think they tell people what they expect. I think they are very detailed on what they want from their players and then you always need a little bit of luck, always on your side. If they get the luck, they have already got the detail and understanding

2019 09 02 Retrieve

[Jody Morris followed Lampard back to Stamford Bridge this summer, and he admitted he was thrilled with the likes of Mount and Tammy Abraham’s performances] It is special. I have said it many times in my time here. There is nothing I want to see more at this football club than people from the academy building coming over to the first team and being a success. Now, it is far from being mission accomplished, but the four goals we have scored so far in this Premier League season have come from academy boys. To see Tammy and Mason on the scoresheet was extra special because they are a couple of players I have known since they were 14 or 15 years of age, and someone like Joe Edwards has known them since they were seven or eight. As a homegrown ex-player myself, I always want to see people getting that opportunity. Even if you take the transfer ban out of the equation, you are looking at a manager who wants to give youth a chance, but they know they have got to earn it and they won’t be getting a leg-up for no reason. When they are playing at the level some of these young players are at, and showing what they are capable of in training, then you would be silly not to give them a chance

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[That is a view shared by Lampard’s assistant Jody Morris, who coached Callum Hudson-Odoi during his time with Chelsea’s under-age teams] He has still got a lot to do [to become a complete player]. He will get a lot of plaudits because he has shown in glimpses that he has got real, real quality. But he also showed that he needs to mature and that he needs to follow instructions. He has got a lot to learn but he has certainly got a chance of making it to the top if he keeps his feet on the ground and matures properly. There’s a young kid there that has got a fantastic amount of talent. Nobody wants to see him succeed more than me. Some of the things he does with a football are fantastic, but you also want to shake him at times!

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Chelsea assistant Jody Morris calls on his side to be ‘more nasty’ and kill off matches] There needs to be ruthlessness to your game and you need to be clinical. There are moments in games where maybe we would like some of them to be a bit more nasty but we’ve certainly proved we can be like that

We’ve gone into games and out-fought teams and worked harder. But the relentlessness of our work rate has been good most of the time, but you do need that little bit of quality. You need to perform when your stock has gone up and people start valuing you as a player more and respecting you more. It’s the same as a team. When a team sets up and start working you out more, you need to rely on a few players to perform, particularly further up the pitch, and create more chances by varying up their game. Maybe we haven’t done that as well, but it’s a collective effort. We can all get better at creating chances, whether it is from winning the ball back high up the pitch or from going a little bit back to front quicker. We can all get better at creating chances, whether it be from winning the ball up higher or from going a little bit back to front

[The likes of Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, Fikayo Tomori and Reece James have stepped up this season but are now facing the club’s first bad run of form. Morris says they aren’t to blame for the club’s dip, but that too many players are currently suffering from patchy personal form to put a run of wins together] I don’t think it’s just the young players. I wouldn’t say it’s the shackles either. They get enough freedom in the way we want to play and express ourselves. Frank certainly, certainly wants the players to play with a bit of freedom, especially further up the pitch

That’s maybe something we’ve been lacking a bit. I don’t think it’s just the young players. I feel we’ve got to remain in control sometimes. When we’re making a few mistakes, it can snowball into making more mistakes rather than simplifying the game or ride out the spells where we’ve been poor. They’ve maybe gone on for a bit longer than they should. When you’ve got a young group maybe there’s a tendency for the odd slip of form or the consistency levels can go up and down maybe a little bit more than the more experienced players. I think the reason why we haven’t maybe performed as well as we would like is because the numbers of the people that have maybe not been quite as consistent as they would like is higher than it should be. You can get away with it, especially if you come up against a team that is not giving you massive, massive problems. But our numbers, the ones that have maybe been a little bit inconsistent, is more than just two or three and it’s not just the young lads

[Morris gave an insight into the mind of the 41-year-old who is looking to win silverware in his first season at the helm] The results would maybe point towards it being maybe his first major test as a manager, but we have had moments when we have been winning games where we have been just as frustrated. He is one of those who lives and breathes it, only last night you will get a text message saying look at this look at that, he is passionate about improving players, passionate about winning. It is not just the results that maybe you would think he is maybe getting a little bit frustrated, there have been times I remember at Derby when we were winning games but certain things were not being carried out that we were asking for, so yeah he is a deep thinker and he wants to come up with ways that players and as a group can improve. He is forever coming up with moments with staff where we can improve and where we can do better, maybe what we should be looking at. He was like that as a player and he is like that as a manager, like that with us as staff, he expects us to be coming to him with things where we need to improve. He is like that himself it is not just the results that have him thinking like that

2020 01 03b Retrieve

[Jody Morris says Chelsea won’t let Batshuayi & Giroud ‘walk out the door’ but transfer business is possible] He still plays for Chelsea. We can’t just let players walk out the door if we’re going to be short somewhere. We need to look at individuals but he’s been a class act and a top professional. I don’t envisage there being any problems in that regard. Everyone is valuable. We’ve viewed every single player as a valuable asset. You never know what can happen with injuries or form

[Quizzed on whether Moussa Dembele expects arrivals] There’s a couple of areas you’d be looking at but it will all depend on what the momvements are from within the club as well. I’m not as privy to those conversations as the manager is but I’m sure there’s a little bit of work going on behind the scenes. Any movements or anybody brought in or going out the door will need to be for the benefit of the club and improve the squad. There isn’t any point in bringing anybody in that isn’t going to improve us and I know that the manager and powers that be are looking at those.

2020 01 04 Retrieve

[Jody Morris has admitted that Callum Hudson-Odoi is not at his best right now] Me and Joe Edwards have both worked with him. Frank, not so much but he was around quite a lot with me when Callum was working with me. Being away for a year, a lot can happen in a year, especially at such a young age. We all saw what happened with his contract but now that’s done and dusted it is a little bit like let’s knuckle down and get to work.

The signs at the moment are that he wants to do that. He wants to work hard and improve. The proof is in the pudding and when he gets his chance, he has to make sure he is ready to take it. But we do have to keep reminding ourselves that to rupture you Achilles as an 18-year-old, having not played much first-team football and to play the way we want to play then it will take time, I think. Not only he is young and he hasn’t gone through any tough spells in his life at the moment. I can’t remember when he has had a serious injury like he has had before. Everything has been plain sailing throughout the academy.

He was one of the best players in the building for a long time. He did okay last year when he came in, albeit not in the kind of bigger games but remember his age, the fact he hasn’t played regular first-team football and the seriousness of the injury.

I think those are things you do have to take into account; you need to give the kid time. Can he do better? Yes. He knows he can do better. He has been told he can do better, but at the same time, there are moments when you see things he is doing like in the Southampton game that we have asked of him off-the-ball.

Although some might look from the outside and say he didn’t have the best game but there were things he was trying to do that we asked him to do in the first-half that was pleasing for the manager. So there is a bit of a balancing act of, yes you need to perform, but at the same time you need to take into account those points that I said

[Chelsea moved to renew Hudson-Odoi’s contract early in the season] He certainly isn’t showing any signs of that in being around the place. You have always got to make sure. He has been asking me about his clips that he wants to go through a couple of days ago so I quite like that from him. He wanted to look at the game and go through clips and when someone is actively trying to improve, then you have got a chance

I think the level of player that we have produced is giving them a better chance of maybe making that step. They probably have a better chance now Frank is manager than they have had previously but, at the same time, just because they do well as young players as 15, 16, 17 years olds, going to do it in the first team for Chelsea is difficult.

Sometimes you come in and do well because nobody really knows too much about you but then the real tough part comes when there is demands weekly regular demands. It is about whether you can live up to those expectations and only time will tell and only if you perform well, in the beginning, to stay in there.

Of course, there is no way I can get away from the fact that I am a homegrown player myself. I am a massive Chelsea fan so there is nothing better [than seeing academy talent]. I think every club is like that there is nothing better than seeing their homegrown players coming through.

The fact we have had seven debutants this year is suggesting we are maybe giving some of them a chance, but it is not just about getting debuts it is about whether you can get some regulars. Some people competing to start week-in week-out.

There’s some young lads here who are certainly not ready to play week-in week-out but at the same time, they are at least knocking on the door to try and impress the manager. As you can see, you never know what is going to come around the corner when you have got Mason Mounts and Tammy Abrahams. I am not sure they would have thought years ago that they are going to play many games for Chelsea

2020 01 04b Retrieve

[Frank Lampard is not scared of being the bad cop when Chelsea’s players need to be told an unpleasant truth] We are different personalities, but there have certainly been moments when he’s 100 per cent the bad cop. Maybe I’m just a bit more of a moody face than he is on the touchline! I think there’s elements where things need to be said, and 99 per cent of the time it’s him that says it. You have to take the players individually at times when you have to weigh up how you would treat them and I certainly know the manager does that. He has close relationships with some of them. But if he has to give some of them a kick up the backside, he has no problem doing it

The results would maybe point towards it being his first test as a manager. But we’ve had moments when we’ve been winning games where we’ve been just as frustrated. And he’s one of those that he lives and breathes it. Last night we were getting text messages about ‘look at this, look at that’. He’s passionate about improving players, he’s passionate about winning. But it’s not just the results that might push him to being frustrated. I remember spells at Derby where we were winning games but certain things we were asking for weren’t being carried out. He’s a deep thinker and he wants to come up with ways to help players individually and as a group

2020 01 06 Retrieve

[Hudson-Odoi was caught on his Achilles during the game against Nottingham Forest] Not only is he young but he hasn’t gone through any tough spells in his life at the moment. can’t remember when he has had a serious injury like he has had before. Everything has been plain sailing throughout the academy

He was one of the best players in the building for a long time. He did okay last year when he came in, albeit not in the kind of bigger games but, remember his age, the fact he hasn’t played regular first-team football and the seriousness of the injury. I think those are things you do have to take into account; you need to give the kid time. Can he do better? Yes. He knows he can do better

2020 02 04 Retrieve

[Jody Morris says Chelsea becoming a lot of people’s second team] We’re almost becoming a lot of people’s favourite second team now because of the amount of young English players that have been getting opportunities. I’ve always been a massive advocate for playing young players but they have to be good enough, they have to pull their weight and be professional, they have to want to play for Chelsea and put the hard hours in. If you have an academy like ours, why would you not look at the ones that are good enough? Thankfully, the way we raise the young players here, they’ve come over and wanted to grab their opportunities, hence why there have been so many debuts and so many minutes given to the home-grown players this season

I’m surprised but just really proud of it – I’d love for it to stay there forever. I know I didn’t make ground-breaking news as a player at Chelsea but I’m proud of the fact that I’m a local lad. I did manage to come through at a time when it was very difficult and I managed to play a decent amount of games, even if I feel it should have been more. To hold any type of record at a super club like Chelsea is something I’ll always be proud of and it’s incredibly special to me. It’s something I’ll always hold dear, even if it is eventually broken