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Name Joe Montemurro
Gender Male
Ethnic Australian
Job Australian Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Arsenal Women [Head Coach]

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Joe Montemurro was in disbelief when he was told of his nomination for the The Best FIFA Women’s Coach] I thought someone was playing a joke on me, I’ll be honest with you. I walked off the park and went in to my office and there was a text message saying congratulations from an ex-player of mine. She’s a bit of a joker and we always have a bit of banter between us. I thought she was being silly. Then a couple of other people came in and showed me stuff and I realised it was true

[After starting as assistant to Joyce in the 2017 A-League pre-season, Montemurro switched to a different role at the club because of creative differences between the two tacticians] There was no tension, issues or sacking whatsoever. It was obviously just a new coach coming in and [Joyce] had his beliefs on the way things should be done. Warren had his own ideas and it was a situation where we had different views and approaches on the game – which is normal. He wanted things done his certain way and I supported him 100 percent to the point I could. Everyone has their own opinion on the way things should be done and we had some style differences. We just felt it was better if I took on another role, instead of working with Warren. I’ve got a lot of respect for Warren and for what he does

[Uprooting your life and moving overseas is a huge thing for anyone to undertake] There wasn’t any second thoughts at the journey overseas. There is a big change in terms of difference in lifestyle and ideas and attitude. But I can’t thank Arsenal enough for giving me this opportunity - I’m very happy. I think like anything, you want to test yourself on the best scale possible and you want to be the best in the world at the highest level. I’m grateful that I’ve got this opportunity. It’s amazing [to work at Arsenal]. Just the constant learning and the values and humilities of these big organisations – they really value who they are and how they are perceived. This is right throughout the club and everyone who works at the club from the people doing the operational work to the football people to the people in the media to the people in commercial. And when you are in there, you understand why they are the size that they are and what they mean to a lot of people around the world. I’ve been blessed to be an Arsenal supporter my whole life and have seen the club develop. Now I have the opportunity to see hands on why they are a great club

The role was to bring the club back to competing with the best teams in Europe. We always said that Arsenal needs to be in the top four-six teams in Europe. There was a lot of work stabilising the squad and getting the mentality right. The players have been fantastic. They are the ones who have brought forward the ideas and methodology in the way we want to play. They have also brought this to life in everyday actions and in training too. They deserve the credit to bringing it back to where it is. We think we have stabilised it now and got somewhere we hope we can move forward and keep going at the level we are going at

[He also understands that he is in a position to be a flag-bearer for Australian coaches, hoping to pave the way for others to reach the top] The beauty of coaching is that it never ends. There is never a day where you can’t learn anymore. The constant journey of development is the exciting bit that I love about the profession. Sometimes you have just got to pinch yourself and realise where you’re at. But in the end I’ve got an opportunity to test myself on the highest level possible in the world. Hopefully I can bring the flag forward for Australian coaches that we are good enough, that we are talented enough and we can do things on the world scale

2019 09 16 Retrieve

[Montemurro was able to give all of Vivianne Miedema, Van de Donk and Jill Roord a well-deserved rest with his second-half substitutions, while Jordan Nobbs, coming back from an ACL injury, got 30 minutes under her belt] We’ve only had three days to prepare following our Champions League game against Fiorentina, but that’s our reality this season and I’ll make sure we’re ready to go

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Joe Montemurro back in Australia for personal reasons, his assistant, Aaron D’Antino, stepped in, and the Gunners were faultless still, beating London Bees 9-0 in the Continental Cup and Everton 3-1 in the league] I like working with smaller squads because you can give greater care to players and really develop them into your style and into your plan for the team. My utopia is having 16 or 17 players who you can put into the team at any one time and not detect any real change in the way you play. If you’ve got 26 players, the reality is that someone becomes player 26 and they know player 25 has to get injured before they even have a chance of seeing the matchday squad. Having a smaller squad means everyone feels closer to the starting XI

2020 01 15 Retrieve

[Arsenal boss Joe Montemurro would not be drawn on the topic of Chelsea star Sam Kerr ahead of the two teams meeting Sunday] It’s not for me to comment about other teams and what they do and how they do it, but the reality is that Chelsea have a number of very, very good players and obviously Sam Kerr is a component of that. We go into the game worrying about ourselves, so that’s why I don’t feel scared about who we play. We worry about how we’re going to play, and how we’re going to command and dictate the game. I don’t look at individual players or individual scenarios, we just look at making sure we play the way we want to play. We’re a team that wants the ball and wants to keep the ball and when we have the opportunity to get comfortable and play the way we want to play, I’m sure we’ll find the spaces to exploit them

[Asked what he learned from that game, in which Arsenal actually led early on through Danielle van de Donk] That we have to continue at our rhythm, at our tempo, at our style for 90 minutes. We can’t afford to drop it. They’re a team that are very quick in transition and are very direct. We lost our way a little bit in the second half and we just need continuity. We need to make sure we start well and we finish well. I’m sure that we’ll be competitive and make sure we get the best we can out of the game.

It’s a mindset of continuity, it’s a mindset of playing the 90 minutes, it’s a mindset of not being able to relax for any period of that game. We’ll work to our high tempo, we’ll work to the tempo that is going to give us the standard we need for a result on Sunday. Tactically, we need to be smart. We need to be intelligent both in the phase of attacking and defending. This is [the type of game] we want. We want competitive games every week, we want high-level football every week. That’s what we train for and it’s what we’re here for. The more competitive the games, the more the standard is of a high level. Bring it on, we want more of these games

[It makes Sunday’s game a potentially title-defining one – and the importance has been reflected in it selling out already] It’s fantastic. It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase women’s football. We’re going to see 90 minutes of some of the world’s best players on Sunday. To have them in our backyard, to have them here in the UK, to have it shown all over the world, is an amazing opportunity for the game to really take the next step

2020 01 15b Retrieve

[Arsenal Women’s coach Joe Montemurro has opened up on the Australian bushfires that have plagued his native country for the past several weeks] It is a tragic situation. It’s something that having grown up in Australia, it’s a commonplace every summer. There’s very little surface water and our fauna is very combustible. It’s a situation where unfortunately communities are ripped apart. My heart goes out to all the people who have suffered from the situation. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about the people affected like the fire-fighters, the volunteers. The worldwide support that’s been given is great and every little helps. It’s just great to see everyone coming together to help. I haven’t had any personal experience, but they are very close to Melbourne. The air quality over there right now is abominable. I’m speaking to my family every day and there is a real struggle there at the moment. It’s really up to everyone to make sure we prevent these things going forward

[Montemurro confirm in signing an Australian star of his own at the Gunners] Caitlin Foord’s been a player of interest for a while. She’s a player that we are interested in and there’s a couple of other elements that we’re looking at also. I don’t want want to speculate on things that aren’t happening or aren’t solid, but we are going to be bringing in some elements during the transfer window

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Montemurro on his Arsenal team] Tactically, we need to be smart. We need to be intelligent both in the phase of attacking and defending

2020 01 19 Retrieve

[Arsenal boss Joe Montemurro took full responsibility for his side’s 4-1 defeat to Chelsea] To press a little bit higher, to stop them playing through the middle and to give us more overloads in the middle of the park. It didn’t work - I take responsibility. We decided to not play with a lot of width. We decided to play with a lot of inside to outside movement. It didn’t work. It’s always hard sitting back and seeing a team so powerful and putting us under a lot of pressure and creating chances, and the disappointing thing is we couldn’t even get the ball down and play. We couldn’t even get the ball down and put passes together, which is something that I haven’t seen in my two and a bit years that I’ve been here. I take responsibility for the set-up

[Montemurro now has the task of picking his players back up as they aim to regain pole position in the fight to retain their title] We look, we review, we see, and we get the energy levels up and the frame of mind there again and we keep going. This team is resilient, it won’t give up, it’s had a setback. It’s probably the biggest setback I’ve had in my two and a bit years here so we can give them a little bit of leeway. This is an amazing team, these are amazing players and you’re allowed a slip up every once in a while, you’re allowed to make mistakes. But if you look historically at this team, it is always one that comes back and will be there. We just need to keep it together and go forward from here

2020 02 23 Retrieve

[Chelsea’s rampant 4-1 win over Arsenal. Joe Montemurro’s decision to switch to a very narrow and very new set-up that day didn’t help his team] [The aim was] to press a little bit higher, to stop them playing through the middle and to give us more overloads in the middle of the park. It didn’t work – I take responsibility

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Arsenal Women’s boss Joe Montemurro says he welcomes the chance for his players to recharge their batteries during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic] Like most teams and most professional athletes, it’s something different and it’s something strange, and obviously they’ve had to change their ways and make sure that they’re doing the right things within the constraints that are there. But as far as we’re concerned, all of them have been fantastic and the staff have been fantastic too. They’ve really made sure that first of all from a holistic Arsenal perspective, that the well-being of the staff and players has been the paramount thing here. The most important thing from the Arsenal Women and staff is that we’re available and we’re there to help. Whatever the players need, we’re there to make sure that we can give that little bit of comfort and knowledge that they need in these times, and so on, so on. The important thing is that we’re available and willing to help in all scenarios, but from all reports and the discussions we’re having on a weekly basis, all is going well

They’ve all been given individual programmes, but in all honesty we’ve had a tough two and a half years physically. A lot of our players have come out of Euros, World Cups and winning the title last year, so it’s been a tough two and a half years for a lot of these players. We’re quite happy for them to do their programmes and keep their individual fitness going, but also to take this time to refresh, relax and recalibrate, which I think is even more important in this stage. It’s a great opportunity to do that and it’s a great opportunity for us to be creative in this environment at the moment, but in terms of just checking, we’ve got all of our staff members who have a group of players that they check in with on a regular basis, and I check in with them on a weekly basis, that’s including our staff meetings and player/staff meetings. It’s a balance of that but also individual programmes because we have some players coming back from rehab from injuries and so on, so they’ve taken this time to really get right. All in all, it’s been positive. I think it’s the perfect time to really reconnect with family, reconnect with friends and it’s a time to really focus on things you probably haven’t been able to do in a while. Take the time as a positive, take the time as an amazing opportunity to give back and as I said, maybe to do those things you haven’t been able to do. From a football perspective, we hope that you learn to love the game by being away from it. I definitely have. I’ve definitely found a real love for the game by being away from it and not being able to do the day to day stuff. I’m sure bigger and better things will come from it, we just have to stick together

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Arsenal’s Joe Montemurro could replace Phil Neville as England boss] I don’t know whether there would be a serious approach - there are some amazing local coaches that probably deserve an opportunity before me. If I were to be asked, it would be an amazing honour. To have the privilege of taking a great nation with some great players - a nation that will be challenging for World Cups and Euros and the top tournaments - would be an incredible honour.

I’m very happy at Arsenal. I’m loving what I’m doing and it’s always very difficult to think of something that’s not there, but it would be an amazing privilege. I was shocked [and] a little bit confused as to why there hasn’t been a real push to keep [Neville] there and extend his contract, at least until the Euros. I really think Phil has been doing a great job. What I’ve really liked is that he’s looked at a whole group of new players coming through. He’s built some fantastic foundations. What I get from the players at Arsenal, coming back from [the England] camp, is that there’s a real identity and a real love for playing for the national team. They all come back with a great enthusiasm for representing their country. I think he’s been able to instil a culture, but more importantly the way they play is really exciting

2020 05 29 Retrieve

[Joe Montemurro says WSL cancellation provides much-needed break for Arsenal] It was a little expected, and a little bit relieved too. We needed a decision and we needed to put closure on where we were heading for a lot of reasons and anxiety problems, but also to make sure that we can plan and prepare accordingly. I think it’s the right decision and I think that now we have closure, we can all move on and prepare. I think we were leading into a really important part of the season and when you look at the games that we had remaining, it was set to be a really exciting end to the title race. We still had a really good chance of achieving something and we placed ourselves in a really good position. We obviously had a little bit of a tough spot shortly after the new year with injuries and so on, but I think all in all it was on course to be another exciting finish to the season. It’s disappointing we haven’t been able to finish the season, but I must reiterate that I think it was the safest and most logical thing to do. It’s crucial because it’s like a pressure valve that’s finally been taken off! They can now re-calibrate, re-connect with family and enjoy some quality time with their friends once guidelines permit. It’s been so valuable for them to really connect with others and gain a better understanding of being themselves again, because after constantly being in high-pressure situations, you’re almost always on guard and aware of how you’re coming across in the media and on the pitch. Just to take that pressure valve off is really, really important and for a lot of them this time off will prove to be a real god send.

2020 06 05 Retrieve

[When I spoke to him after that game, manager Joe Montemurro identified Jen Beattie’s introduction as a substitute as a game changing moment] One of the big changes in today’s game was when Jen Beattie came on and I think the ball speed just stepped up and we were able to find passes a lot better. I think Jen has been a big miss over the last few weeks

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Lydia Williams: Arsenal Women sign Australia goalkeeper] This is another really important signing for us. With the wealth of experience that Lydia brings, she can help the younger players that we’ve got, but more importantly she’s a big-game player that will be solid and really contribute to the group