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Name Joe Rogan
Gender Male
Nationality USA
Ethnic American
Job Sport Commentator
  Stand-up comedian
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2017 12 28 Retrieve

[Khabib Nurmagomedov, MMA’s Bogeyman, Is Coming for Conor McGregor] When Khabib gets a hold of people, they look surprised. It’s almost like they are shocked by how strong he is

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Rogan suggested that the reason Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone is at 170] Because Conor doesn’t want to lose any weight. I think that guy tortured himself to get down to 145 so hard - and when you look at what he looked like when he was on the scale, when he was flexing, he looked like a god damn zombie. It was horrible. So I think, whether he complains or not about that, nobody rides for free. You do that to your body for a couple of years, you do some damage and it makes it harder to lose the weight afterwards

So then he’s going up to 155. He’s obviously elite at 155, wins the title at 155, has the great rematch with Nate Diaz at 170 and then comes back and fights Khabib Nurmagomedov at 155 and gets mauled. He has a fight with Cowboy, he’s really a 55er that can fight welterweight. That’s the right size for him versus, I don’t think Nate is fighting 155 any time in the future anymore

[Conor’s UFC career - and arguably his legacy - hang in the balance. Another loss and McGregor will still be a star - star power doesn’t ever really leave you - but his claims to being the best fighter will start to lose credibility and he’ll likely kiss any chance at rematching Khabib goodbye] He’s fighting a guy who, I think in his eyes is not really a welterweight. I think he thinks of Cowboy as a guy who will fight at 170 but he’s really a 55er … I think Conor’s calculated in his comeback. I think this is a smart fight for him because he’s not fighting someone who is too big, where I feel like that was the argument about Nate even though Nate did fight at 155 for a long time. He’s a big dude. And then there’s some other guys that want to fight him at 170 that are real 170s. Jorge Masvidal is a perfect example of that. Masvidal was a 155er for a long time but he’s not anymore

[McGregor has to get through Cowboy, and though Conor is a hefty favorite, Rogan still thinks Donald Cerrone has a chance to upset the apple cart] Look, it’s gonna be fcking great. Whether you watch it on TV or you watch it live, it’s gonna be fcking great. And if Conor can catch him early, it could be very interesting … [But] if Cowboy can use his distance - and he’s very good at doing it - and he can avoid that straight left because Conor’s got a piston of a left hand

2020 04 10 Retrieve

[Joe Rogan admits he had his concerns about safety] As long as the right precautions were in place, I agree. If it is a small island, if you can control the whole island and test everybody, why not? The only thing that worried me is that if I contracted something and then I came into contact with other people. What I was going to do, if I could definitely get tested, then I’d have to definitively know the results before I came back. Even then you don’t know

If this was any other disease where we understood it better, I would be way more confident. Give it a couple of weeks. I think they’re going to relax a little. I think people are hopefully going to realize that the worst is behind us

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Joe Rogan explains why some of the ‘worst movies’ are actually so good] Some of the best things are bad things that are good by accident