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Name John Elkann
Gender Male
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Job xxxx Football
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Org Juventus

2009 03 06 Retrieve

[Lapo Elkann says I Hope Alessandro Rosina Takes A Sleeping Pill For Torino] I hope Rosina takes a sleeping pill before playing, that way it will be easier for us to win. I don’t have anything against Torino. I hope the match is well fought both on and off the pitch. I am hoping to see a game without any trouble, and I hope Juventus win

2009 04 19 Retrieve

[Lapo Elkann says Juventus Are Not Inferior To Inter] It was nice to see a workmanlike Juventus trouble a lavish Inter. This result is a source of great pride for the fans and the team, particularly because we were playing with ten men. It tasted like a victory. I watched the game from the Curva and it was wonderful. I want to compliment the lads: they are not inferior to the Nerazzurri

2009 05 12 Retrieve

[Inter Have No Class] We are hoping for a miracle. We hope Milan can overhaul Inter, even though it will be difficult. If it doesn’t happen, then we will take our hats off and congratulate the winners of the league because Juve has class and style, unlike some others.

2009 05 15 Retrieve

[Lapo Elkann says Jose Mourinho Has Got Balls] [Mourinho] has balls and he knows how to do his job professionally. This is the reality of the facts, there is nothing much to say. I respect Mourinho, and I think Inter would have had difficulty managing their squad and club had it not been for him.

[Despite the fierce rivalry between both teams, as well as several rows between Claudio Ranieri and the ‘Special One’ this season, Elkann still looks up to the former Porto coach] I think [Massimo] Moratti needs to thank Mourinho for this. I respect him from a professional point of view even though he has his own way of saying things

2009 12 14 Retrieve

[Elkann has urged the stuttering Bianconeri to rediscover their fighting spirit] The last two games have been bloodcurdling. My grandfather would have liked the Juventus who defeated Inter. But he would not have liked the Juve we saw against Bayern nor the one we saw in Bari. Juve have a great history and must start over accordingly.

It’s high time the players get a move on. Juve are not a small team, they have a history. The players are not honouring this history and are not giving their best. This is unacceptable. I would like for them to take a cold shower in the locker room. I would like to see a combative and determined side. It’s unacceptable to carry on like this

2010 03 11 Retrieve

[Juventus Patron Lapo Elkann Apologetic Over LA Lakers Mishap] I’m a football guy […] Having two Italians on the team and being Italian, I wished for them to win. I saw the ball coming on me and I pushed it. I’m not an expert in basketball. I know more about soccer than I do about basketball.

2010 04 20 Retrieve

[Elkann, who has taken over as chairman of Fiat recently, announced that the topic of Juventus was not on the table] Today and tomorrow, I would rather avoid questions on the subject of Juventus

2010 04 29 Retrieve

[John Elkann Confirms Andrea Agnelli Will Be New Juventus President] My cousin Andrea Agnelli will be the president of Juventus on a full-time basis, and this will allow Jean-Claude Blanc time to dedicate himself to managing the business

[Elkann is likely to rubber-stamp the move when he holds the annual meeting of Exor, Juventus’ holding company, later today] One thing I can guarantee the fans is that Juventus and all of its components will be strengthened with people of great calibre and experience

[And, to put the sweetners on the gloom, Elkann promised the club would make a formal request to the FIGC (Italian FA) to have Inter’s 2005-06 title revoked] In the next few days we will ask the FA for the revocation of the 2005-06 Scudetto in accordance with what we have always believed. Rules are valid for all

2010 04 29b Retrieve

[John Elkann has officially unveiled Andrea Agnelli as the new Juventus president at the Exor general assembly in Turin] Seeing the situation of the last few months, I am pleased Andrea accepted. Knowing he will take the reigns is a big encouragement for me and a sign that Juventus will have a strong future. Andrea has gained experience in sport over the years and I am sure that he, Blanc and others will work to strengthen all elements of the team. I wish them good luck. There are no doubts in the value of Juventus. Many things, such as the new stadium, have strengthened the club

2011 06 13 Retrieve

[They’ve bailed out Fiat, spent €450m on English cricket & are throwing billions at Formula 1 - now John Elkann & Juventus’ owners must decide if they really care about football] [My grandfather] believed you should do what you like doing in life. He believed in people developing the capabilities they’re most suited for

The family leadership was ageing and sick. The financial community didn’t support us anymore. At that point, you have the choice to let it go or you try to fix it. If necessary, we will support Juve

2011 06 27 Retrieve

[John Elkann says There is a great future ahead for Juventus] There is a great future ahead for Juventus. The plan presented is ambitious and aims to see the club at the top of the sporting world, where it’s been throughout history, and above all where it will be in the future. This plan requests resources to build a stronger squad and establishes important objectives. We feel ready to sustain this route.

Elkann went on to underline the importance of the club’s fans and made it clear that the Juve faithful will not be forgotten. They more than anyone are at the heart of the club’s future, they are an integral part. In this plan the involvement of our extraordinary fans will be greater. The stadium, the fantastic venue to be opened soon, will be a symbol of this union between the team and the fans. A union that must be stronger than ever

2011 08 11 Retrieve

[Juventus chief John Elkann has told Inter president Massimo Moratti to mind his own business over the Turin club’s pursuit of the 2006 Calciopoli Scudetto] It’s always right to listen to men of a certain age [Moratti], but Juventus plan their own holidays. Agnelli has acted coherently and asked for Juventus to be treated fair and equally. If this is not the case then it means there is something to hide. It’s now down to Juventus to judge who is guilty or innocent, but we just want to be treated like the rest

2011 10 05 Retrieve

[John Elkann believes Juventus are on the right track] The game against Milan on Sunday was really good, but like Conte said, there is still a long way to go. [Elkann went on to state that Napoli have a realistic chance of winning the Scudetto] The Milanese clubs favourites? Napoli are not doing bad at all are they?