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Name John Fashanu
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc The former footballer came to fame as one of the characters in Wimbledon’s ‘Crazy Gang’, but even still his selection to host Gladiators in the early 1990s was a bit left-field. It turned out to be an inspired selection, as along side Ulrika Jonsson, Fashanu helped turn the show into a massive ratings hit for ITV, becoming a staple part of the Saturday night prime-time line-up. He even got his cactchprase into the social consciousness, with ‘Awooga’ entering many people’s vocabulary. He also hosted the Nigerian version of gameshow Deal or No Deal


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Wimbledon FC

1998 10 12 Retrieve

[The lovely John Fashanu (the man who fractured Gary Mabbutt’s eye socket with his elbow) gives his verdict on the Hartson affair. (Please note he’s actually talking about Berkovic here, and not Hartson. Seems Big Fash objected to the Israeli ‘bleating to the media about what happened and further inflaming an already volatile situation] At Wimbledon anyone who did that would have been a goner - if they had been stupid enough to show their face again at the club

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[John Fashanu says Raheem Sterling deserves a lot of credit for standing up to racists in football] You have to give him a lot of credit – to stand up for himself the way he does is what you want from every player. We all know about his amazing talents, his amazing maturity in taking on the racists in the game – and demanding black and white players are portrayed equally by the media. But now we see he also possesses this rare inner strength. There’s a street brawler burning away inside him when it comes to football and life. The boy’s a winner. Raheem would have been perfect with Vinnie Jones and me at Wimbledon. We just loved team-mates like that – someone not scared of anything, a warrior

[Fashanu says Southgate overreacted by leaving Sterling out of the team for the 7-0 victory] Gareth has done what he thinks is right. He has shown his authority and laid down the law like all good leaders. To drop Raheem was a bit much for a little scuffle. I can assure you I’ve seen and been involved in a lot worse. My old Wimbledon boss Joe Kinnear wouldn’t have had a team to pick if he’d banned us after every fight. But it’s 2019 and this England team are massive news across the world. In that respect, Gareth has done what’s best for the group. And it’s impossible to criticise him when England score seven against Montenegro – without Raheem

Raheem would have been hacked off sitting in the stands at Wembley but he’ll get over it. He doesn’t seem the type to react negatively to this sort of incident. As ever, I expect him to rise above the noise and destroy his opponents – on and off the pitch. Put it this way, I’d be damned scared if I was a Kosovo player

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[Wimbledon defeated Liverpool in the FA Cup final in 1988, which is still one of the biggest shocks in the tournament’s history. But behind the scenes, John Fashanu and Lawrie Sanchez were embroiled in a serious feud. The two even clashed in a training session, when Fashanu hit Sanchez with] a shot that would supposedly knock a horse down

[When Fashanu was asked if he had any regrets, he replied] Not striking Lawrie Sanchez sooner