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Name John Terry
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc The greatest defender in Premier League history. Brash, brave but above all technically brilliant: he possessed an uncanny ability to read play and be in exactly the right place to sniff out danger. Often controversial but a born leader: won five Premier League titles, making close to 500 appearances


Org English National Team
Club as Coach Aston Villa [as Assistant Manager]
Club as Player Chelsea FC

2006 02 28 Retrieve

[Although this friendly is important for those looking to cement a place in the squad, it may also provide Eriksson the answer to who he should choose in the centre of defence] It’s a chance to send Sven a message. There’s no bad time to play for England. It’s a busy part of the season, there’s no doubt about that. But every time you get called up for England it’s a very proud moment and it’s certainly something I look forward to every time… we work hard, train hard and try and impress the boss. There’s so much I want to achieve in the game and being on the plane to the World Cup is one of those achievements I want

2008 01 Retrieve

[Quotes on Frank Lampard] He is different class. He’s not just done it for one year and tailed off as we have seen a lot of players do. We have seen him for the past four, five, six years playing at a top level, scoring goals, passing brilliantly and working on things he’s not so good at in training. He works so hard on his shooting and his running off the ball.

When we go on a warm-down, he’ll be doing laps around the field on his own. He is an inspiration to myself and everyone else in the team to push on and give it everything in our short careers.

I can’t speak highly enough of the man. What he gives us in the dressing-room when things aren’t going well, what he gives out on the pitch and the stuff behind the scenes that people don’t get to see. He puts in a lot of hard work off the pitch and gets his rewards on it

2015 03 28 Retrieve

[John Terry on his early days at Chelsea] I’d do anything for them. I’d make their teas and coffees, even silly things like sit on the toilet to make the seat warm for them in the cold winter days at the training ground. I used to clean Dennis Wise’s boots and he wanted them perfect, so I took really good care of them. Every now and then he gave me a little bonus. Every time he scored I was on £25, which was half my wages at the time. I used to be praying we’d get a penalty or he’d score. During training I would go in and win tackles against first-team players, and I remember at the time people were going, ‘Ooh, you can’t do that’. Sometimes – the foreign guys especially – didn’t like it. Dan Petrescu, once, he got me round the throat, and said, ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ The first one over to back me up was Wisey: ‘If you’ve got something to say, you say it to me, not the younger players’. Me and Dan laugh about it now

2016 05 15 Retrieve

[John Terry says Hiddink like a father to him] For a club like this, and a group of players of our ability, this season’s not been acceptable. We want to end on a positive note. I want to thank Guus ahead of his last game in charge - he has been unbelievable for me. He has helped me a lot this year. Not only as a manager, but as a father figure too. Guus’ door has always been open and you never forget that stuff as a player

[He has helped me a lot this year. Not only as a manager, but as a father figure too. Guus’ door has always been open and you never forget that stuff as a player] He has helped me a lot this year. Not only as a manager, but as a father figure too. Guus’ door has always been open and you never forget that stuff as a player. All the players, and I think the fans as well, love Guus to bits because he cares about Chelsea

2017 03 10 Retrieve

[Quotes on Frank Lampard] Lamps won everything with us [Chelsea] and in my opinion the best and most consistent player ever

2017 03 11 Retrieve

[Quotes on Frank Lampard] You talk about the (Gianfranco) Zolas and the best players to have played at the club, but for me he (Lampard) is the best. [. . .] You can only single out two players to play consistently well and to score goals over the course of the last 10-15 years and that is him and Ryan Giggs. It’s incredible, to see the number of goals he’s scored at such a high level as well – Champions League goals, Premier League goals – and the hunger. [. . .] It’s incredible, season after season to do what he’s done

2018 10 13 Retrieve

[John Terry taking after being appointed assistant manager at Aston Villa which is his first coaching role after announcing his playing retirement last week] I’m ready for the next chapter in my life. Let’s see what the future brings. Hopefully it brings half the success I had as a player. I am excited, you are a long time retired I understand that, I felt I could still play but I feel like I have made the right decision at the right time in my career. I am ready for the next challenge and next step whatever that might be

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[John Terry slams claims he stopped Aguero moving to Chelsea] Where do these stories come from? If they bothered calling player’s agents it would solve an awful lot of nonsense!

[He said in 2010]Chelsea are a great club. They have become one of the most feared in Europe over recent years. I look at players like Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard and they have been - and still are - the best players in their positions in the world. I could really learn from players like that, there is no doubt. London would be a really amazing city to live in as well, myself and my wife could be really happy there. Carlos Tevez is doing really well at Manchester City but, for me, it is about joining a club who are ready to challenge for honours. City are not ready yet

2019 11 22 Retrieve

[John Terry has bizarrely claimed that Damien Duff and Arjen Robben contributed towards Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne flopping at Chelsea despite neither being on the club’s books at the time] In my generation there I saw people like Salah and De Bruyne come through and not being able to match [Mourinho’s] standards at the time. Now, they were very talented but very young individuals. Mourinho didn’t have time to put them in the team or take out a Duff or Robben because we were winning every single week and his job is on the line. So, like I said before, if you come in and you are 10 or 20 per cent below the standard of Duff and Robben, who were scoring 20 goals a season each, you are not going to make that team. No chance. Fair play to them [that] they’ve gone elsewhere and proved they’re good enough, but at that present time they were not good enough for Chelsea

2019 12 03 Retrieve

[John Terry has hailed the incredible job overseen by Frank Lampard at Chelsea] The expectation level at the start wasn’t there but I think that has helped him as well. The whole football club has been lifted now because they know if they’re good enough under Frank and [assistant] Jody [Morris], they’re going to get a chance. It’s excellent. It’s what the fans want to see. For so many years, I was really the last one to come through [the Chelsea academy]. Frank will be watching every under-23 game, every under-18 game. The staff will have their fingers on the pulse and making sure, after an under-23 game, they’re in the dressing room telling the boys, ‘You’re not good enough’ or ‘You’re with me in training next day’. The impact that has on the academy is incredible. Chelsea seem to be loved by a lot of people for the first time since I’ve known it. They are likeable. It’s great to see players get the opportunity

[Quizzed on whether he wants to take the reins somewhere in the near future] Not yet. I’m happy. I have just signed a new contract. I’m really glad about what I have done in coming in and learning under someone like Dean at a big club like Aston Villa. For me, when the time is right, clearly I want to be a manager. Villa know that and Dean knows that as well but I am thoroughly enjoying learning from and watching Dean on a daily basis. I’m learning every single day

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[John Terry, the Chelsea captain for both games, says Anfield is the best atmosphere he ever experienced in his 20-year playing career] I walked out into that cauldron and heard that singing and saw that passion. The hairs on my arms were standing up. To see a spectacle like that is inspiring to anyone. I just kept looking around, trying to take it all in. I wasn’t daunted by it, but it was amazing. I wish more crowds were like that. Apart from the volume, it looked spectacular, too. In the seconds before the referee blew his whistle for the start of the match, the whole stadium let out this great long roar as if they were going to power Liverpool to victory

2020 03 20 Retrieve

[John Terry has urged Chelsea to sign Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund] I think the young lads have shown their potential. We spoke at the start of the season about the likes of Tammy and Mason coming into the squad and they’ve shown that they’re capable of playing. I think Sancho is one of the best young players in the world at the moment, so he’d be a great addition to Chelsea’s squad. It would make us better as well, but the ones that have come through, the Billy Gilmours, Tammy, Mason, Reece [James], it’s endless isnt it? There have been so many positives this season. So I think every Chelsea fan, since I came through the ranks, that’s all Chelsea fans wanted to see: the youth team players and the younger generation coming through and making their first team debuts. We’ve seen that in abundance this year

It’ s been incredible because we said there was no one better, to give Lamps the job. With [assistant manager] Jody Morris as well, he has someone who knows the younger players and works with them at the youth team and U-18 level as well. I think it’s been a good mix. I think the expectation has been excellent because the group that they’ve had this year have done really, really well

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Chelsea legend Terry names two clubs that bid for him during iconic career at Stamford Bridge] Steve Bruce was manager of Huddersfield. Chelsea accepted a bid and [Gianluca] Vialli said no. Which obviously I’m very thankful to Luca for, he gave me my debut. Great man, great manager

Then obviously the Man City one, Man City approached Chelsea, made an offer official. Simple as this, I sat with the owner, face-to-face and said ‘I never want to leave Chelsea, that’s a fact. If you want to sell me then it’s a different story. But I’m telling you off the bat that I never want to leave this football club’. Within that, I was due a new contract, we shook hands on a new contract, agreed a deal and I stayed another five, six years after that‘. Them two clubs were the only two that come in for me

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Chelsea captain John Terry on Fernando Torres] From a Chelsea point of view, he was the one I hated playing against, he always seemed to score, whether at Anfield or the Bridge. He was the one player Roman would always ask about. Yossi [Benayoun] was close to him and told us ‘Fernando is on his way’. We were like, ‘no way’. We thought we were going to dominate the Premier League and Europe for the next five or six years. This is it. That was our thought from playing against him.

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[John Terry has drawn comparisons between Jack Grealish and ex-Chelsea talisman Eden Hazard, while expressing his hope that the Aston Villa star stays put amid reported interest from Manchester United] I think he’s similar to Joe Cole and Eden Hazard. I just think the natural ability he’s got and that Joe Cole had, a god-given talent that not many people are blessed with but he’s certainly got. The way he glides past people. He’s quick, but not many people know it - I don’t think he knows how quick he is. He’s a tremendous talent, he gets a lot of fouls in the Championship and now in the Premier League. People don’t know how to stop him

You see a lot of players from the outside, but when you go to a club and you’re working with players on a daily basis, you just see how much of a huge talent he really is. I got to see that in glimpses. He got an injury to his rib in pre-season against Watford, and he missed a big chunk of that season - having Jack fully fit in my season there, I’m pretty sure we’d have gone up. Jack’s a phenomenal talent. It’s been a real pleasure to see him grow, work and develop over the last year, two years. He’s shown the whole world this season that he’s more than capable of playing at the top level

There’s a side to Jack people don’t see. Jack’s there till 5, 6, 7 in the evening, he’s eating the right food and doing all his gym work. That’s all behind closed doors. He’s a top professional, wanting to get to the very top. I just hope he keeps improving with us and making us stronger because, with him, we’ve got a real chance

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[John Terry has admitted that he broke down in tears with the rest of his Chelsea team-mates after learning of Jose Mourinho’s sacking in 2007] We were all in tears. It was one of those moments where there were whispers going around, we weren’t performing as well, we weren’t doing as well in the league, and then he came in and said: ‘That’s it, I’ve been sacked.’ He went around and gave everyone a hug and a cuddle. Full-grown men crying their eyes out. We were thinking: ‘Where do we go from here?’ We had someone like a father figure, guiding us. We actually spoke to the board and said: ‘Listen, we want him to stay, can we not bring him back? It’s a rash decision, he’s the best we’ve worked with’. Unfortunately, they’d made their decision. But yes, there were full-grown men in absolute tears. He was so demanding on the group, and he pushed us to our limits at times. It’s not until you finish playing that you realise why he did what he did.

You’d be sitting there at 8pm at night, and you’d get a message from him: ‘How’s Toni and the kids? Tell Georgie and Summer I love them! How is school going?’ I thought, my God, I’ve never had that from a manager. I’d get in and sit next to Lamps and say: ‘Lamps I got a message from the manager last night,’ thinking I’m the special one. Lamps would say: ‘Yeah, so did I’, and Didier would say the same! Every now and again I’ll get a message or a picture or a video from him, just saying hello to the kids. My kids absolutely idolise him. And that’s because of the connect he has, that people probably don’t see from the outside world

2020 05 01 Retrieve

[Ex-Chelsea defender John Terry has revealed that he practised Panenkas in training for two weeks before slipping during a Champions League final penalty shoot-out defeat to Manchester United in 2008] On the build-up to finals you take penalties, and you go through the routines, and you do the walk from the halfway line. We’d been doing that for two weeks at the training ground, and I’d been dinking them down the middle like the panenka!

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[John Terry has admitted that his father initially didn’t want him to sign for Chelsea as the former Blues defender said his family tried to push him to join Manchester United] I had the option between Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United and to be fair all of them went above and beyond. The moment I walked into Chelsea, it just felt right. I know that’s going to sound really bizarre.

Again, my dad never wanted me to sign for Chelsea. Actually, on the pitch of me signing my schoolboy form at the club, my dad refused to go on the pitch with me. I’m in the tunnel, the players are coming off the pitch and I’m waiting in the tunnel, Glenn Hoddle goes past and my dad’s going, ‘You’re not signing for this football club, we should sign for Manchester United’.

Again, me being me at the time I’m going, ‘I’m 100 per cent I’m signing here, if you don’t come out with me I’m going out to sign’. You needed a parent, so my mum said she would come and sign it with me, my dad’s going mad at my mum, ‘No you wont’.

There’s a picture of my mum and Graham Rix signing my contract, but my dad refused and absolutely kicked off that night. Again, me being the character I was, I knew Chelsea was right for me

One night that was probably supposed to be one of the best nights of my life turned out to be a tough one for a young 14-year-old to be honest. I just knew and loved Chelsea from the moment I walked in and never looked back, I still love the club and look out for every result now.