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Name Jordan Pickford
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Signed for £30m from Sunderland in 2017, Pickford enjoyed a successful first season at Everton despite their overall struggles. He went on to star for England at the World Cup the following summer but has since made several high-profile errors in Royal Blue to leave his Three Lions starting spot under threat. Remains undisputed number one at Everton


Org England National Team
Club as Player Everton FC
  Sunderland FC

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Pickford pleased to take Everton form to international fold after solid England display] It is brilliant coming away when we’ve been doing well for Everton. Everything for me starts with Everton and doing everything well for my club. The rest takes care of itself. Then with England, the competition is great and it is a group of top-quality lads and players.

I closed the angle off well and trusted myself to make the save [from Wanderson]. It was a decent save – but a training ground save, one you should make. But it kept us at 1-0 then we went up the other end and scored straight away

[Before then, England face another European qualifier on home soil as they welcome Kosovo to Wembley on Tuesday night. Though it is a game the Three Lions will be expected to win, Pickford won’t be allowing his concentration to drop] I stay focused by talking and making sure I am organising everything in front of me. That keeps me in the game and is the reason why I am always talking. I am learning more and more about the calm side of my game. That is being calm in possession of the football and showing I am not fazed by it [playing from the back] and have the ability to do it. It is learning little percentages all the time to become the best I can. As long as I do my best for the team every time I play, that is all I care about

2019 10 16 Retrieve

[England’s players were subjected to racist abuse during Monday night’s 6-0 Euro 2020 qualifying win over Bulgaria in Sofia] Good win under difficult circumstances. There is absolutely no place for scenes like that. Proud of the team tonight

2019 11 30 Retrieve

[Jordan Pickford doesn’t want to see Everton sack Marco Silva as he calls for unity] The only way forward is by sticking together. We have good strength in depth and a lot of talent at this club and there’s plenty of fighting spirit in the dressing room. The manager has been great with us and we are behind him 100%. A few bad performances shouldn’t put a manager under pressure but that’s the industry we are in. I don’t want to see the manager sacked. I was here when Ronald Koeman lost his job and it was horrible, not nice to see at all. We players have to take our own share of the responsibility and try to put in a good performance. We just have to keep going and hope the negative results will bring the best out of us. We might be in a sticky patch but the squad is still together

[Having won silverware in Greece and Portugal, Marco Silva isn’t short of experience] We all enjoy working for this guy. He’s passionate, emotional and he wants to win every game. Every manager is different. They all have their own drills and thoughts on how the game should be played but Marco’s approach is very detailed. We cover everything going into a game, how to play, how to defend, if we are going to press, if we are not going to press. Anyone in those training sessions with us would be able to see that every corner is covered and that we never go into a game without knowing what we are supposed to do

[Everton lost 2-0 to Norwich in their last game with Pickford admitting the result did elicit an uncharacteristic response] Normally I shake hands with opponents if we have lost and say: ‘Well done’ but last week I was straight down the tunnel. I wasn’t fuming, just deflated and disappointed because we need to start picking up results. I don’t enjoy seeing anyone being slated, whether it is a player or a manager. We know what the fans want to see at Goodison. We need to be showing more passion and belief

2020 02 08 Retrieve

[Pickford disappointed by blunder against Crystal Palace] Yeah, disgusting. It was unfortunate, the first goal. I’m disappointed with myself, I think my studs got caught. I hold my hands up. It shows my character and mentality, I reset, I didn’t let it affect me

2020 02 09 Retrieve

[Pickford gets ‘pssed off’ by England criticism]</b> I think the press and everybody, the punters - look at Gary Neville - they just want to come for England players.

Everyone gets stick. That’s part of being an England player. You have to live with it, you’ve got to learn.

You just keep it away from your head as the only person who can sort things out is yourself, on the pitch and in training. Every England player gets stick. Some get a lot more praise than others. Look at Joe Hart when he was No 1. He got pelters every week.

It’s easy to see. Everyone hates you, for some reason. I just get on with it. I know what I’m capable of and I know what I’m good at. Yeah, it hurts.

I know I have been good for England. It’s funny because everyone raves about you when you are with England, but then you go back to your club and everyone wants to slate you. I don’t let it affect me. But it does p
ss you off

[And he is confident he will shake off the disappointment to get back on form] I think it just shows my mental character. People probably doubt me week in, week out. But I know what I am capable of and I know what I can do. I will keep pushing. I have reached a certain level and I don’t want to stop

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Pickford denies being in self-isolation after Everton keeper attends charity boxing event] Last night I attended a boxing event with my family. Recently my local boxing event had a fire, in conjunction with one of my sponsors we helped the club to get back on its feet by helping out. There are many young grassroot boxers training here and it helps the local community. I had made a commitment to them that I would attend the event and prior to going I spoke to the club doctor to ensure I was ok to attend.

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[q: Who has the hardest shots to save in Everton training?] I’d definitely say it’s got to be Gylfi. His placement, his technique…it’s so hard to beat

[q: What’s your best ever save?] I’ve got to say the one in the World Cup, just before they [Colombia] scored. The one going in the top left corner, absolute rocket from the lad 35 yards out so I wasn’t expecting it to go anywhere near.

[q: Favourite game for Everton?] For me personally it must be the Newcastle away win, after Christmas just gone. I thought I was rock solid and I dictated the game from my point of view, I showed my character and my maturity as well

[q: What is Everton’s next step to improve?] It’s definitely got to be into Europe. The talent and the ability we have in the squad, there’s massive depth in there, and I think Europe’s the next step. We had a chance a couple of years ago when we were in there when I first signed, but it was tough

[q: What is your thought process on saving a penalty?] When I’m standing on the line I’m just mentally thinking I’m going to save it. I do a lot of research on them and I just make sure I’m going to save that penalty. It’s a lot of luck, but if you do your research you might get that other edge and I always believe that I can save those penalties

[q: What position would you be if not a goalkeeper?] I’ve got to say centre-midfield. When I was a kid playing in school I was always playing in central midfield, I love a tackle, I love heading the ball and I try to spray a few diagonals from there as well

[q: Which outfield player would you put in goal for Everton for one game?] If I had to pick one outfield player at Everton to play in goal for one competitive game it’s got to be Seamus Coleman. With his Gaelic background, sometimes after training he likes to go in goal as well, he’s definitely got a bit in goal as well!

[q: Who is your best mate in the locker room?] For me it’s got to be Mase. When I first came to Everton, we were in the U21s setup at England and he told me a lot about the club. Going to a club and being new, not knowing many people - Mase was the only lad I knew. We’re very close now still, we always have a good bit of banter between us!

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has backed his team to beat Liverpool in the forthcoming Merseyside derby] We want to win every game we play and any sort of derby match is massive for the fans and for players. We want to show how good we can be and we have an opportunity to beat them. We know they are a good side, they are top of the league. We just want to do our best and try to beat them. We know we have the ability in the squad to beat them. We just want to do it for ourselves and our fans.

Obviously it’s been difficult but it’s nice to spend time with your family and get a nice big break. I’ve not had a break from football since I was probably a 16-year-old - I’ve been in the England set up since then - so it’s nice for my mind and body to have a reset. We’re getting ready to go again but it’s been a nice eight or nine weeks off, in the sense of giving your body time to relax.

I love constant football matches and I’ve been brought up on playing football every day. From that side of it, it’s easy for me. The biggest challenge will be making sure we get looked after well between the end of this season and going into next season