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Name Juan Roman Riquelme
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
Desc Juan Roman Riquelme stands out as one of the most accomplished midfielders of his generation, who ultimately didn’t make the most of the raw talent he was blessed with. As excellent a player he was, Riquelme remained somewhat of an enigma off the pitch, who managed to get on the wrong side of just about every manager he played under during his 20-year career due to his often abrasive attitude


Org Argentina National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2011 08 29 Retrieve

[Juan Roman Riquelme says Argentina captain or not, Lionel Messi is the best in the world] If the coach has chosen to give him the armband, that is phenomenal. Messi, with the captain’s armband or without, is the best on the planet. Players like him don’t need the armband to play as they do. We are lucky that he is Argentine and we must enjoy his presence. When there are players as unique as him, wearing the armband changes absolutely nothing.

We know that we have a massive game against Brazil, and we will try to play it in the best possible way. I hope we do well, enjoy it and can give joy to the country

2011 11 08 Retrieve

[Juan Roman Riquelme told Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez to return to Boca Juniors] I have spoken with Carlitos about the situation and I told him: if they are not going to take him into account in Manchester he should come here. I think that all of us Boca fans should put money in to be able to bring him back. Either that, or the club should make the effort to bring Carlitos back to Boca

2011 12 29 Retrieve

[Juan Roman Riquelme says I would love to play alongside Lionel Messi with Argentina] I want to enjoy playing again with Messi and help Argentina qualify for the World Cup. Argentina have the best player in the world and the thought of playing alongside him is a dream of mine.

[Riquelme missed a significant portion of Boca’s 2011 Apertura championship due to a knee complaint, but affirmed that he was now recovered and looking forward to fighting for the Copa Libertadores in the coming year] We are champions, we are happy and I have learnt that in football you have to play, not talk about money. Boca must keep improving to fight for the Libertadores, because there was not much more we could give [in the Apertura]

2015 01 31 Retrieve

[Argentine playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme on deciding to hang up his boots at the age of 36] Sunday used to be the most beautiful day of the week, I went on the pitch and did what I liked best

2015 12 12 Retrieve

[River Plate can beat Barcelona at Club World Cup] It’s impossible to know how to play against Barcelona. I have absolutely no idea how River should play against Barcelona, but I think Argentinean footballers always give something more in these types of games.

Can they win? Of course they can. It’s only one game, but everyone knows how complicated it will be. For the River players it’s a unique opportunity. It’s a final, I’m going to watch it and I’m going to enjoy it.

[While Barcelona boast arguably the best attacking trio in world football history, Riquelme elected to praise another Barca trio] Barcelona have the three best players in the world in their position; Gerard Pique as centre-back, Sergio Busquets as defensive midfielder and Andres Iniesta as central midfielders

2017 12 18 Retrieve

[Messi can lead Argentina to World Cup success] We hope that we do well, that the players get well and above all Messi. If the latter happens, Argentina will have many chances to win. If Messi is good, nothing is complicated. I don’t know Sampaoli. It is important that Argentina can win the World Cup. We want to celebrate and when there are players as important as Messi, you depend on them a lot.

[Riquelme believes his countryman is the world’s best, but he paid tribute to both the Barcelona star and Real Madrid forward] It’s Messi and we’re lucky he’s Argentinian. Cristiano Ronaldo served Messi and Messi Cristiano Ronaldo. Both gave themselves strength to share the prizes. I think Messi is the best. They are incredible

2018 11 25 Retrieve

[Boca legend Riquelme says Copa Libertadores final doesn’t matter any more] I’m exhausted and tired of looking at everything that happened, of seeing the people throwing rocks at a bus, I can’t believe it, and the people next to them who didn’t stop them.

We should be happy that we don’t have a Boca player severely injured. In Panamericana the same thing happened and there were people injured or dead. They are people. This game doesn’t matter anymore. What’s important is that no players are severely injured

[The legendary midfielder also says he has no doubts that the two teams would rather not play the match under such trying circumstances] I feel Boca is going to want to play in normal conditions, and the other team too. I have no doubt that the River manager wants to play when the Boca players are in the right condition to play. I don’t see [River boss Marcelo] Gallardo being any other way

[While Gallardo seemingly agreed, he is hopeful that normal conditions can return by Sunday and that the rival clubs can play the match the way it was intended to be played] A football party was expected and it ended up being a general, total embarrassment. First was the aggression against the Boca bus and after everything that was lived during the day, we had to live this when we should have another kind of enjoyment. Unfortunately, it ended as it ended. Hopefully tomorrow [Sunday] in normal conditions we can play the game that we all want. It seemed to me that we could not play the game if Boca’s players had been physically or mentally damaged, and from then on I did not make decisions, it was my opinion

2019 01 02 Retrieve

[It wasn’t the first or last time that Riquelme would embarrass an opponent, but given the magnitude of the occasion and the fierce rivalry with River Plate, it has to be considered one of the greatest – perhaps the greatest outright – nutmegs of all time. In typical Riquelme fashion, he played down the incident and was full of praise for his victim] Whenever I’m asked about this trick, I always say it has more worth for Yepes than me. In a 3-0 Clásico with a trick such as this, I believe that any other player would have kicked out. Yet he followed me all the way to the corner without doing a thing. This is much more manly than nutmegging someone

2019 12 06 Retrieve

[Airbrushed from history: Why Riquelme’s election bid has Boca board panicked] Who has given more joy to Boca? It is a sad, sad thing. You clearly love Boca, but I love them a little more

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Riquelme and Maradona carry old feud into Boca election] I think it’s time to help my club, these last few years were the worst. The whole country knows that we have to win

[Riquelme snubbed Maradona, Argentina’s coach, by refusing to come out of retirement for the 2010 World Cup, making it clear the refusal was personal] We don’t agree much. My codes are not his and it’s clear that we can’t work together

2020 01 29 Retrieve

[Boca ‘Bad Boys’ Tevez and Riquelme call a truce to bring glory days back to Bombonera] I want to look him in the eye and find out what he wants. In my neighbourhood I used to play football and I think he did the same, but I think he lost his appetite to play two years ago.

We want to see if we are capable of getting Carlitos back so he can enjoy himself and make us enjoy ourselves

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Riquelme says I want to look him in the eye and find out what he wants] In my neighbourhood I used to play football and I think he did the same, but I think he lost his appetite to play two years ago. We want to see if we are capable of getting Carlitos back so he can enjoy himself and make us enjoy ourselves

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Real Madrid are keeping track of Penarol teenager Facundo Pellistri and could swoop in with a bid for him] he is quite a scoundrel in the way he plays, and that is very important

2020 05 05 Retrieve

[Juan Roman Riquelme on Facundo Pellistri] Will he come to Boca? We will see. We get linked with millions of players. He is young, talented, he hasn’t played that much but you can see he is a real rascal with the ball at his feet. And that is important. There aren’t many like him around, who have the courage to be so cheeky on the pitch. That is highly valuable