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Julian Draxler
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Paris Saint-Germain

2015 09 12 Retrieve

[Julian Draxler on why he quit Schalke for Wolfsburg] Even when I returned after my six-month injury layoff, I felt the expectations loaded on me to almost single-handedly win games. That’s when I realised it was time to move on. I became convinced that I would not have been able to withstand the pressure and the expectations

2017 05 06 Retrieve

[Julian Draxler remains confident his side can claim the Ligue 1 title in France this season] Unai Emery told us to keep working hard, that there is still a chance for the title. Mathematically, everything is still possible. Obviously, it won’t be easy because Monaco are very good and there aren’t many matches left. But we can’t give anything away, we have to keep working harder and harder, for ourselves, for the fans and for everyone at the club. We are working with the aim of winning on Saturday and winning all our remaining matches

: 2019 07 15 The annual FUTTIES event in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is still going strong as the most recent card revealed is the Dynamic Dribbler. The fans have voted Chelsea’s recent £40 million permanent signing Mateo Kovacic as the central-midfielder, beating competition from Liverpool’s Xherdan Shaqiri and Paris Saint-Germain’s Julian Draxler.

2019 07 21 Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain star Julian Draxler has insisted his future in the French capital is not linked to whether Neymar stays with the Ligue 1 champions] have played many different roles in Paris before, so I do not think my role is necessarily related to Neymar’s.

[The 25-year-old was quick to play down talk of a return to his homeland, insisting he’s already spoken on the matter] For me, the topic does not exist. I have already said it, so I do not know why the rumour does not stop

2019 07 29 Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Julian Draxler says the club must do better in Europe next season] All of them are exceptional players, it is hard to find in the world players of this level. But of course they have their own minds, their own heads, they live football, they want to score every game, so they have an ego. So sometimes it’s not easy for the whole team, but if you are lucky enough to play alongside these players, it’s just a pleasure every day

[The Germany international is pleased with the success Tuchel’s side has achieved in the French game] It’s two-and-a-half years now since I arrived and I won a lot of (domestic) titles so I am happy about that. I became a better player than I was before, so that’s positive, but what is negative is what we achieved in the Champions League. We did not go far in the Champions League and that was one of the goals when I signed. It hurts a lot, it hurts still that we did not go through [against Manchester United].

2019 11 25 Retrieve

[How Julian Draxler went from fan to friend of Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez] When Raul Gonzalez stood in front of me, I couldn’t talk. I wanted to say in English, ‘Hello, I am Julian.’ But only mumbling came out. I gave him a quick hand, went on fast, sat down and shut up. I always liked him. When I saw Real Madrid earlier in the Champions League, he was on the pitch, sometimes even as the captain of the Galacticos. And suddenly the same person is standing in the locker room next to you, you have to pinch yourself. You ask yourself in the first moment how Felix Magath has done it that Raul plays for Schalke now. And the next moment you’re wondering how you actually managed to be in the same room with him right now

At some point I realised that he understood very early on that I had great talent. I also played relatively early in the Bundesliga. Raul used to play as a number 10 and I on the left wing. He knew that he needed to get me on the right track so I could give him assists. I absorbed everything from him and tried to change my game in a way that he is happy with me. If he had said I was not ready, I probably would not have played anymore. I asked him after training sessions or games, which runs I should do if he has the ball, which kind of pass he wants to have if I have the ball. He realised that I wanted to learn from him. Nowadays there are many 17, 18 or 19-year-old’s who think: ‘I’m doing it’. For me it was the other way around. This eventually led to a friendship

He never said I had to [become a professional], but he pushed me very hard in that direction. If we lost on Saturday or I played badly, the weekend was over for the whole family. He was really angry and very, very critical. Sometimes I did not feel that my performance was so bad. He then made it clear to me that that was not enough. My dad was definitely demanding. In retrospect, I’m incredibly grateful to him because I’ve developed such an ambition that otherwise I might not have had

I used to say that I would never go to a party until I did my first pro game. And that was really the case. I drank my first sip of alcohol after winning the cup final. After that, I also went to a party for the first time. Before, there was only school, training, school, training, school, training

2019 11 25b Retrieve

[Draxler reveals the Schalke abuse that shaped his career] Schalke was not an employer for me like any other. There were many eyes on me. When we lost, I did not just hear from the fans that I was sh*t, but from my neighbours, my family, and my family’s friends. For example, I was at my uncle’s birthday. At the party was someone, who attends every Schalke game, suddenly telling me what an asshole I am.

That’s just the way people speak in the Ruhr area. Since you do not mince words. At the moment, people do not care if you are only 19 years old and still in the development phase. At the same time, people have a very good sense of whether you are really 100 per cent present on the course or whether you have a fuss in your head. Initially, as a teenager, you tend to take on a defensive posture and you’re thinking, ‘What are you trying to tell me? I already know how things work’. But in retrospect, you realise that people were mostly right

[While Draxler struggled to escape criticism, he did make a positive early impression at Schalke] That was Hollywood. Three days ago I had given my debut as a starter in Hannover. It was not a very special game, I did not play well, but it was pretty cool because we won 1-0 and it was my first win with Schalke. And then Nurnberg. After that, nothing was the same in my life as before. I have thousands of memories about it. You will never forget such an experience. Today, when I look at the interview I gave after the match, I hardly recognise myself. At that moment I did not know where to go with me and tried to be professional. But I was 17, I would have liked to hug the cameraman. The next day I was supposed to go to school, and I said, ‘I’m not going to school’. The goal changed everything

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Julian Draxler has explained why joining Wolfsburg was a better choice for his career than a move to Juventus and also revealed he may extend his contract at Paris Saint-Germain] At that time, a transfer to Juventus was discussed. The problem was that football is also a business and I do not decide on my own. Transfers also include fees and contractual issues. It must all fit and that was unfortunately not the case with Juve. Back then, I had already told Schalke that I definitely wanted to go. I had practically said goodbye and I knew I had to leave to progress personally. It was important to me in choosing the club that certain conditions were right. The 2016 European Championship was just around the corner. So, I had to move to a club that had a good team and played in the Champions League. It was also important to me that it was a club that was in (Germany coach) Jogi Low’s field of vision. That was the case with Wolfsburg. Kevin De Bruyne had just moved to Manchester City for a huge sum, so Wolfsburg had the financial means to pay the transfer fee to Schalke. That’s how I deliberately opted for Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg was the bridge to a club where I saw myself [in the future]. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the case that I didn’t care about things in Wolfsburg. I am an athlete, I want to win. I also have to pay respect to the club

Nevertheless, it is not bad for me to say publicly that Wolfsburg was not the club I dreamed of as a child. I still stand by that. Wolfsburg wanted to benefit from me and I wanted to benefit from Wolfsburg. The fact that the collaboration was not designed to be for five or six years was clear to everyone. From the start, it was agreed that we would sit down if a suitable offer was there and they wouldn’t block my path

[The 26-year-old has not always been a regular starter during his time at PSG and was linked with a move to Tottenham in the summer] Because I was quite satisfied with my playing time in the season before. I have a coach that makes me feel like he wants to have me in this team and appreciates my qualities. I feel at home in the club and in the city. Besides, I have a contract until 2021. At some point I have to look where the journey is going. It may well be that I extend at PSG

I am aware that I do not have the role at PSG that I had at Schalke or Wolfsburg. At the same time, I know that I have the quality to play many games and help the team. Of course, I would like to take on even more responsibility and not worry about whether I play every major game of the season or not. At the same time, I have to be realistic. To be an undisputed starter at PSG, you must be one of the world’s top five, six, seven players

[Draxler said of Tuchel] I had no real picture of him because I had never met him before. But I was curious and inquisitive. In interpersonal relationships, opinions, as so often in life, diverge. I finally got to know him as a very open, very direct and very correct person. I am very satisfied with our relationship. It is true that sometimes he can be a difficult guy. That’s not bad at all. He has very high standards. In times when we win several games in a row, there are days when he seems a bit relaxed. Then, for example, there’s a Wednesday when everything is still fine, and on Thursday he suddenly yells and says it’s not going to happen. In any case [it’s an advantage to have a German coach]. Under Unai Emery, I realised that playing abroad was different. I consider him a very good coach, but with him the communication was sometimes not that easy. When you talk to Thomas and he clearly tells you in two sentences in German what is good and what is not good, that is certainly an advantage