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Julian Nagelsmann
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Coach
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Club as Coach RB Leipzig [Head Coach]
  Hoffenheim [Head Coach]

2016 02 13 Retrieve

[Newly-appointed Hoffenheim head coach Julian Nagelsmann, who is the youngest manager in the history of the Bundesliga at the age of 28] It’s a big challenge of course, made harder by the current points situation. But I am looking forward to working with the team

2017 04 08 Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann makes an interesting comparison after his side defeated Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich 1-0] To win is like a drug. I never tried drugs but I imagine a drug noise to be like that. I have my best ideas in the bathroom. After it, I paint my idea on a piece of paper with a ruler and a lead pencil. I work like a baker. I mix things, shove them in the oven and see if it tastes well

2017 09 07 Retrieve

[The inclusion of Steinhaus in the list of officials eligible to referee Bundesliga games was generally received positively] I don’t care if the referee is a woman or a man. The main thing is that they do their job well

2018 04 28 Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann speaks about juggling managing the team and getting his coaching license - Nagelsmann became the youngest German Bundesliga coach in history in February 2016 at the age of 28] Right in the middle of our fight against relegation, I also had to take my final exams and I was under immense pressure, especially mentally. I would go from preparing for a match against Borussia Dortmund on Sunday, to then take a test on Monday and another one on a Wednesday morning, before we played against Augsburg in the evening

2019 07 26 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig midfielder Tyler Adams is in danger of missing the start of the Bundesliga season as he recovers from a lingering groin injury] Our medical department are doing everything they can, but Tyler’s injury is complicated. Suddenly you’re pain-free and expect to get involved again, but it’s misleading

2019 07 30 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig’s new head coach Julian Nagelsmann has spoken in bullish terms about his ambitions for the club ahead of the new Bundesliga season] I think we are able to challenge Bayern, but it’s not just about Bayern. There are many interesting teams this year, with many new coaches and changes

[Nagelsmann expects the upcoming campaign to be even more open] I believe that this is one of the most balanced Bundesliga seasons for a long time. It is important that we all try to be ambitious and that it is exciting for everyone, both down and up the league

2019 08 19 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann says he wants to keep striker Timo Werner at the club despite reported interest from Bayern Munich] Of course we want to keep him, he is an important, good player and in my head he is my player. He will know for himself what is most important for his career

2019 08 20 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann says that he expects U.S. national team star Tyler Adams to return to training within the next two or three weeks] We’re regulating and structuring his training because we don’t want [his body to have] a bad reaction. Sometimes we increase the intensity and then see how the body copes with that. If you see a reaction then you take things down a notch. There’s nothing unusual about that; it’s the normal procedure. We have to build him up so that hopefully in two or three weeks when he returns to training he’s back at 100 percent

2019 08 25 Retrieve

[Timo Werner has dispelled speculation over his future with RB Leipzig by signing a new deal with the Bundesliga club] Of course we want to keep him, he is an important, good player and in my head he is my player. He will know for himself what is most important for his career

2019 09 12 Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann is targeting victory against Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich on Saturday and believes Timo Werner could be key] Individual quality can always be crucial, so it could be key for us if we have a Timo Werner in top form. He was very good in training [on Wednesday] and he will be a very important factor. He is able to really hurt Bayern

[Asked about Leipzig’s aims for the weekend] We can talk about [a draw] in retrospect. I would like to win and go into the game with that approach

[Nagelsmann was keen to remind the media the outcome of this match will not necessarily be decisive in the title race] Good results against Bayern can take you a long way, but you have to keep performing every week. If we win against Bayern and then lose every other game, it counts for nothing

[Bayern coach Niko Kovac suggested Thomas Muller could be selected instead if Philippe Coutinho is not fully fit following a long journey from Brazil duty in Los Angeles. Nagelsmann admitted he suspects his counterpart will go one way and is prepping for that] Of course, we are thinking about it, but it does not change the whole style of Bayern Munich. We will not go into detail about whether Coutinho or Muller starts. They are different players, but there are also parallels. Both are hard to contain. I have in my head which player I think he plays. I’m preparing for something

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann has revealed how Pep Guardiola has inspired his impressive early coaching career] My model is Pep Guardiola from Barcelona. I have always watched his work, and in particular how his team is projecting itself forward in a fraction of a second after the recovery of the ball. He made his mark at that time [with Barcelona], worthy of Johan Cruyff, and few teams managed to master the possession game by playing so high. Guardiola inspired me a lot, like Thomas Tuchel too, whom I had as a coach in Augsburg. He is a very demanding person who leaves nothing to chance. He is a perfectionist. What he achieves at PSG deserves respect. The way he manages Neymar is impressive and coaching PSG, it’s not easy

I can see my whole career in Germany, because I love this fervour around matches - these beautiful stadiums are always full. I don’t feel the need to go abroad, but I don’t exclude anything

[Having played football at youth level before transitioning to coaching at a young age, the German believes he’s able to relate intimately with his players] I’m a real person, I don’t change, my players see that I’m competent and that I’ll always do my best to make them progress. Enthusiasm in my daily work is always important, players notice that my heart still functions sometimes as if I were a player. Showing my emotions after a goal or at the final whistle is contagious to them

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig boss Julian Nagelsmann has said that he would instruct striker Timo Werner to leave the club if he felt it was in the best interests of the player] I’ve already advised many players to take off their wedding ring with their current club to move somewhere else. I’d do the same with Timo Werner if he were developing faster than the team at RB Leipzig

He’s improved his combination play. He’s often parked on the left-wing and can create moments of change. Now he moves between spaces and is harder to figure out.

2019 12 08 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann has admitted that he would one day like to lead Barcelona] I’ve said many times: Barcelona is a beautiful city, a beautiful club. But they are not the only club that is attractive

[He revealed that he has previously turned down the opportunity to go to Borussia Dortmund, where Lucien Favre finds himself under some pressure] It’s true there was interest there. In football, timing and fit is always the key, and it just did not fit, so I didn’t go there. The time did not fit and BVB did not want to wait. I was at Hoffenheim under contract, there was a clause - I could only leave in 2019. When that clause took effect, there was no position free in Dortmund. I had very good talks with Leipzig. I felt that the club really wanted me

[He was also quizzed on the prospect of signing Erling Braut Haaland from sister club Red Bull Salzburg] Of course I would take him. He is a very good striker. He is physically very good, has a very good presence, he is also capable of not only scoring goals but setting them up. Unfortunately, we have nothing to announce

[Asked if a deal might be struck this winter] I would not comment on that if that were the case. But I don’t think so

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[Leipzig boss Nagelsmann opens up on Haaland talks] I tried to explain my ideas about football in good English and I think it was a good conversation, but there is nothing new to announce

[Asked if Leipzig would also gain the upper hand in the Haaland chase with a win against Dortmund] We would have to ask him about that, but there might be an argument!

[When asked about potential plans for January recruits] I do not see any urgent need now

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann after his side’s 2-0 defeat by Eintracht Frankfurt] The question is: do we want to reach the summit cross or do we stop briefly underneath and enjoy the beautiful view

2020 02 10 Retrieve

[Borussia Monchengladbach will also move a point behind Bayern if they win their game in hand, making this the tightest Bundesliga race in recent history] The question is: do we want to reach the summit cross or do we stop briefly underneath and enjoy the beautiful view?

2020 02 14 Retrieve

[Nagelsmann leaves Premier League door open after passing up Real Madrid opportunity] It’s normal if Real Madrid call you, you think about it. I was surprised at first, I weighed it up and I didn’t feel comfortable with a decision to go there. I want to improve. If you go to Real Madrid, there’s no time to improve as a manager. You don’t have a chance to be a better manager, you already have to be the best. I’m not the best now, but I can admit I want to be one of the best in future

If you go to Real Madrid or Barcelona, the fans, the media and the decision-makers don’t give you the time to grow into that. They only want to see victories every game, titles, Champions League trophies. If you don’t win, you can’t say ‘but I’m still young, I’m still developing’. It’s not that easy in football to plan a career, because it is so unpredictable, but you have to try

The main thing is to make the right steps, not the biggest steps. Real Madrid is probably one of the highest steps you can take so I thought ‘you turn 31, go to Real and where to do you go from there?’ The other thing is language is very important to me. I like to communicate, I’m very expressive with my players. I can’t speak Spanish yet, I can only say, ‘hola, que tal.’ So it was the biggest step, but not the right step

My normal idea is to stay at Leipzig for four years, but in football you never know what can happen. The Premier League interests me as do other clubs in the Bundesliga and La Liga, but I have to improve my Spanish first. I know it’s very tough in England. I’ve been reading the interviews of [Jurgen] Klopp and [Pep] Guardiola about the intense fixture schedule and the demands on players and staff. I have a lot of interests outside of football like motorcross, skiing and enjoying experiences with my family. In the Premier League, there is no time slot for anything else. Football, football, football. But there are a few clubs that I watch closely and the Premier League is a goal for every manager

2020 02 14b Retrieve

[Nagelsmann reveals admiration for Klopp’s Reds] Liverpool have developed so well, especially in possession and having variety. In the first two seasons under Jurgen Klopp, it was more about counter-attack and creating attacking moments. That’s the same process we are going through now at Leipzig, expanding to not only rely on pressing and counters. If you want to be a good manager, you have to watch Liverpool games. What they are doing is incredible. It’s the performances that you can learn from, but more importantly, is what you can take away from their mentality

It’s totally crazy when you’re so successful, you’re 22 points ahead of the next team in the league, but you do more and more and more to win games. That is a big message to give to players, especially the young ones. They should learn from Liverpool to always be hungry, to be better. It doesn’t matter if you’re nearly the champion, you still win and win and win and win

I watch a lot of Liverpool and Manchester City. Last season, City had great flexibility, so many ways to open up the game and interesting positions in ball possession. It’s always fascinating to watch Pep Guardiola teams

2020 02 19 Retrieve

[Nagelsmann reveals how Mourinho shaped his own management style] During his time at Porto, he really shaped me. He let Deco and Co. play exceptionally good football. How he won the UEFA Cup and the Champions League a year later against Monaco with a team that is big in Portugal but not the biggest club in Europe, was very impressive. At that time he was also a very young coach who was not a big player himself before and had a similar career like myself. It was exciting for me to see and I also copied a few things.

After that he was internationally successful in all of his clubs. You noticed in all the games that he just knows how to win these knockout games. The winning goal was scored in the 93rd minute and you had the feeling that it was somehow planned. For me, Mourinho is an extreme coach with focus on results who is not very concerned with glamour on the pitch. He puts the result above everything and if you get so many titles doing that, it is certainly not a wrong way

[Nagelsmann says Tuchel, who went on to manage Mainz, Borussia Dortmund and now Paris Saint-Germain, is the man who has had the biggest impact on his career to date] Who shaped me the most was Thomas Tuchel. For the simple reason that he was my own trainer and the exchange was so much more intense. I can rate how he really thinks. But there are certainly great parallels to Pep Guardiola’s football idea.

Dominance in all phases of the game - that would be the big headline for it. To put it more simply, it is about awareness that football is not just about conquering the ball, not just about possession. It is about a holistic approach and about developing solutions in all phases. I personally experienced which exercises Tuchel did in training - that shaped me. I also have a similar approach.

For me there are also various complicated exercises and I do not follow the classic training theory and its linear structure. Warm up, passing game, shots on goal, a game. Tuchel did it completely differently. I also want to map a game in training. And in the game it just doesn’t work that you can easily get into it first. It may be that you are totally challenged in the first minute

2020 02 19b Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann believes RB Leipzig’s failure to sign Erling Haaland proves that they are still far behind Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich] We couldn’t keep up [with other clubs]. I totally respect and accept that we cannot overturn our salary structure for a player. At Hoffenheim I experienced that in an even much more extreme way. We have to grow healthily, that’s the crucial point. The example of Dani Olmo shows that we can make some transfers that other clubs cannot do. But financially, we’re still miles away from Bayern and Dortmund. In the next step, we have to reach the Champions League with conviction every year. And above all, we must not make the mistake that other clubs have made more often in the past. That is, living above your means for a year and then falling the next year - then everything collapses. Bayern and Dortmund are global players, but we are a very young club. Of course, we cannot keep up with clubs that have been on the market for decades

We will try to put our style on the field against Tottenham. We will not stay back and hope for the best. We don’t see ourselves as worse than Tottenham. Spurs may have a slight advantage in terms of individual player quality, but they haven’t made the most stable impression this season either. We have a chance to progress. Our boys will be eager to reach the quarter-finals. I don’t think there is an outright favorite. It is a 50:50 duel that will depend on the daily form twice. It will also be important for us that we do not consider the first leg in isolation. Of course, the first leg result has a big impact on the second leg, but we have to think carefully about how we want to tackle both games beforehand

2020 02 19c Retrieve

[Nagelsmann says Tottenham vs Leipzig is not Mourinho vs Baby Mourinho] It is only a game between Leipzig and Tottenham. Eight years ago, Tim Wiese [former Hoffenheim goalkeeper] called me Baby Mourinho, but that was only for two weeks. After that, he called me Julian again. Tomorrow it is Leipzig against Tottenham, not Mourinho v Baby Mourinho. The respect I have for him is enormous. He has won countless titles, not just with major clubs, and helped shape European football. The victories with Porto in the UEFA Cup and Champions League in a short time were very impressive. I read today that it will be his 59th knockout game in the Champions League. It will be the first for me! He has an aura that can captivate you. I’m really looking forward to getting to know him

[Nagelsmann downplayed the magnitude of the first leg in north London] I have a certain nervousness before every game. But it is not the most important game in the club’s history. Of course, we want to reach the next round. But it is only the first leg

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[Nagelsmann explains RB Leipzig shirt mix-up in Champions League win over Tottenham] On the way from the hotel the kit wasn’t complete in the different boxes. It wasn’t on the bus, and that’s why there was a bit of a mix-up. It’ll certainly be sorted out for the second leg. We’ll have the right kit

I think it was tricky in the end because we didn’t score the second goal. In the game, over the 90 minutes, in the first half we controlled the game bar one chance from [Steven] Bergwijn. We had a lot of good possession and we played in a very mature way in the first half. We really should have taken the lead in the first five minutes. Young teams become impatient and think you have to score a goal away in the first leg of the Champions League tie but they weren’t like that. They were more patient and defended well against Tottenham’s counter-attacking game

I think [Lukas] Klostermann had a very good game and I think the players performed well. In the second half, we controlled the game up until the 75th minute. We should have scored again, with two or three really good attacks. Then it’s normal. Tottenham have [Erik] Lamela and we are a bit tired and we ended up with one goal. It was exciting, we gave our all, Peter [Gulacsi] made a couple of good saves but they were from efforts 25 metres out. In the end we defended well at a corner. Over the 90 minutes we deserved the win - and we could have won by more

2020 02 21 Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann has been impressed by how quickly Angelino has settled in at RB Leipzig] Here he has to do a lot of things very differently than he did with Pep Guardiola. He adapts to things incredibly quickly. He is the only newcomer to get used to the way I think about football - just offensive - so quickly. He doesn’t worry too much, but intuitively he does a lot of things right. He obviously thinks a lot before the games and thinks about what he needs to do and how the trainer is satisfied. He is not quite as stable in a back four

He has a juicy price tag. We first have to see what is in the wallet and whether the player and the selling club will play along. We will see in the future

2020 02 21b Retrieve

[Nagelsmann has urged Timo Werner to carefully weigh up his options] It would be more difficult for Timo Werner to play at Liverpool than at Leipzig. He will not get the status he has here in the first few years and I tell him that too. The boys are seeing how we are developing and how much potential we have. We don’t leave anyone, who helps us, defenceless

That doesn’t come as a shock to me. We can’t plan on becoming champions every year yet. As long as we bring in young players, who want to take the next step with us, it’s normal for them to get involved with bigger clubs once they’re successful with us and are developing faster than we are. At least we get good money in return, which we can invest again

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Werner’s coach Julian Nagelsmann also commented on the Liverpool links] It would be more difficult for Timo Werner to play at Liverpool than at Leipzig. He will not get the status he has here in the first few years and I tell him that too. The boys are seeing how we are developing and how much potential we have. We don’t leave anyone, who helps us, defenceless

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann tells about is love of skateboarding] Sometimes I go home on the skateboard. I live only seven kilometres away. It’s very fast. I’m good at skating because I snowboard and that is similar. It’s easy. All the fans who see me ride through the city are laughing. They can’t believe the manager of Leipzig is skateboarding! They like it. They never say, ‘He’s crazy’. They recognise that you are living a normal life.

2020 03 28 Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann on Coaching] Thirty per cent of coaching is tactical; 70% social competence

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig boss Nagelsmann discusses life in quarantined training camp] Basically it’s like a summer training camp. We will try to prepare for the games, not only the Freiburg game, but also the games afterwards. But in itself, it’s like a summer training camp. It will be a normal training week, the players will sleep here. The boys can keep themselves busy. We have billiards, darts, Playstation and a TV in the room. So we are not in prison here. We may have a bit more meetings, but there won’t be a discussion or movie night every night. The boys are old enough to take care of themselves for two or three hours

You have to work your moments a little differently without spectators. It is more about coaching points and if you have already experienced many situations, you can draw on a greater wealth of experience and support the boys who play next to you, especially the young players. Mutual coaching on the pitch will become a factor in these games

I am one who coaches very aggressively and screams loudly so that my players can hear me. I will certainly have to change that. But whether I can do that right away, I’ll put a big question mark. It is definitely on my agenda because coaching without spectators can be a little scary. So I’m going to try to put in the proper guardrails.

2020 05 24 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann says Timo Werner has become all the more unpredictable for defences] Timo now has a good sense not only of letting himself attack on the wing, but also of going into the No. 10’s position. Coupled with his speed, this makes him more variable and more difficult for his opponents to get to grips with him. We cleared things up relatively quickly. It was a very confident performance against Mainz. I really liked not only the result, but also the way it occurred here

2020 05 26 Retrieve

[Leipzig moved up to third with their win against Mainz, but Nagelsmann is anticipating a tough contest against in-form Hertha, who have won two from two since Bruno Labbadia was appointed in April] It’s tough to predict anything about Hertha as it’s only their third game under Bruno Labbadia. They will probably sit back and play on the break. Vedad Ibisevic is the perfect player for that. I’m happy to see Bruno and his passion back in the Bundesliga. In just a short period of time, he’s helped stabilise the team. But, we want to end Hertha’s run tomorrow and build on our performance in Mainz

2020 05 27 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig boss Julian Nagelsmann says Timo Werner is not being distracted by the intense speculation surrounding his future] He is in a good mood, feels good and trains well. I do not have the impression that he is carrying a large cross with him. But he is a young guy who is sure to sit at home with his wife and ponder whether he will stay or change. When the question (of a transfer) is in the room, you are always a little bit somewhere else. It was no different for me than when in Hoffenheim, it was about whether I go away. It is more obvious with strikers, because then there are phases in which they do not score.

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Leipzig boss Julian Nagelsmann recently stressed that Werner remains fully focused on the team] He is in a good mood, feels good and trains well. I do not have the impression that he is carrying a large cross with him. But he is a young guy who is sure to sit at home with his wife and ponder whether he will stay or change. When the question (of a transfer) is in the room, you are always a little bit somewhere else. It was no different for me than when in Hoffenheim, it was about whether I go away. It is more obvious with strikers, because then there are phases in which they do not score.

2020 05 28b Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann blasted RB Leipzig for their early defensive efforts against Hertha Berlin before taking aim at the DFL for their sreally shtty Bundesliga scheduling]</b> I’m not at all satisfied. We have to ascribe this to ourselves. We simply have to learn so that we are not constantly lagging behind. In the beginning, we defended like a student team. The frustration is deep

[Nagelsmann suggests it was to be expected Leipzig would struggle, having played Mainz on Sunday, two days after Hertha’s Berlin derby win] It was difficult to get into the game, which is normal; for us, it was the first ‘English week’ for months. It wasn’t an ‘English week’ for Hertha. They had a four-day break. I don’t understand how the game is scheduled. Hertha play on Friday, we on Sunday and have our game on Wednesday. It is again the case that we get a really sh
tty game plan. That was addressed at the DFL meeting, but nobody is interested

2020 05 30 Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann on Michael Jordan] [Michael Jordan] was obsessed with winning. So am I. You only have to be careful to still stay human. For me it’s important that one day in a documentary about me, at least three out of ten people will say that Nagelsmann was not only fantastic, but a good person as well

2020 05 31 Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann insists Werner leaving Leipzig would be like Bayern losing Lewandowski] Of course you have conversations from time to time, but I have not spoken to him about that in the recent past. I think he now has 34 goals and assists [this season]. I think you have to mention that I would like to keep him. That is an extraordinary quality. If he leaves for the next season there would be a big gap. It’s like if Robert Lewandowski leaves Bayern Munich. Nobody shouts ‘Hurray!’ there either, I think. They’re clearly weakened then, and it’s the same with us. That we’d like to keep him is completely normal. He has an exit clause until a certain date - I honestly don’t know when - and if a club comes along and he agrees with them by then, then that’s the way it is.

[Nagelsmann has little else to say to Werner when it comes to making an attempt to get the forward to stay put] There is nothing we can do about it anyway. He knows what he has in Leipzig and also what he has with me, I know what I have in him. And I show him that - similar to what I do with [Dayot] Upamecano - by letting him play every game from the beginning and if everything goes normally he is allowed to play through most games. He gets many chances to develop himself. That’s my job, I have to do that. I don’t know if it will help him that much if I tell him every day. I try to do it more with action. A player has to feel that he can get better. If he doesn’t feel that, it wouldn’t do any good if I kept on telling him to stay here. In the end it is his life, his career, he can decide that. We already had this discussion last year, then in winter and now again. I’m basically someone who knows what he has to say and can add his two cents to everything. But here I can’t think of anything new to say to Timo either. So I rather try to convince him with actions and in the end he has to know what he wants to do

2020 06 05 Retrieve

[This season, Werner has improved his game significantly under Nagelsmann, who heavily praised his forward after he netted his third hat-trick of the season last month] Timo now has a good sense not only of letting himself attack on the wing, but also of going into the No.10 position. Coupled with his speed, this makes him more varied in his play and more difficult for his opponents to get to grips with him

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Talk of £54m Chelsea transfer did not bother Werner, says Nagelsmann after RB Leipzig striker’s below-par display] No, it didn’t bother him. He was very committed. He was always working out front, like [Paderborn coach] Steffen [Baumgart] said. He was on the run a lot. He has a total of 32 or 33 goals this season. Today he missed a few chances, but still set up Patrik [Schick]’s goal. I think he would have liked to score with one of his two big chances, but that has nothing to do with the hype about his person. He has known that since he was 14

We haven’t had an exchange yet. Accordingly, we have nothing to report. Timo Werner is a player for RB Leipzig. He signalled a few weeks ago that he was busy with a transfer. Until now nothing is done. We are concentrating on the final sprint in the league. We want to qualify for the Champions League. That is the only thing we are currently discussing with Timo. It was important for us that we extend the contract with him. We did that last summer because of course it is important for our young club that no player moves on a free transfer. Of course, there was this exit clause that we put in the contract to give him the opportunity to take the next step. Now Timo is sitting in the driver’s seat, not us anymore. So far, he has not drawn upon the clause, nor has any club sent us a transfer contract

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[Julian Nagelsmann admits Replacing Timo Werner at RB Leipzig will be almost impossible] It’s not possible [to replace him], you can’t clone a player. If Timo Werner leaves us, the main thing would be to replace 34 goals a season. That would be the main task, which perhaps could not be solved by just one player. It is important that we get the same output at the end of the day, that is the complex thing about the topic.

If the contracts remain as they are, a player whose contract ends on June 30th theoretically would play for a new team beginning July 1st. It’s FIFA’s turn [to solve the problem]. I personally find the idea interesting that players go to their new clubs on July 1, and then the same rules should apply to the Champions League as to national team secondments. In other words, the new club would have to relinquish the player to the old club for the Champions League games. Then there could be confused scenarios, but it would be very strange for me if it should come to the situation that you suddenly play against your own player

Of course there are coaches whose game idea is similar to mine, but to name another, [Atletico Madrid manager] Diego Simeone has been teaching a similar football style for years, which is not always pleasant for his own players and is not always the most exciting, but the players still follow him unconditionally. He must have an extraordinary gift. I believe that 99 percent of the coaches who would only play 4-4-2 flat, very low and so nasty, would be burned after two years. But not him. He runs around like dynamite and is still well received by his players. Simeone must have something that will cast a spell over his players. It is extraordinary

2020 06 14 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig boss Julian Nagelsmann has stressed that Timo Werner’s purported transfer to Chelsea is not done yet] The transfer is not fixed you, you have to emphasise that. I’m a coach with a realistic view and dreams. I’m aware that one or another highly talented player will leave us. It’s up to us, then, to find new players who can follow in such big footsteps. I’m satisfied with our performance, our aim was to reach the Champions League. It’s normal that we’d want to be champions sometimes. Every team in the Bundesliga should have this desire. But if we reach the Champions League, I’d be satisfied with this season in transition. We constantly score a lot of goals and have had the most stable defence for a long time. We’ve been moving in this direction for years. We want to take the club to the next level and achieve our goals. If we win enough titles, that’s up to me, the club and the team

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[Timo Werner remains in RB Leipzig’s plans for the Champions League] He is currently, as usual, in my plans to play the Champions League. He is our player and has not signed for anyone else. His importance to RB Leipzig is extraordinary. He has an incredibly good goalscoring rate, which you always hope for from a striker

[Nagelsmann only plans to deal with that situation when a deal is on the table] Then both parties will sit down and see what happens next. There are no regulations at the moment.

[They will be without attacker Yussuf Poulsen] Yussi will not be used this season. If [Upamecano] goes full throttle, he will play. If he doesn’t go full throttle, he won’t play

2020 06 17 Retrieve

[Leipzig boss Julian Nagelsmann continues to deny the notion that Werner could leave] He is currently, as usual, in my plans to play the Champions League. He is our player and has not signed for anyone else. His importance to RB Leipzig is extraordinary. He has an incredibly good goalscoring rate, which you always hope for from a striker