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Kevin Gallacher
Gender Male
Ethnic Scottish
Job Scottish Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Scotland National Team
Club as Player Newcastle United

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] I wouldn’t say he was the most talented center-forward in the world, he wouldn’t go and take a center-half on and do six stepovers and a dummy to the side. It was more straightforward, he would gain that half a yard, shoot, and score the goal. That’s all he had to do, it was so simple, A to B, and that was Alan. He was the best at it

2016 03 25 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] I think he just believed he would score every time. What we did at Blackburn was we had the players who could create chances for him, and we knew that if we got anywhere within the 18-yard box, with any goalkeeper, we could just put the ball in, and nine times out of ten, Alan Shearer would be on the end of it

2019 06 25 Retrieve

[Former Scotland international Kevin Gallacher believes Kieran Tierney being linked with the Gunners would not look out of place in England] Kieran can definitely cope with a move to Arsenal. He is a quality player. A team like Arsenal play football. I think it will suit Kieran and the way he plays - he is an attacking full-back. That is a strength of his. At the moment, they have got Monreal playing full-back. I think Kieran is a lot better than him. Arsenal scouts have obviously been watching him very closely over a period of time and their analysts have looked at different aspects of his play. They clearly believe he will fit in to the system that they play. If Kieran goes down there, stays patient and grasps his opportunity with both hands when he gets it then the sky is the limit for him. He isn’t stupid. He will have seen what Andy Robertson did at Liverpool. If he takes a leaf out of Andy’s book he will do well.

[A man who tasted title glory in England with Blackburn added] I saw a fair bit of them last season and thought their style did change a little bit. They weren’t trying to walk the ball into the net as much. They were trying different strategies to attack and get that ball into the final third. But the players they have got are phenomenal. They have a fantastic squad, they just have to believe in each other and take it to the next level. I think you will see an improvement next season. Unai Emery has been in there for a season, he understands the club, he understands the players and their qualities. All he needs is strength in depth and more consistency to get the team further up the table. He will know that and will be trying to bridge the gap. They have been in the top five for England for the last 25 years and are more than capable of staying there. It is a big ask for Arsenal to get the players who can help them do that. But I think Kieran Tierney would be a bargain

2019 11 12 Retrieve

[Former Newcastle United forward Kevin Gallacher says Scotland players are not taking international duty seriously] On paper we’ve got good players. We’ve got players playing in the Premier League. We’ve got players playing in the Champions League. But for some reason they’re just not performing at the national level.

I think players aren’t taking it seriously even though playing at the national level is another step up from playing in the Champions League. They seem to think, ‘Aw, we’ve played in the Champions League so we’ve done it all,’ but they’re not quite performing.

They’ve got to realise that international level of football is the best players in your country and they need to take that step up a little bit

[While the current class of Scotland player comes under scrutiny after two decades in the wilderness, Gallacher admits it is not a new concept] For my generation, when we were going through it, we were getting stick about being the oldest team going to the 1998 World Cup. When we qualified for the 1998 World Cup we never really got too much praise because we were ‘Dad’s Army’. So we were all walking about patting ourselves on the back and then getting told by the media that we weren’t Kenny Dalglish, Billy Bremner or any part of this history of Scotland.

So I look at that squad that we went with and think, ‘What a squad we were’ because we were together, we were in it for each other, we fought for each other and if someone got hurt we stood up for that person

[Despite his view of the current crop of players, Gallacher is hopeful of seeing his nation at another major tournament] I’ve been to World Cups and Euros, I’ve worked at World Cups and Euros, and now I’d like to go as a Scotland fan to World Cups and Euros. When I have a dream and I try to fulfil it that’s what I want. Hopefully we’ll get it in my time. I think that would top it for me. And then I think I’ve done everything at that point. I’ve worked for the Tartan Army and now I’m going to become part of it

2020 03 18 Retrieve

[Kevin Gallacher pinpoints Dundee United’s Barcelona turning point as game-plan in historic win revealed] Everything stands out. You arrive the night before to train on the pitch and the grass is longer than normal for us. It’s sticky and dry. The weather is warm and the environment is different. You are going up the tunnel and there is a church there. You are thinking: What have we come to here? It’s massive. You go down the stairs, back up more stairs on to the pitch and it’s like a gladiators’ arena. There was a massive wow factor. But we’d faced Roma away in a semi and had experienced guys with us who were calm about the situation

[United looked in trouble but Gallacher claims the setback actually worked in his team’s favour] We had only thing in our minds when we were going to Spain and that was to go out and play the way we played on a Saturday. That’s the way the manager had us. We had a game plan and we were aware of how good Barca were having seen them in the first leg at Tannadice. It was brilliant in the Nou Camp and the one thing we had in our favour going into the match and the tie is that they were going through a little poor spell in their season. Venables was getting a little bit of stick and if we could rub salt into the wounds, we could get the crowd against the team and the manager. We treated it like going to a Celtic Park or an Ibrox and facing the Old Firm away. We knew we were a good team and, if we stuck to our tactics, it would come good. It started off well only for them to get the goal to level the tie. At that point, you imagined people would be looking at us to see if we had strength but what the Barca goal actually did was open them up. They started to attack more and that suited us better. Myself and Paul Sturrock had speed going down the sides, Iain Ferguson in the middle and Eamonn Bannon bombing up and down for fun. We were built to suit the tactics which they adopted after scoring

[March 18, 1987 remains one of the biggest results in Scottish football history and Gallacher said] We played 50 games by the time we got to the final and it was special to have a result like this in amongst it all