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Name Klaus Allofs
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Wolfsburg [director of sport]
  Werder Bremen [director of sport]

2009 05 08 Retrieve

[Klaus Allofs says Werder Bremen Are Dealing With Juventus] There are negotiations taking place with Juventus and we don’t deny that. We have always said that whatever the offer for Diego, we would reflect upon whether to accept it. This is what is happening at the moment

2010 08 06 Retrieve

[Werder Bremen Manager Klaus Allofs Satisfied With Champions League Draw] For a number of reasons, we had hoped to play the first leg away from home - in particular because of the construction work going on at the stadium, but it’s also a sporting challenge. Sportingly that would have been the same for any of the teams in the draw. We have experience of just how difficult these games can be from past meetings with Basel and Zagreb

[Allofs was cautious heading into the clash with Sampdoria] This game will be similarly difficult, but I am sure that they won’t have celebrated in Genoa about being drawn against Werder Bremen

2010 08 16 Retrieve

[Real Madrid have completed the signing of Germany World Cup star Mesut Ozil from Werder Bremen] We respect that Mesut wants to go and take the next step in his career

2010 08 17 Retrieve

[Furious Werder Bremen double their asking price to £25m for Mesut Ozil after Real Madrid go behind their back] I am not aware of a new bid, that is not something I am able to confirm. I am, however, guessing that there might be news on that. I am prepared to receive a new bid. The facts are pretty clear. If a club is looking to sign Mesut to play UEFA Champions League, then that club needs to make a decision before Wednesday. If Mesut Ozil is a player of Werder Bremen on Wednesday, we are going to play him against Sampdoria. It would be up to Real Madrid to show up with the right answer to this all

2010 10 18 Retrieve

[Werder Bremen’s Klaus Allofs has claimed that the Hanseaten have to play better if they are to be successfu] The trend of the last couple of games is positive. However, we can and have to play better. I especially hope that we can play calmer and more poised. Best would be to improve right away on Wednesday in the Champions League game against Twente. We were a bit careless on the counter-attack against Freiburg. We made it too complicated. If we had used all of our chances we could have possibly won 5-1. But our way of playing would not have changed

2010 11 02 Retrieve

[Werder Bremen’s sporting director Klaus Allofs was far from happy with his side’s performance against Twente] This is a huge disappointment for everyone at Werder Bremen. The team’s morale will be quite low after this loss and we have to build up confidence again. We simply made too many mistakes throughout the match and you can’t afford that at Champions League level. You have to convert the chances you get or you will be punished for it. That’s exactly what happened. Twente were a very clever opponent and did a good job. The current situation in Group A is not a good one for Werder. Today’s result was a blow for us. We’re still confident that this team can get something from this group though

2010 12 23 Retrieve

[Klaus Allofs has revealed that Werder Bremen are currently short of funds, and will not make a big-name signing in January] We do not have to the financial capacity to make a €4 million transfer. For me, it is crucial that the injured players come back. What we delivered was not enough quality

2011 07 07 Retrieve

[Werder Bremen’s general manager Klaus Allofs has confessed that the club are not able to extend the contracts of their German internationals Tim Wiese and Per Mertesacker at the current time] We have told Tim that, because of financial reasons, we can’t extend his contract at the moment. We cannot make Tim or Per any offers currently. This does not mean that negotiations at a later date cannot be set up, though. The issue is not off the table, even during the season you can still get into a conversation.

2012 02 01 Retrieve

[Werder Bremen sporting director Klaus Allofs has claimed that the club received no serious offers for Marko Marin during the January transfer window] There were requests for Marko, but none serious. I was amazed at the many rumours. We talked about how such rumours came about

2015 05 18 Retrieve

[Wolfsburg CEO Klaus Allofs says De Bruyne is ‘unsellable’] At the moment, I’d call him unsellable. I am 100 per cent convinced he will play for us next year. However, in football things can develop so rapidly, that you can’t say this now

2015 08 28 Retrieve

[Allofs frustrated by Premier League’s financial muscle] One thing is for sure, the last team in the Premier League get more money than [Bundesliga champions] Bayern Munich. This is the situation. But this is the big task for our football league - to get more money from television. We have to compete with that and hopefully we can

I think we can say it is a good draw. There were groups that were much more difficult. We did well last season, we finished second in the Bundesliga and we won the cup, so we are very optimistic to go through to the next round. All the teams in our group have international quality. But it isn’t impossible to qualify for the next round

[On individual teams, Allofs is wary of Manchester United and respects the other two sides too] I think Manchester United is our main rival, but Eindhoven as well. Moscow knocked out Sporting, so that’s not so easy. We have to improve ourselves in comparison to our Europa League season last year. But I think it is manageable. We are looking forward to the Champions League

2016 07 02 Retrieve

[Wolfsburg sporting director Klaus Allofs claims Borussia Dortmund are interested in signing forward Andre Schurrle, but is adamant the club do not need to sell players] It’s clear that Dortmund’s interest in Schurrle is related to his past with Tuchel. We want to hold on to Andre and qualify for the Champions League again with him

But we obviously have to look at the economical side of things as well. Although we do not have to sell. It’s not true that we have to sell players to balance the books. We need a good team. I cannot say anything about whether Dortmund have already made an offer

2020 02 21 Retrieve

[Former Germany international Klaus Allofs picked out Kylian Mbappe as being the greatest let down for the Ligue 1 champions] PSG lacked cohesion, creativity in their play going forward. They lacked mobility and rhythm. They improved after an hour, but their defensive midfielders were non-existent. Marco Verratti crossed the line when he was booked for arguing at the end of the game and he lost the ball too often. But for me, the most disappointing was Mbappe. He hardly participated in the game. He was transparent