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Name Lars Lagerback
Gender Male
Ethnic Swedish
Job Swedish Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org Swedia National Team
Club as Coach Nigeria National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2010 06 12 Retrieve

[Nigeria Head Coach on Argentine vs Nigeria] We worked so hard on defending corner kicks and free kicks, but we stood sleeping on one of the corners. When you do that against world-class opponents, they punish you

2016 06 18 Retrieve

[Iceland co-coach Lars Lagerback on the island nation’s promising start in Group F at UEFA EURO 2016] We haven’t started climbing any volcanoes yet. We have to keep our feet on the ground and do a good job against Hungary, otherwise we will lose that match.

2016 06 27 Retrieve

[Lagerback hopes England’s attacking struggles continue] England have done rather well, except from scoring goals. Their performances have been good. But football is about scoring goals. I hope they will keep going like this. We want to keep them quiet even more than the other teams.

It is always difficult to know what to expect. England will normally have more possession. We will see if we can step up that part of the game. We are hoping for the same sort of result as in previous games. The weather conditions will play a role, too.

There is no need to keep the players down to earth. They are very strong mentally. They are looking forward to the game. We want to take the next step. I think they will be ready and show what they can do. We have practiced penalties a bit. Some were good, others not so much. Like normal really

2016 06 28 Retrieve

[Lagerback thanks Hodgson after Iceland win] One of the reasons I sit here is Roy Hodgson. Huge thanks to him. He changed the coaching ways in Sweden and I have to thank him for that. I have a lot of respect for him

[Lagerback went on to hail his players who, along with the nation’s supporters, have captured the imagination of many in France]

This was a team performance. We are well organised, everybody is doing his job. Everything is in place on the pitch. We deserved our win

Football is about winning, about not conceding and scoring yourself. This team showed what it can do. The players were absolutely great. We tried to be a bit cooler in possession. We are taking small steps. But we must keep improving. I have a lot of respect for the players when they take less risk when we are defending a result.

You don’t feel like this on a lot of occasions, especially with a team like Iceland. There is a lot of pressure and things going on when you take on a team like England. There was a huge happiness after the final whistle.

The France game will be even bigger. We are playing the hosts in a quarter-final in Paris. That’s even bigger than then England game. We want to improve a little bit.

This match will have an influence on the players. Some of them deserve contracts at bigger clubs than they are at now. Plus this is a huge experience to go through something like this. These players can still develop and do even better. The players must keep their feet on the ground, though

2016 06 29 Retrieve

[Lagerback says he don’t think he will take a job like England] No, I don’t think so. Every time I look at myself in the mirror I realise that I should take it easier in the future. I hope that I can remain in football in some way, but I don’t think I will take a job like that. It is very kind of Drillo, who I respect a lot, to say that. But I don’t think I am in the picture. It is a real long shot.

We had a team meeting yesterday where me and [joint coach] Heimir Hallgrimsson were playing devil’s advocate and trying to get the players back down to earth because whatever is happening around us we have to deal with it

2016 07 01 Retrieve

[Lagerback says France’s attacking style can work in Iceland’s favour] You always try to find the strength and weaknesses in every team. It’s very difficult to find weaknesses in the French team

I don’t think it matters much that they have some players suspended [Adil Rami and N’Golo Kante]. The quality in the squad is so good. But I think and hope we can give France some questions to answer. They have a very attacking style and that is something that could give us some opportunities.

We have to focus on our own game, though. It’s about what we can do with the ball when they are out of position. We improved in this area of the game against England and want to do even better against France.

It’s difficult to say, when you are in a major tournament you are in a bubble. Every upcoming game is the most important one. But of course when you can get through to the next round like now it’s one of the biggest matches I have been a part of. Our goal is always to win every game and to give 100 per cent. It might be a cliche, but we are only focused on the game against France.

2016 07 02 Retrieve

[Lagerback backed up his younger colleague’s assertion by recalling a trip to the nation he recently wrought humiliation upon] My first visit to English football was in the 70s. I visited West Ham with the legend that was Ron Greenwood, who later became the national team coach. He said something that stayed with me my whole coaching career - that doing it simple is to be a genius

2018 06 05 Retrieve

[Norway manager Lars Lagerback has hailed Real Madrid midfielder Martin Odegaard as one of the most technical players he has ever seen and says he will develop into a class player] He is doing better and better. He has a great potential, and he is one of the most technical players that I ever seen. With more experience, I think that he can be a really, really class player

Regarding where he should play, it’s always difficult to give advice when the players ask me. It’s very important for the players, and especially the young ones, to have as much playing time as possible. But, at the same time, if a big club like Real Madrid takes him back, that’s is also good if you can get playing time there.

That’s the dilemma, a difficult decision. In the end, it’s the player himself who has to make that decision. I always advise players who ask me to join a realistic club where they can play. But this sort of decision must be his.

He is still young, and maybe being in the starting XI in a team like Real Madrid is complicated because he will only turn 20 this year. He still has a lot of time. But, as I said, the decision is his

[The former Iceland boss will be following it from home, however, and sees France as one of the top candidates for the crown] It’s very hard to predict who will win this tournament because there are many national teams with equal potential and talent. And I think that France is one of them because they have really good players. So, definitely, they have a chance to win the World Cup

[Lagerback’s former side Sweden will be without one of his old stars in the shape of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the competition, despite the LA Galaxy forward having flirted with a return to the national team] I’ve seen a couple of his games in the US recently. After his very serious knee injury, I dont know how well he is. It’s the concern when we see him. But he has said ‘no’, and I agree with the Swedish coach, Janne Andersson. He said that as long as Ibrahimovic said that he doesn’t want to play with national team anymore, there is no need to discuss about that. Sweden need to focus on the players who are available

2019 03 16 Retrieve

[Lars Lagerback shares his admiration for the Manchester City boss] The coach I have the most respect for whom I’ve met is Pep Guardiola. That’s definitely a coach who has a special form of leadership. He really wants to organise and push the team in every game they play

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[Norway coach Lars Lagerback had some advice for Erling Haaland, who already has two caps to his name but is yet to score for the national team] In general, I always say that players have to look at their current situation. The player must consider private, social, and not least football aspects when considering whether a club is right for them. Do they have a good coach? Does the club have a style of play that fits and allows you to play? I don’t think players should underestimate the social part of this if they are to move. He seems like a confident and positive guy, and he creates positive energy in the group